How to Make Website and Earn Money from Website

In this article, How to earn money from a website? How to make website? How to create site? You will know about all these topics. So let’s start.

Today in this article of EduClicker you will learn about How to make website? | How to create a website? and How to earn money from website? If you are looking and searching these said topic, So finally you have reached at the right place. Read this post till the end to gain your knowledge in make website and earn money as well as in the digital marketing field.

How to make website? | How to create a website? | How to earn money from website?

Today digital marketing is growing very fast and the biggest thing in digital marketing is the website. Today many youths are earning lakhs of rupees every month from the website. Through the website, you can also increase your business to a great extent.

You can create your own identity through the website. In this article, how do we earn money from the website? How to make a website? will know about all these topics. So let’s start.

How to earn money from website?

In today’s time, there are many types of websites and people earn good money through the website, today we will know in detail all the ways to earn money from the website:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsor
  • Business and Startup
  • E-commerce Website

Google AdSense

The first and easiest way you can earn money from website is through Google AdSense. For this, you first have to write good quality content on your website. And after that, the website has to be approved by Google AdSense. After this, ads will start appearing on your website. And through which you can earn money.

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This method is the easiest way. And today more than 90% of the websites earn money in this way. That is, if you run any kind of website, whether it is a blogging website or a news website, or it is a website of affiliate marketing. You can earn money by showing ads in it through Google AdSense.

Sponsored Post

Another way to earn money through a website is that you can earn money by putting sponsored posts by any other website or any institution or business on your website.

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That is, if your website is very good, and you put good content in it, then you will find many businesses and institutes like the coaching institute website, and many more institutes, related to which you put posts on your website. They give you money for sponsored posts. Which is a big website, Sponsored post is the main way of earning their money.

Affiliate Marketing

Many website owners also earn money through affiliate marketing. Today the main objective of website builders is to create an affiliate website through which they can earn a good amount of money. Today affiliate marketing is the biggest tool in digital marketing, through which people are earning millions of rupees today.

For affiliate marketing, you have to create such a website, in which you tell about a product, and you give a link to buy the item.

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If someone buys the goods through your affiliate link, then you get some commission. To get this link, you first have to get affiliate access from the affiliate partner i.e. from the partner selling the goods.

Business Or Startup

If you run any kind of business and want to bring your website online, then the website comes with the best opportunities.

You can promote your business through the website, and earn money through it. If you make any kind of product and provide any kind of service. You create a website related to that service and reach more and more people. And in this way, you can also earn money by providing services and products through the website.

How to make website? (How to create a website)

We have known in detail above about earning money from the website. We told you in detail about each way of earning money from the website, now we will know how to make a website?

Unless you know how to make a website, you cannot earn money by making a website. So before earning money from the website, you have to know about making a website.

In today’s time, there are many ways to create a website. And you can create any kind of website with the help of these methods. The following are the most famous ways to create a website:

  • By Blogger
  • With the help of WordPress
  • With the help of HTML and CSS


To make a website with the help of HTML and CSS, it is very important for you to know coding. If you have learned coding and you know HTML and CSS, only then you can make a website with their help.


In today’s time, more than 90% of the websites are made by WordPress. Because WordPress provides you with a very good platform through which you can prepare your website very quickly and very well.

In WordPress, you do not need any kind of coding. WordPress gives you every kind of platform by creating your website. You just have to design your website there.

  • Designing is also very easy in WordPress.

That’s why today most people make websites with the help of WordPress. In WordPress, you get many types of facilities such as new plugins, using which you can make your website better, as well as complete your work with more convenience.

We have learned how to make a website, but now we will know what things are needed to make a website.

There are two most important things to make any website, the first is domain name and the second is hosting.

Domain Name

Domain name means that it provides a name to your website because the website is an address of the Internet. So you have to buy the address of that website from a registrar before creating any website. And today there are many registrar companies in the market that sell domain names. You can buy domain names for your website from them.


Hosting is the backbone of any website because all the data of your website is stored in the hosting itself. Hosting provides a mountain to your website, through which your website remains live on the Internet. The main purpose of hosting is to handle the traffic coming to your website.

The Hosting companies have all the data on your website. What are you writing in the website, what services do you want to provide through the website, what are the things in your website, all this data is saved on the data server of your hosting company.

Where to buy domain and hosting?

We learned about domain and hosting. After all, why is domain and hosting necessary for a website? We have known about this, now it is the turn that where do we buy a domain and hosting?

In today’s time, there are many domain registrar companies that sell domain names, you can buy domain names by visiting these companies.

“Godaddy” is one of the most famous domain registrar companies for its website right now. You can buy a domain by going to Godaddy, here you get domain names with very good offers.

Many companies providing hosting services are also in the market today.  The more famous companies in these companies are Bluehost, Dreamhost, Siteground, fast comet, Hostinger HostGator.

These are the most famous companies providing hosting services; you can buy hosting services from these companies.

From where to get the website made?

Today there are many digital marketing agencies that make websites, which prepare and give a website for you. In these agencies, all types of websites are prepared and given to you.

Can you make a website with us too?

If you want to build a website, then you can also contact us, we can make a website for you according to your need, and by taking care of your needs, we will give you a great website. Thank You.

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