What are the Roles & Responsibilities of Project Director

Responsible for the overall planning, control, and execution of the project in a cost-effective manner and shall ensure compliance with the Contract technical specification, program, financial and commercial policies, and practices, quality requirements including the development, coordination, and authorization of the site-specific management plans.


What are the Roles & Responsibilities of Project Director – Job Description: In these articles, I will explain the Roles & Responsibilities of Project Director (Project Director Job Description) of the construction project. You will learn here about the Project Director’s responsibilities, power, what is his scope of work, and how he will be acting at the project.

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Purpose (Roles & Responsibilities of Project Director)

  • Overall in charge of running the project construction.
  • To provide management and support to the project to ensure project completion within time and budget constraints.
  • To assist in maintaining communication with PMT and identify potential business opportunities.
  • Monitor project Quality and Safety management system and provides needed resources and Support.

Roles of Project Director

  • Ensure that all construction functions of the contract are completed as per contractual requirements.
  • Provide technical advice and assistance to the Project Managers and other personnel as required.
  • Review and interpret contractual issues.
  • Study and understand the main contract of the project and all its appendices and monitor compliance throughout the duration of the project, checking any deviation from the contract, and raising it to the Deputy General Manager for appropriate action.
  • Act to resolve major contract administration deviations.
  • Provide advice on all commercial and contractual matters including contract review, major supply orders, subcontract agreements, and cost.

Responsibilities of Project Director

  • Attend all meetings either technical/commercial or contractual and give advice and answer requirements regarding any contract issue.
  • Give advice to all parties regarding compliance with the contract when it is required.
  • Call for meetings related to contractual and documented issues, and participate in all project meetings in general.
  • The Project Director Responsible for the overall control, planning, and execution of the project in a cost-effective manner and shall ensure compliance with the project Contract technical specification, program, financial, and project commercial policies. And the practices, quality requirements including the development, coordination, and authorization of the project-specific management plans.
  • Liaise with Project Managers and suppliers/subcontractors on technical matters as required.

Project Director Job Description

  • Initiates Cost/Value Comparison and maintain regular updates.
  • Collect weekly reports from the Project Manager and forward it to the Deputy General Manager (Program Manager) for discussion on the status and for actions.
  • Attend on regular basis site meetings with construction staff and with the quality team and with subcontractors staff.
  • Ensure any case of deviation or stop of work or non-conformance, either coming from construction staff or from external party be attended and taken action immediately.
  • Liaise with the Project Manager and Construction Managers on all recourses requirements.
  • Responsible for internal communications and presentations related to works performance.
  • Follow up and ensure that all sites required supplies (materials, equipment, labors, or technicians) are provided.

Project Management Review

  • Management of equipment Schedules.
  • Review Project Quality Plan and Quality Procedures; and ensure proper implementation at site.
  • Initiates the Project Management Review Meeting specific to the Quality Management System. (Roles & Responsibilities of Project Director)
  • Ensure that Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems are implemented and observed by all personnel at the site.
  • Provide and ensure resources are adequate for the proper implementation of Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems.
  • Liaise with the QA/QC manager for any comment on the method statement at the time of preparation and full authority on any quality-related decisions.

Identify the action

  • Identify the action owners that would perform the correction and corrective action for the external and internal NCRs and SSR.
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction Survey is conducted.
  • Review and approval of the Training Plan. (Roles & Responsibilities of Project Director)
  • Coordinate with the Corporate Quality Dept. Manager to solve Quality Management System modifications and improvements.
  • Ensure with the QA/QC Manager and Project Managers that all the quality requirements are covered and solved.
  • Liaise with HSE and QA/QC Managers to meet the specific requirements of the contractor safety, environment, and quality systems and ensure that all personnel are familiar with those standards and have ready access to them.

Internal / External Communications

  • Daily with Project Managers, PMT.
  • Externally with Suppliers/Vendors and Government representatives.

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Special Requirements / Features

  • Ability to work with a multi-ethnic workforce.
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Work well under pressure

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Reports to

  • Deputy General Manager (Program Director)


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