All Project sites shall maintain their filing systems to a high standard as per control of quality records procedure. This shall include the systematic identification of records and a system that allows the easy retrieval and traceability of Quality documents.

Control of Quality Records shall be the responsibility of the Document Controller in coordination to and supervision of the Site QA/QC Manager.

The DCC and Site QA/QC Manager shall maintain the latest & approved records as per control of quality records procedure.

Types of quality records
  • Material Testing results
  • Distribution Records
  • Calibration Records
  • Authorized Signatories
  • Snag List Records
  • Internal Audit Reports
  • Non Conformance Reports
  • Corrective & Preventive Action Reports
  • NCR Status Log (Internal Issued and PMT Issued shall be prepared and maintained separately)
  • PMT Issued Site Surveillance Report (SSR)
  • Site Surveillance Report (SSR) Log
  • Weekly and Monthly Quality Report submitted to PMT
  • CPR Log/Register
  • Sub Contractor’s List
  • Supplier’s List
  • Drawing Distribution List
  • Request for Inspection (RFI) and RFI Register
  • Material Submittal Log
  • Material Inspection Request (MIR) Records
  • Project Management Review Records
  • Monthly & other necessary reports
  • Correspondences (Letters, Minutes, Site Instruction, etc.)
  • Other Verified Inspection Records
  • Site Instructions Records
  • Technical Clarification Records dd. Method Statement Register
  • Quality Plans & Procedures Register ff. Quality Summary Report
  • External Origin Records
    • Employer complaints
    • Supplier’s Plant and Equipment Commissioning Records (if any)
    • Subcontractor records
    • Warranty Certificates

Control of quality records procedure

Control of Quality Records Procedure

The DCC in coordination with Site QA/QC Manager shall ensure that all used and accomplished quality documents shall be collected, monitored, and maintained as per control of quality records procedure.

All records shall have a uniquely identified record number and only the current revisions shall be permitted to use.

The DCC shall organize a filing system specific to each record. All files shall be kept in a secured place where it can only be accessed by DCC and/or authorized personnel to avoid mishandling and loss of the records.

All records in each file shall be arranged in a manner that the current record number always presides the previous.

Each file shall be labeled to show the record type, index number, and discipline. All files shall have a log that shows the details for each record.

The Site QA/QC Manager shall ensure that a log of all records shall be regularly monitored, maintained, and updated all types of quality records.

Whereas requested, the DCC shall supply copies (provided that it was given permission by the Site QA/QC Manager or Project Manager) of any record to the authorized personnel for their reference. All copies of records to be distributed shall be logged and a signature from the authorized person shall be obtained to confirm receipt as per control of quality records procedure.

Where appropriate, the DCC shall provide all necessary data from the records (such as RFI, NCR, and others) to the Site QA/QC Manager, to enable them to analyze the required improvements and/or corrective action to be made.

Where necessary, the DCC shall have electronic copies of all approved records and log for easy tracking.

The Site QA/QC Manager shall periodically check the files of records for its completeness, legibility, retrieval, updates, and status.

Recent copies of all project Quality Records and Documents shall be submitted to the Contractor Corporate Quality Manager at the end of the month.

All required reports required by the PMT shall be generated and reviewed by SQM and respect to DCC recorded data.

Reports requested shall be submitted to the Project Management Team (PMT) as per contract and Specifications (NCR’s, Discrepancy Reports, Logs, and Status Report) on a monthly basis, or as requested.

Project Quality records shall be maintained in archive storage after the final hand-over for three years or as required by the contract.


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