Control of Production and Service Provision Procedure

On award of a contract, a Project Manager is assigned and he will be responsible for the control of the project.

The construction activities (Control of Production and Service Provision Procedure) shall be controlled by the use of this Project Quality Plan, Procurement Plan, Contractor’s Site Safety Program, Project Execution Plan, Inspection and Test Plans and Checklists, Operating Procedures, Method Statements together with the project Drawings and Specifications.

On award of a contract, a Project Manager is assigned and he will be responsible for the control of the project. The contract is studied in detail and the project schedule is prepared/finalized detailing the major activities and the time frame for the completion of those activities. The project schedules prepared are updated periodically.

The Site Quality Personnel will be assigned and they will prepare the specific quality plan for the project and specific instructions required. (Control of Production and Service Provision Procedure)

All survey, construction, installation, repair, and maintenance work are carried out as per documented process descriptions, work/technical instructions, specifications, and Quality plan, which shall be ensured by the key personnel of the project.

Inspection and Testing shall be done as per the approved ITP’s and shall be conducted with the calibrated instruments as pre-defined inspection times as per the ITP’s.

Contract requirements on planning, progress reporting, and construction management will be complied with. Work progress is monitored on a daily or weekly basis and progress reporting is completed as per contract requirements. Suitable actions shall be taken to accelerate progress to take care of slippages. Where required, the schedules will be modified as agreed with the Employer. The planning engineer is responsible for planning, progress reporting, and modifying the schedules to accelerate progress to take care of slippages as agreed with the Employer.

All Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Spare Parts Lists and Spares as applicable for the project shall be submitted to the Employer/PMT for approval sufficiently in advance of completion and handover stage. The Employer comments shall be incorporated and all submissions will be done accordingly in compliance with Project Records and Close-Out Submittals.

Validation of Processes for Production and Service Provision

The validation of certain construction processes can only be ascertained when the load is applied or action is initiated. For the project, these processes include as necessary. Application of load and operations would only be allowed if the mentioned processes have been applied/completed successfully, which will be proved before operations by suitable approved testing.

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Structural concrete placement
  • Coating
  • High voltage cable splicing/termination
  • Cable and Conduit seal installation

The contractor assures these processes can achieve planned results through following documented procedures, Inspection Checklist and Inspection and Test Plan referenced in this. (Control of Production and Service Provision Procedure)

  • Process qualification
  • Equipment and personnel qualification
  • Defined methods and procedures
  • Records shall be maintained and revalidation performed as essential.

Product Identification and Traceability

All contract-related documents, products, or services shall be recognized with a unique Number. Identification and traceability will be managed in a controlled manner. It will be maintained on all equipment, materials, parts, and components in accordance with Project requirements, specifications, and relevant Codes. Records for the traceability of the material will be maintained during fabrication and construction. Identification of material will be addressed, if necessary, either by using tags, stamps, and labels or by records traceable to a specific item.

Traceability other than that mentioned herein is not required by the contract except to satisfy regulatory requirements and codes where applicable. The extent of traceability required shall be defined in the product specification document attached to the PO.

Customer Property

This is applicable to the materials/assets of the Employer and the design and related documents received from them.

Materials are received from Employer only in exceptional cases, and if received it undergoes all procedures required for any incoming materials.

The documents and drawings received from the Employer will be controlled, protected, and kept in a secured and safe area in a way that would prevent damage, deterioration, or Loss.

Only authorized, trained and qualified personnel will be assigned to the jobs in proper handling and safeguarding the Employer property. Any approvals from the Employer/PMT, if required, regarding the appointed person will be obtained at the beginning stage of any project.

The rules and regulations to be followed at the premises of the Employer are communicated to the involved personnel. (Control of Production and Service Provision Procedure)

All Employer supplied materials, in the form of consumables, to the contractor shall be strictly controlled. And when required, traceability shall be maintained.

When applicable, all Employer supplied materials (free issue material) shall be subjected to the quality procedures such as Material Testing, Material Scheduling, Material Receipt, and Control, Non-Conforming Material, Handling and Storage and Stock Records.

On receipt of non-conforming material and shortage in the delivered quantities, the Project Manager shall immediately inform the Employer in writing, to resolve the matter. All materials where the storekeeper is in any doubt regarding the acceptance, he shall quarantine the material and seek the advice of the Project Manager. On the completion of the project, any excess or unused Employer supplied materials shall be returned to the Employer custody as good as received.

All records of the Employer supplied material shall be kept and maintained according to the “Control of Quality Records Procedure”.

Preservation of Product

The handling of different materials at all stages of the project, from receipt through storage, construction, handing over is carried out as per the defined Handling & Storage System of the “Material Control Procedure”. The objective is to prevent damage/deterioration of the material at any part and stages of the project.

  • Material Handling and Storage

At all stages of the project, all materials are handled only by storekeeper / authorized personnel to prevent theft, loss, damage, deterioration, and to protect the material against climatic conditions. And when necessary, materials will be handled and stored according to the manufacturer’s provision or recommendation.

In all cases, materials shall be suitably tagged or marked for identification purposes. Materials stored shall be documented and shall be subject to regular monitoring in order to establish their continuing fitness for use.

The Site QA/QC Manager / Site QC Engineer with the Storekeeper shall visit all material storage areas, on weekly basis, for inspection. This is to ensure that all materials are stored properly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and segregated as per the requirements.

Non-conforming materials shall be identified, segregated, and processed in compliance with Non-conforming Material as per “Control of Non-Conformance Procedure”. (Control of Production and Service Provision Procedure)

  • Preservation

All plant and equipment installed shall be protected to ensure no deterioration occurs prior to handover to the Employer. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to ensure adequate temporary protections for the installed, previously inspected, and accepted sections of work. Preservation and storage shall be done by the qualified personnel of the Contractor team. All information and material status shall be included in the monthly Materials Procurement Status Report and to be available at the project site at the time of material receiving.


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