Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools in India

Here you are informed about the Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools in India that you can use for sales, promotion, and lead generation. How to Make Money with WhatsApp?


Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools in India

WhatsApp marketing software & tools in India may sound a bit strange to hear. But today, it is one of the most popular marketing tools that large companies use to provide customer service, product sales, promotion, and lead generation. For this, at EduClicker, you will get information about the best WhatsApp marketing software, which can help you and your company.

WhatsApp was created in 2009; has become the world’s leading personal messaging app, leaving behind all messaging apps like Line, WeChat. Today, it has 1.2 billion, that is, 120 million rupees of monthly active users. It was used to share and receive text messages, photos, and videos as a personal messaging application until the last few years.

But since the WhatsApp business app came along, the inclination of marketers and developers is huge and they have created a way through which the seller can reach the buyer and generate income from WhatsApp.

The entrepreneur, the client, the buyer, the seller have used it for their personal message. For this, advertising is the best technique with which you can earn money selling the product. Even promoting, nowadays, has a higher conversion rate than email marketing software. The software provided below is the best in WhatsApp advertising.

List of the Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools in India

  1. Whappend Bulk Messaging Tool
  2. Whatsapp Bulk Sender
  3. Webxion Whatsapp Advertising
  4. Whatsapp Software
  5. Whatsapp Dominator
  6. Blaster Bulk Sender

1. Whappend Bulk Messaging Tool

This is a paid tool to send text, phone, PDF, and emoji messages anywhere in the world. You can send your ad publication to many contact numbers at the same time. If you send a message using this WhatsApp marketing tool, you will have to pay $ 0.0021 per message charge.

To use this tool, you need to log in via email, and then with the help of a QR code, you can connect to the Whapped dashboard. After that, you can use this tool. If you use it, you should know some terms and conditions that I have told you in the pros and cons section of WhatsApp marketing software.

2. WhatsApp Bulk Sender

This is a complete mobile marketing tool. You will get all the required and necessary features to do mobile advertising and get two days of free access for every new user to understand this functionality and take the decision.

  • You can filter all the active phone numbers and short out which user is active and which is not.
  • Can send 1000 messages simultaneously.
  • One by one (in a single file) you can reply to all channels and together you can make a personalized message for all incoming messages.
  • Audio, Video, Image, Text, or vCard can send messages in any format.
  • This is a PC (desktop) application that you can download for Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • You can create many advertising campaigns together.

3. Webxion Mobile Advertising

This is a mobile marketing service provider that offers WhatsApp marketing services. If you are looking for it for business purposes, it may be the best place for you. You will get a database of phone numbers, support, and better according to the interest of the user. The conversion rate can be found.

  • It provides all kinds of advertising solutions such as TV Ads, Radio Ads, Voice Ads, and Paper Ads.
  • It targets the mass audience/user so that maximum lead can be generated for the advertiser.

4. WhatsApp Software

This is a windows based WhatsApp marketing software/tool, which is the most popular tool in the world, and its features are like bulk sender, and you can send it to 1000 active users with any advertising campaign, and you can track the message too.

In this tool, you can make your contact list and divide them into different WhatsApp groups according to customer/user interest so that you can send the right message to the right place.

  • If you can set different automatic reply messages send for a group.
  • Any kind of multimedia file with the message can attach including vCard.

5. WhatsApp Dominator Bulk Sender Marketing Software

This is a desktop application that can be downloaded from 7 to Windows 8.1, it is a paid tool that costs around $ 97 and if you want to do a demo, you can download it for the 2-day free trial and its video guide.

  • In this tool, you can create/make several sender ID and for this, you will get full support and technical help.
  • It will get real-time send and delivery notification and along with a Message tracking feature, so that you can track all the campaigns and find out the conversion rate.
  • You can succeed in many WhatsApp marketing campaigns simultaneously.
  • You can control (SMS) messages, contact, and id from the Admin panel setting.

6. Blaster Bulk Sender

This is a kind of free and paid web application available right now; you can send messages to unlimited contacts with it. You can manage many campaigns simultaneously. If you are looking for a sales tool, it may be the best tool for you.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Pros & Cons:

WhatsApp has not officially created any tools that can be used for marketing purposes. This is used as a business by the WhatsApp Business API. But still, it is significantly less due to marketing purposes; If you use this type of tool, it is beneficial for you.

  • Use of this tool you can send all your bulk messages, which will be very valuable & beneficial for you.
  • There are chances of receiving sender ID or number ban by continual use.

How to Make Money with WhatsApp?

How to earn money from WhatsApp? And can it be earned? But in fact, you can earn money with WhatsApp if you want to earn with WhatsApp. So read this article carefully.

I will not say that you can earn 51000 to 110000 rupees every month from WhatsApp, but you can earn 6000 to 12,000 rupees every month. To do this, you must take 1 to 2 hours of your Valuable Time of the day and dedicate time to WhatsApp and the Internet. After that, you can earn income from WhatsApp very conveniently.

What is required to earn money from WhatsApp?

If you want to earn money from WhatsApp, you should have 1000, 2000 WhatsApp numbers, Group only to earn money from WhatsApp. If you do not know how to collect WhatsApp number, then you can use these idea/tips

You can request a WhatsApp number from your friends or group on Facebook. Like when I had to collect people’s WhatsApp numbers, I posted your number on Facebook and wrote: “Brother, if you want SSC Exam Preparation Notes, you can use WhatsApp at this number”.

You should learn about Affiliate Marketing of online websites like Amazon, Bluehost

Very few people may be aware of affiliate marketing. But the most popular way to earn money sitting at home or today many people are earning thousands of rupees with Affiliate. If you understand this well, then you too can win thousands of rupees. In affiliate marketing, you must make a product sale online when you sell the product. So you obtain 10% of the price of that product.

How to Make Money Fast from WhatsApp?

If you have 1000 or 2000 WhatsApp numbers, you can make money from WhatsApp in many ways if you know WhatsApp marketing and affiliate marketing. Today I will tell you some of these ways in which you can earn income through WhatsApp.

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Direct Promotion

The easiest way to make money from WhatsApp is if you have a lot of numbers, you can make money by contacting any Blogger, App Developer, Product Ad Group and sharing your article, product, and app on WhatsApp groups.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are not getting Direct Promotion or if you want to earn more money along with Direct Promotion, then Affiliate Network Marketing is the best option for you. For this, you need to add any product from your Affiliate Account and share it in many WhatsApp groups (If someone opens your product link and buys that product, you will get 10% of the product price and it will your profit.

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Folks, here you are informed about the Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools in India that you can use for sales, promotion, and lead generation. Since it is a personal messaging application in which 99% of people open incoming messages, in such a way, you can get the maximum conversion from here. If you like these tips, you must share them and share your thoughts on them in the comments.

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