What is Safe Shop Business? – Safe Shop Complete Information


What is Safe Shop BusinessWhat is Safe Shop Business? – Safe Shop Business Plan Explained

Hello friends, what is Safe Shop Business? If you want to know about it, I have told you in detail all the information related to Safe Shop Business Plan in this article. If you also want to join network marketing, then we request you to read this entire post carefully. In this post, I will tell you what is the Safe Shop Business Plan? Complete information about this has been explained in detail. so let’s know, what is Safe Shop Business Plan?

What is Safe Shop?

Safe Shop is an Indian MLM Network Marketing and Direct Selling Company recognized by the Government of India which started in 2000. It is a company based on Multi-Level Marketing Business Model which is headquartered in New Delhi.

Safe Shop is one of the oldest companies in India based on Direct Sales. It sells products to people through Direct Sales. This company is quite famous for direct selling. Safe Shop gives a very good plan for online marketing. People generate a lot of income through their business plans.

Any person can sell products to other people by becoming its Associate or Member, in return of which this company gives Profit Share to that Associate or Member. This is a Genuine Company.

Safe shop India Company Details

The full name of the company of Safe shop is Safe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Is.

It started 20 years ago. This company was established on 14th December 2000. This company was registered on 21 January 2001. It is a registered company under the Companies Act, 1956.

It is an ISO Certified company. This company follows all the guidelines of the Government of India and works under the law.

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Safe Shop Directors Details

There are five founder directors of this company who laid the foundation of this company in the year 2000. Following are the names of the five directors of Safe Shop –

  • Rajat Verma (Dir. Operation)
  • Rajpal Arora (Dir. Administration)
  • Siddharth Sehgal (Dir. Technology)
  • Raj Anand (Dir. Marketing)
  • Harish Sondhi (Dir. Finance)

Official Site of Safe Shop India

The official website of Safe Shop is www.safeshopindia.com. You can buy any product through its website. On the website of Safe shop, you get the details of each product of the company. All the information about the price and BV of the products is available on this website.

Apart from this, you can register yourself or any person through this website. By logging on to it, you can see your team and can also see your income.

When you want to buy a new product, you can buy it through this website. You can make online payment of that product through a Debit / Credit Card or Net Banking.

What is Safe Shop Business?

Safe Shop is a type of MLM plan, which means a multi-label marketing plan which senses connecting the company. Today there are many such companies in India, out of which Safe Shop Company is a good company. This company is based on its product online business model, which is selling its products to the people in India. But the way of selling this company’s product is very different. Till now lakhs of people have joined this company and many more people are joining. This company sells many products like health, lifestyle, fashion, education.

To start the Safe Shop business plan, let us tell you that, first of all, you have to make some investment. You can buy their product by investing in Safe Shop, which is around 500 rupees. When you give it, your entry is made in the safe shop that means you are associated with the safe shop company. Apart from this, direct selling from here, you have to pay separately to buy the product.

Safe Shop Investment and Product Amount

  • The investment in Safe shop is around Rs 500. Only after giving which you can join the safe shop, apart from this, you have to pay separately to buy the product for direct selling, which depends on you, how much product you can sell.
  • For the product, you will have to pay 10000 thousand rupees, in which the safe shop gives you the option to choose different products. The products of the safe shop include Vimal’s health products, beauty products, clothes, and sarees, from which you can choose any one product.
  • Apart from Rs 10,000 in the safe shop, there is also an option to buy a product worth Rs 18,000.
  • Meaning that a minimum of Rs 10,500 is required to join, in which you will get some products.

Safe Shop Income Plan

1. Safe Shop Network Marketing

To earn from Safe Shop, you are not direct selling in Safe Shop. To join this company, you have to buy the product. Now to earn money from this company, you have to add people below you which means you get 200 rupees for adding one person to your downline.

Then you get ₹ 200 by adding another person, which means if you have added one of the two people connected below you to the right and one to the left, then you become a pair and on making a pair under yourself. You get 1000 rupees.

Similarly, adding two people to your bottom means that one is left and right, then you get 1400 rupees. All you have to do is add people below you and keep making pairs. Every pair makes a pair in its down line, then you get ₹ 1000 in return.

If someone is below you, someone is himself under himself and makes a pair, still, you get 1000 rupees. In this way, by doing network marketing, you can earn a lot of money by making your network by adding more and more people to the safe shop.

2. Safe Shop Bonus

Let us tell you that there is also an option of bonus income in Safe Shop Company. Meaning that when a person adds more and more people under himself in a short time, then he is given a bonus of some rupees by the Safe Shop Company.

3. Benefits of Safe Shop Business

  • Economic Freedom
  • Freedom of Time
  • Family Security
  • Country and Abroad Trips
  • Car of Choice and Dream House
  • Desired Income

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Safe Shop Business Plan

Before starting any business, we should have complete knowledge about that business. Without a business plan, you cannot tell any person about it, nor can you be successful in this business yourself.

Before referring or joining any person, understand the Safe Shop Business Plan thoroughly.

Earlier the business plan of Safe Shop was based on Pair, in which you used to get some rupees if there was a pair in Right and Left. But on November 27, 2019, on the 19th anniversary of the company, Safe Shop made a major change in its business plan.

When you join a safe shop, you have to join two people below you. If you join two people and they buy two products of 200-200 BV, then you get 1400 rupees. Next, when they add two people (who are connected below you) and two people each, then you get income.

Under this business plan, you have to sell the product by adding the logo below you. If people join and buy products, then you get BV i.e. you get money.

Groups – Blue Group, Amber Group, and Purple Group.

According to the new business plan, you can add people under three groups. You can add the logo below you to three groups – Blue Group, Amber Group, and Purple Group. On sales in each group, you will get money according to the BV of the product.

Before this i.e. before November 2019, you had to join this company by buying a product of eight thousand. After that, you used to add any two people below you. Next, those two people used to add two people each below them. In this way, you used to get one thousand rupees for every pair.

But now when the people joining below you make purchases through its website, then you get money according to the BV of that product.

What is BV (Business Volume)?

BV means Business Volume. 1 BV is equal to two and a half rupees i.e. 2.5 rupees.

There are different BV for each product. When there is a sale under you, you get BV. You get BV according to the product. This is an important term of this business.

How to join Safe Shop Business and earn money?

If you also want to join Safe Shop, then let us tell you that you will have to join it, for which you cost ₹ 10500. If you also have so much money, then you can join Safe Shop by investing in it and you can make a career in it and generate a lot of income.

You can join the Safe Shop direct or through an Existing Member. You can become an Associate or DSA of this company by buying any one product of the company.

To buy a product from Safe Shop, you have to spend ₹ 10000, in which you can choose different products by Safe Shop Company according to you. In the product of Safe Shop, you can get to see products like clothes, all household items, etc. You can choose any of these products as per your wish. In Safe Shop, you get an option to buy a product worth Rs 18,000 in addition to Rs 10,000.

This means that to join Safe Shop, you need at least 10500 rupees, after which you join Safe Shop Online Marketing. After that, you get the Safe Shop product from Safe Shop, in this way you can join the safe shop business.

When you join it, you can earn by referring other people. When you connect to it, you get a User ID and Password.

You can see your own team by visiting the company’s website and track your income. Through this, you can add anyone below you.

When any person joins under you with a product, then you get Profit Share. You get income in the form of BV on buying the products of every person who joins below you. You can earn more by selling more and more.

Safe shop Online Registration and Login Info

You can log in by visiting the official website of Safe shop India www.safeshopindia.com. When you join this online network marketing company through someone, you get a Unique Login Id and Password. With the help of this Unique Login Id and Password, you can log in to your account.

You can also register yourself or register any other person. Registration is absolutely free. You do not have to pay any fees or charges for this.

For online registration, you have to provide your name, address, mobile no., email, Aadhar card, and PAN card information. After registration, you get a User Id for which a password is set by you. You can access your own account through this Login Id and Password. It is also necessary to add another person under you.

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How much can you earn from Safe Shop?

The more work you do in Safe Shop, the more money you can earn. Meaning that it is up to you that the more people you add, the more money you can earn. Meaning that if you get two people joining every month, then you can earn at least 1000 rupees per month. The same person connected by you also adds 1 pair under himself, then you get his commission as well, it simply means that if the person added by you adds people below him, then you also get his bonus. In this way, you get a good income.

You don’t have any fixed earnings in Safe Shop. In this, you do not have any fixed income. The harder you work, the more you will earn.

The more people join below you, the more sales will be there and accordingly, you will earn. You can earn thousands, lakhs, and even crores of rupees through this.

You can earn up to Rs 13 lakh per week from Safe Shop. In this way, you can earn more than half a crore of the month. You will have to work for many years to earn this much.

Earn Income thru new Plan of Safe Shop

According to the new plan of Safe Shop, you earn income in the following ways –

  • Retail Income
  • Preferred Benefit Income
  • Booster Benefit Income
  • Team Business Income
  • Repurchase Shopping Income

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Level in Safe Shop – Recognition Level

The safe shop has different recognition levels depending on the team members and sales. You are awarded on the achievement of each level. When you become a Diamond, you are honored by organizing a grand ceremony.

Silver – If your Total Business Volume is 10000 and below you, Weaker Group’s Business Volume is 3400 then your Recognition Level will be Silver. Earlier, if you had a team of 50 people under you, then you would have become Silver.

Gold – If your Total Business Volume is 50000 and Weaker Group’s Business Volume is 17000 below you then your Recognition Level will be Gold. Earlier, if you had a team of 250 people under you, you would have become gold.

Pearl – If your Total Business Volume is 100000 and below you, the Business Volume of Weaker Group is 33400 then your Recognition Level will be Pearl. Earlier, if you had a team of 500 people under you, you would have become Pearl.

Topaz – If your Total Business Volume is 250000 and Weaker Group’s Business Volume is 83400 below you then your Recognition Level will be Topaz. Earlier if you had a team of 1250 people under you then you used to become Topaz.

Emerald – If your Total Business Volume is 500000 and below you, the Business Volume of Weaker Group is 166800 then your Recognition Level will be Emerald. Earlier, if you had a team of 2500 people under you, then you would have become Silver.

Ruby – If your Total Business Volume is 1000000 and below you, the Business Volume of Weaker Group is 333400 then your Recognition Level will be Ruby. Earlier, if you had a team of 5000 people under you, then you would become Ruby.

Diamond – If your Total Business Volume is 2000000 and below you, the Business Volume of Weaker Group is 666700 then your Recognition Level will be Diamond. Earlier, if you had a team of 10000 people under you, then you would have become a diamond.

Latest Safe Shop Products Detail

You can buy many types of products through Safe Shop. Today many types of products are available on its online shopping store.

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Many Popular and Trusted Brands are associated with this company. You can buy quality products of those brands through this. On this, you mainly get products from Fashion, Health, Beauty, Education, and Lifestyle category. A large range of products is available here in these categories.

Speaking Bhagwat Geeta and Sampoorna Hanuman Chalisa are two popular products of Safe Shop. The product details of each category are given below.

  • Fashion – There are many products available for men and women in this category. You can know about the price, business volume, and other specifications of these products by visiting its website.
  • Health/Beauty – There are many health and beauty-related products available at the safe shop. Such as – soap, toothpaste, cream, powder, facewash, etc. You can get all the details of these products from the website.
  • Lifestyle – Through this, you can buy products of the Lifestyle category. There are many items available for education, sports, and daily life use on it. You can get all the information of all these products like Price, Business Volume and Specification from the website.

Safe shop Vs Other Jobs

Safe shop can be compared with other jobs on the basis of many factors. In other jobs, you have to work for a fixed time every day and in return, you get a salary every month. If you do your own business then you invest first and then you get profit.

In Safe Shop you are free from any bounding. You can also do this part-time or full-time. In this, you are not fixed that you have to work for so many hours.

In other jobs, you need any skill or educational qualification or degree, whereas there is no such condition in it. Even if you are already doing a job, you can do this business with that job. In other jobs, you have a limited income but through this, you can earn unlimited.

If you want to start any business then you have to invest lakhs of rupees. But no investment is required to start this business. You just buy a product and start earning by joining it. Where you have to bear the loss in other businesses, you do not have any loss in this business.

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Final and Important Points

With hard work, a person can achieve anything. If you want to achieve something in your life by joining this business then you have to work hard.

You can change your life through Safe Shop. Through this, you can make a good income. Today lakhs of people in India have joined it and are also earning income.

Before joining Safe Shop, you should get complete information about it. Know and understand the business plan and product details of the safe shop thoroughly. With the right information, you can add other people to it. Can explain well. In this way, you can be successful in this business.

All the information given here has been prepared by researching Safe Shop Business Plan. All the information given here is based on the internet. We request you to get complete information before joining any such company. If any question related to Safe Shop comes to your mind, then you can ask us through the comment below. Thank you


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