What are the Types of Engineers/ Types of Engineering?

I told you in this article about many different branches of engineering (What are the Types of Engineers/ Types of Engineering?). But not only this, there are many other types of engineering courses in which you can make your career.


What are the Types of Engineers/ Types of Engineering?

Today, we will know What are the Types of Engineers/ Types of Engineering? And if you want to become an engineer then which engineer should you become. Or if you are interested in any field then which engineering course you have to do to go in that field.

By the way, there are many different types of engineering in India and outside India also. But here people think of making a career in only a few selected 5 to 6 fields because either they are not well-versed or they are not interested.

But if you want to do engineering, then you should know what are the types of engineers and what are the engineers. So that you can make engineering your career.

We will know today

  • How many types of engineers are there? (Type of Engineers)
  • How many types of engineering are there? (Type of Engineering)

What are the types of engineers?

There are many different types of engineers, some of which are named below –

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Communication engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer science engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Marine engineering
  • Environmental engineering

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What are the types of engineering?

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical Engineering as the name suggests, in this field, you will get an opportunity to study both biology and engineering. There are all kinds of machines that are used in the medical field.

It is the work of making such machines and repairing them and bringing new technology to the world etc. It is the job of a biomedical engineer.

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Aeronautical Engineering

In this field of engineering, the study is done on big machines like rockets, missiles, aircraft, etc. sent to space or space. They are taught the technique of making and repairing them and in the coming times, new techniques are brought to the front of the world. This type of work is done by Aeronautical Engineering.

If you are interested in designing and making different types of machines related to space, then you can do this engineering course.

Biotechnology Engineering

In the field of engineering, you will get the structure of the tree plant related to our environment, preparation of hybrid tree plant, preparation of hybrid seed, such things are done by Biotechnology Engineer.

For example, if I explain to you, then nowadays you must have seen that there are many seeds which are very cheap, but from that seed, we produce a lot of fruits, how did all this happen?

Research on all these things is done by the Biotechnology Engineer. They have to do research not only on plants but also on animals.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering means the study of chemicals and chemical substances.

In the field of engineering, making different types of chemicals, bringing chemicals to the world for use, and converting them into any other chemical in the future, such work is done by a chemical engineer.

Here chemistry means all the substances that chemicals are used to make. It can also be the color done on your clothes, and it can also be the color of the walls of your house. There may also be chemicals made in your school’s science lab.

Civil Engineering

The demand for civil engineers is increasing day by day. Because as India is developing the country, the demand for new civil engineers is increasing, after all, what do civil engineers do?

The job of a civil engineer is to build big buildings, build big bridges, build dams, build roads, etc.

The road that passes in front of your house is also made by a civil engineer. And whatever bridges have been built near you, they are also built by civil engineers. The construction of large welding is also done by civil engineers.

The demand for civil engineers is going to increase very fast in the coming few times because now roads are being built everywhere. People are building big luxurious houses for themselves. And if roads are built, then big bridges will be built along with the roads. Dams will be built for the river. That’s why there has always been a demand for a civil engineer.

Communication Engineering

Communication means a medium to talk. That is, we call communication only to carry information from one place to another.

Communication engineers work in the field. It brings new technology in front of us so that we can send our information from one place to another very fast. And he is always doing research for them.

The demand for communication engineers has been there in the past, and it is still there, and its demand is going to increase a lot in the future also. Because in today’s time of internet we always want speed. Whether, it is of downloading, uploading, and the work of increasing these speeds, the communication engineer works.

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer, as the name suggests, is a machine that runs on electricity, or research is done on the machines that make electricity. All the machines installed in your house like a fan, ac, cooler, etc. are made by an electrical engineer, electronic engineer, and mechanical engineer.

In today’s time, it is very important to increase the production of electricity. Because every person in the country needs electricity 24 hours a day. And in such a situation it is the job of an electrical engineer to research new technology of electricity generation.

And bringing new electric machines to the world and repairing them, etc., all this work is done only by the electrical engineer.

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering As the name suggests, in this you have to recharge on things related to the computer such as making apps, making websites, creating new games, that is, after doing this engineering course, you are called a developer.

Developer Outpost creates new things and delivers them to the people.

If you do your studies in this field then you will be taught different languages ​​of computer in it. Read Also: Characteristics of Computer

You will also be taught different types of programming languages ​​like java, javascript, python, etc.

The biggest advantage of doing this course is that if you do not want to do a job, then after seeing this, you can also start your own business, you can develop your own app, and sell it to people. If there is a shop near you, then you can give them a website for that shop and in return, they will give you its price.

Electronics Engineering

There is a slight difference between these two electronics engineers and electrical engineers electrical engineers work on machines which are of large size which you can easily see with your eyes.

But the electronic engineers work on the machine which is of very small size such as the motherboard of the mobile phone, the motherboard installed in your computer, the charger of the mobile you use.

During this course, we read about transistors, capacitors, resistors, and many more such electronics components, learn how to use them, and do our research on how they work.

If you want to become an electronics engineer, then this can undoubtedly prove to be a better option for you because the demand for electronic engineers has always been there and always will be.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering, as the name suggests, involves the process of finding and extracting fuel from there and purifying them after extraction, research is done on them and along with research, we need to run this technology successfully. For this, a lot of new machines have to be manufactured, which are also done by other engineers.

Mechatronics Engineering

This is a field of engineering where computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, three work together.

As you know that earlier in such an industry every work was done by a human being but today it is not so, today every work is being done by a robot.

We had to use a car to come and go, but now the time is changing, now we are transporting goods from one place to another with the help of Drona, so who is doing research on all these things?

Robots, Drones, etc. Such things that make our work easier, it is made by Mechatronics Engineering and research is done.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering In this picture, research is done on things like mechanical power, etc. to prepare the tool machine used to make a machine.

If you choose a career as a mechanical engineer, then the big company in which cars are made, motorcycles are made and big machines are manufactured, there is a lot of demand for mechanical engineer in such field.

From this, it must be known that if you become a mechanical engineer, then your chances of getting a job increase to a great extent, and the salary is also very high it.

Industrial Engineering

Industry means that there are many big industries in India and outside India and with the passage of time new industries are also being set up but to run these industries successfully they need very big buildings which are It is made by a civil engineer but after that, the work is done by industrial engineering.

Setting up the machines in it, putting the machines in the right place in the right way, bringing new machines, and removing old machines to run the industry successfully, this type of work is done by industrial engineering.

Marine Engineering

If you choose a career as a Marine Engineer, then you will get a chance to serve on a sea ship. After doing this course, you are researching a ship or a machine that moves in the water. The machines to be used are made and how to repair those machines if they fail in future is also told.

After doing Marine Engineering, you can take your job anywhere. But you can take full advantage of traveling in it. You will get a chance to visit new places all the time, which becomes a bit difficult to find in other fields of engineer.

Environmental Engineering

Research is done on the environment in the area. So that how we will save the environment from being polluted. How can we increase the fertility of the soil, etc. Research is done on things like environmental engineering.

And the machines used in all these works are also manufactured by the engineer.


Above I told you about many different branches of engineering (What are the Types of Engineers/ Types of Engineering?). But not only this, there are many other types of engineering courses in which you can make your career.

But you only need to find and search on YouTube. Your search with the help of Google and keep searching. You will get a chance to know more new things about the engineer.

Today I told you about different types of engineers. If you feel that I have missed something, then you must tell us by commenting. Or if I have said something wrong then please tell us by commenting.

If you like our answer, then you must tell us by commenting. It helps us a lot in working invoices. Thank you so much for reading here. Have a nice day.


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