What is Cloud Computing – With Example

In this article, we have shared complete information about Cloud Computing technology with you in easy language. With the help of which you can easily learn about cloud computing.


Today as the world is growing, technology is growing much faster than that. Today in the era the magic of technology is seen everywhere and every filed. Therefore, today we will understand what is Cloud Computing in easy language.

What is Cloud Computing
What is Cloud Computing

The secret behind all the good or powerful apps right now is only one thing, that is Cloud Computing. If you use Internet and Apps.

Then you must have heard about Cloud Computing, but some people do not have the right information about Cloud Computing.

That is why today we will discuss information related to what is cloud computing, what is Cloud Computing with Example in Hindi, types of cloud computing, how does cloud work? etc.

Let’s increase knowledge along with knowing and understanding the complete information. You just need to read this article of EduClicker till the end. You will understand all the things.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the provision of computing services like networking, data storage, server, database and software etc. with the help of internet service in an app, smartphone or computer.

In simple language, the network on which your device is working is possible only through cloud computing.

When data is stored on a cloud based device instead of a local device for data storage, it is called cloud computing.

If Cloud Computing is understood in more detail, then for example, we tell you that if we use a local device to store, access and manage data.

We have to depend on the computer for this. Whereas on the other hand, cloud computing is a remote based service and for this we can use it sitting anywhere in any smartphone or computer.

Cloud Computing is one of the most popular technologies in today’s time. It is being used the most by organizations that want to improve their performance.

There is no problem in taking backup with its use because with the help of cloud computing there is no need of space in the system.

Today both private and public sectors are using Cloud Computing technology, because cloud computing works on 4 models.

  • IaaS
  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • FaaS

Cloud Computing helps a person to use his data storage and networking service from anywhere in a smartphone or computer.

However, Cloud Computing is operated only through the Internet. That is why if you have a good internet, then you can take advantage of the service of cloud computing in a smartphone or computer. ‌

What is Cloud Computing with example

If we want to understand cloud computing with an example, then we can know Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail and Facebook as examples of cloud computing and all these are operated through the Internet and it also helps us in managing excessive storage and files. Google Drive and Gmail are used globally to store, manage and access data.

Cloud Computing has also been used a lot at the education level and most of the students are focusing on e-education and preferring online education.

Seeing the interest of students in e-education, many types of online learning platforms have been created. One of which includes Byju’s, Vedantu etc.

Also, online classes are provided on these platforms from class I to class XII and for competitive examinations.

However, cloud computing is the reason behind such online learning platforms because online learning platforms run with the help of cloud computing.

It is also helpful in storing many types of videos and classes for future based on the software of Cloud Computing.

The Need for Cloud Computing

The need for cloud computing has been seen not only at the education and personal level but also at the national and international level.

At present, cloud computing is used by the central and state governments to operate schemes and programs digitally.

By creating an online web portal, the government operates services in the e-governance process with the help of cloud computing’s data storage, database and networking services.

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Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is of the following four types –

Types of Cloud Computing
Types of Cloud Computing

Public Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing is designed for public use and includes the use of online programs, websites and services for a very low fee or free of cost.

For example, Google Cloud, Alibaba cloud work as public cloud computing.

Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud computing is developed by an individual or an organization. In private cloud computing system your all data and information are kept private and save.

It can only be used by those who have the user name and password. For example, Google Drive works as a private cloud compounding.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud Computing is a combination of public and private cloud computing. Here public cloud computing is used by the company for database.

Private cloud computing is used to store data of valuable and important information. For example, Azure Arc works as hybrid cloud computing.

Community Cloud Computing

Community cloud computing is created only by a community and committee and it cannot be operated by any other community and person.

For example, the government website cannot be operated by any other community and it can be used only by government employees to manage, access and store data.

How Cloud Computing Works

Cloud computing is currently used on a large scale in multinational organizations, government institutions, smartphones and computers for cloud computing services such as database, storage, server and networking.

If we talk about the actual operation of the cloud, then we will understand it through an example. For example, if a user uploads a file, video, document or photo in Google Drive.

Within a few seconds that thing gets stored in Google Drive, then cloud computing is behind it. Because Cloud Computing stores data in Google Drive with the help of the Internet.

This is how the cloud works. Data is stored in a virtual form with the help of cloud computing. For example, when a person uploads a video on YouTube.

YouTube stores it in the database through the server service of cloud computing. In simple language, cloud computing provides the facility of server, data storage and networking for the functioning of any online portal and app.

Applications of Cloud Computing

In today’s time, cloud computing is being used in every field which is like this. is

  • In the field of data analysis
  • For the use of antivirus
  • In the field of e-commerce
  • For taking backup
  • In the field of education
  • In the field of health
  • Government work
  • For entertainment
  • In the field of business

Cloud computing is being used rapidly in all the sectors mentioned above. Today, with the use of cloud computing, growth is increasing rapidly in all sectors, productivity is being increased manifold with the help of cloud computing at low cost.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

These are some special advantages of Cloud Computing –

  • It is easy to store and access data in cloud computing.
  • Work is done in less money in cloud computing.
  • You get the freedom to increase and decrease storage as per your need in cloud computing.
  • Its Backup your data and recovery service is available in cloud computing is of high-level.
  • Also High security is available there for your all of data in cloud computing.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Following are some disadvantages of Cloud Computing.

  • You cannot access Cloud Computing without internet.
  • Security of your sensitive data/ things may be in the risk.
  • You get less control over the services.
  • It may cost more money in the long run.
  • It is not easy to migrate data and systems in this.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services
Cloud Computing Services

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

  • The full meaning of IaaS is “Infrastructure as a service”.
  • It is completely based on a service model, through which hardware services are provided in addition to networking and storage services.
  • Under this model, the user has to pay only as much as he uses.
  • Under this model, operating system and software applications are installed.
  • The laas examples is – Azure (Microsoft), Google Compute Engine

SaaS – Software as a Service

Its full name is Software as a Service. It is used to distribute applications and other services to customers through the Internet.

The special thing about this operating model is that you do not need to install anything to operate it. This is used directly through the browsing.

FaaS – Function as a Service

Its full name is “Function as a Service”. Currently it is one of the most famous technologies. This is used to create applications / program directly on the Internet.

Any user can create an application directly on the Internet through this model. It is an operating system in which the infrastructure is maintained without code.

PaaS – Platform as a Service

Its full name is “Platform as a Service”. Which is a service provider platform. This operating system creates such a platform for the customers.

In which he can easily manage his application or website and deliver data. This service is mainly used by web developers to create applications.

To operate this service, no kind of data storage and data management is required.

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Today we have learned “what is Cloud Computing”. We hope that you all must have liked the information of this article.

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In this article, we have shared complete information about Cloud Computing technology with you in easy language. With the help of which you can easily learn about cloud computing.

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