Deputy General Manager Roles & Responsibilities

Overall management and leadership for the project and provide support and guidance to project director and Department Managers in order to achieve project objectives.


In these articles, I will explain the Deputy General Manager Roles & Responsibilities (Deputy General Manager Job Description) of the construction company. You will learn here about the Deputy General Manager’s responsibilities, power, what is his scope of work, and how he will be acting in the company.

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Purpose / Intention

  • Overall in charge.
  • To provide management and resources to ensure project completion within time and budget constraints.
  • To assist in maintaining communication with the client and any other government agencies.
  • Responsible for providing direction to ensure that Quality Policy & quality objectives are being met and the execution of the contract is being fulfilled. (Deputy General Manager Job Description)

Job Responsibilities

  • Overall management and leadership for the project. And he provides support and guidance to the project director and Department Managers in order to achieve project objectives.
  • Provide staffing and review resource levels.
  • In-charge of the Project Performance Status report review and approval for the client, consultant/engineer, and Company General Manager.
  • Act to resolve major issues that cannot be resolved by Project Director.
  • Reports to Company General Manager on the performance of the project as per Contractual requirements, budget, and schedule.
  • Represents the contractor for all activities associated with the project with client/consultant/engineer.
  • In-charge of Budget Management and Tracking.
  • Monitor Management Review Meetings are Conducting at the site.
  • Coordinate with Corporate Quality Department Manager to provide resources, Solving the Quality issues, etc. (Deputy General Manager Roles & Responsibilities)

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Internal / External Communications

  • Project Director
  • Externally with Consultant and Government Representatives.

Special Requirements / Features

  • Ability to work with a multi-ethnic workforce.
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Work well under pressure

Reports to

  • General Manager

You learned here what is the (Job description of deputy general manager) Roles & Responsibilities of the Deputy General Manager of the Construction company.


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