Best Push Notification for WordPress and Blogger

Push notifications are used to send notifications (announcements) to users who are subscribed to your blog/website. Whether your blog is on Blogger or WordPress, this service is available for both. So please read this article of EduClicker till the end to know more.


Hello Friends, Welcome to our blog of EduClicker. Today we are going to talk about what is push notification? What are the benefits of push notification? How to put it on your blog? Best Push Notification for WordPress and Blogger. Which is the best push notification service? Push Notification in English. Know about all these things and I am sure you will enjoy this article. So please read this article of EduClicker till the end.

Best Push Notification for WordPress and Blogger

If you are a blogger, all the users who visit your blog are important. Well, there are many ways to bring traffic to the blog. But one of them is the “push notification” with the help of which you can bring quality traffic to your blog.

What is Push Notification?

Whenever you write a new post or update an old post, the information related to it reaches the user subscribed by you through push notification, by clicking on that notification people come to read that blog post.

Push notifications are used to send notifications (announcements) to users who are subscribed to your blog/website. Whether your blog is on Blogger or WordPress, this service is available for both, you can choose any one according to your convenience and benefits.

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What are the benefits of Push Notification?

Convert User into Follower – Converts quality visitors to the blog into a regular reader. Due to which the traffic on your blog increases and you can earn more.

You can bring your users/visitors to your blog again and again, which makes it easy to convert users into shoppers.

Two Step Process – Like YouTube, here also the user can subscribe to your blog, in just two steps any user can allow the notification.

Privacy – The user/visitor does not need to give any information, so people usually subscribe to it if they like your content.

Easy to Manage – It is also very easy to manage, it has to be setup only once, then whenever you write a new article or update any old post, its information reaches the users.

Easy to Track – Tracking of users/visitor is very simple, whenever they push notifications, it can also be easily monitored that how many people clicked and how many people did not.

Build Relationship – This establishes a good relationship between you and your readers.. With the help of this, you can send your own greetings or custom messages on special occasions like festivals, new year, any special day etc. or anytime.

High CTR – Every time the information of a new post reaches the users, the click-through rate of the users is good.

For example, if the blog has 10,000 subscribers and even 5% of people click on sending the notification, then 500 people come to your blog. This traffic is available immediately, which is a very good medium to increase revenue.

Best Push Notification Plugins

1. Notix

Notix Push Notification is the best option if your blog is new. It has some great features and good things that make it the best.

In the free plan of this platform, you have the option to add a total of 30,000 subscribers, which is the highest among other providers.

Not only this, if someone else is using push notifications on your blog. And if you want to use Notix, then you can import that subscriber list with Notix. So that you will not be scared of losing your followers.

If you do not have many followers in your subscriber list, then you can switch it. Right now Notix is ​​new, so we are getting to see this discount, it may not be available later.

2. Truepush

If you need a push notification service at the most reasonable amount, then Truepush is the best option.

It is the cheapest as compared to all the other platforms. Truepush offers to add 30,000 subscribers in a free plan. Along with this, there is also a life time free use plan, which is known as True Push monetization plan.

Truepush has many features like Audience Segmentation, Triggers, Unlimited Subscribers and Projects, Batching Feature, RSS-to-push, RSS-to-push & Multi-browser support etc.

Once have completed of 30,000 subscribers, Truepush sends two push ads notifications daily to your subscriber/customer, if you are using Truepush monetization plan.

With this plan, not only will push notifications be completely free, but you can also earn extra money and this income will be shown in Truepush’s dashboard.

If you don’t want to opt for the TruePush monetization plan, you can opt for their paid plan, which is much cheaper than the rest of the platform.

3. OneSignal

OneSignal is also a popular push notification. Here almost all the features of your Push Engage are available.

This supports almost all browsers. It can be edited with both WordPress and Blogger. It can be very easily integrated with the WordPress with the help of this “OneSignal” plugin.

OneSignal has a free plan for beginner or learner bloggers in which you can add up to 10,000 subscribers. If you exceed this, you will have to go towards its paid plan.

OneSignal offers Web Push, Mobile Push, In App, Email Notifications, SMS, Real Time Tracking, A/B Testing, Targeting, API and Analytics.

4. PushEngage

PushEngage is a great option for setting up push notifications on your blog. It gives the subscriber of the blog the option to send push messages in various ways and send notifications of posts.

This plugin has plans for Triggered Notifications, New Blog Posts, Product Announcement, Cart Abandonment, Personalized Messages as well as Website Monetization. Also there are many amazing features like Offline Notifications, A/B Testing, Automatic Drip Campaigns, TurboSend & Scheduling.

There are more than 10,000 business blogs/website registered on Push Engage and over 15 billion push messages are sent every month.

Its most negative point is that its price is very high. The free plan of Push Engage only has a limit of 200 subscribers. If you exceed this, you will have to go towards its premium plan, which is quite high for new bloggers.

5. PushAlert

PushAlert is also a very good push notification platform. Where primarily there is an option to add up to 3000 subscribers for absolutely free.

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Features like CTA Buttons, Scheduled Notification, Welcome Notification, RSS Push are available on Push Alert.

Along with this, A/B Testing, Fully Automated eCommerce Solution, Seamless APIs, Multi-Website Support, Audience Targeting, Unlimited Segmentation, Push via Email as well as Complete Marketing Automation are available. In which facilities like Conversion Funnel, Triggered Notification, RSS Feed Automation, RSS Newsletter Automation are available.

Send Alerts If you are running an eCommerce business, all of these features can go a long way in taking your business to automation.

6. LaraPush

This push notification service (LaraPush) is for those people whose budget is very good. If you do not want to pay every month just for sending notifications, then Larapush is the best option for you.

However, there is no free plan for this. Before using it on the (WordPress/blogger) website, one has to take its premium plan which starts from lumpsum 450 dollar.

This is only one time investment. After this you do not need to pay any fee, with this plan you can send unlimited push notifications with blog bar unlimited subscriber. If you look at the price, it is quite high, but the features available in it fully justify this price.

Talking about its features, there are many important features like Lifetime Deal, No Limit on Domains, Advanced Analytics, Fastest Push Delivery, Targeted Delivery, AMP Compatible, Token Security, Import & Export, Instant Delivery Notice, Customizable Prompt.

If your budget allows it, then Larapush is the best option for push notifications., you can take full advantage of it If you have more than one blog. Because it supports unlimited domains, which is a great feature.

Many big blogs like MPNRC, NHMPunjab, SarkaariYojanaa, JobVacancyNews use it.

Larapush’s support system is also very good. Here help is provided to you in Hindi also through customer care. If you have any query related to this or want to see its demo, then you can contact customer care.

Other Push Notification

Apart from all this, you can also try VWO Push Notification, iZooto, Wonder Push. But not all these platforms are free. To use them, you have to subscribe to them from the beginning.

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Due to their different features, their use is also different. Also, all of them get a free trial of a few days, with the help of which you can check its pro features for a few days.


So friends, I hope you like this article about “What is Push Notification? Best Push Notification for WordPress and Blogger” and the above-mentioned push notification services. Do let us know through the comment box below. If you have any question or suggestion related to this topic, then do not forget to write it too.

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