How to Use Green Screen for Streaming

This is great for really connecting with your audience and making it a more immersive experience where they can focus on you and your game. Read this articles till the end to know how to Use Green Screen for Streaming.


Connecting with your audience and building a true community with your fans is the main goal of most game streamers. We know that the first step in growing your fan base and that of your two best friends to a broader global audience is to build a professional presence on your broadcast. Of course, having a good microphone and camera is important to get started, but if you want to take your streaming to the next level, you will have to think big. So let’s start to learn How to Use Green Screen for Streaming.

How to Use Green Screen for Live Streaming

You are sure to invest in a green screen when you are broadcasting, as well as opening the doors to creativity. A green screen gives you the freedom to take your broadcast in all kinds of interesting directions you never thought possible. However, where do you start and how do you turn your green screen on and off?

What is the Green Screen and how it works?

You may have noticed that the best streamers use a green screen, but what exactly is it?

A green screen is a green background on which subjects are filmed to add a digital effect. In other words, it’s a big green background with streamers behind it.

Common green screen materials include muslin, spandex, and nylon. Later in this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material.

How does Green Screen Work?

While green screens may seem magical, they are straightforward. Being a solid color, they allow you to digitally color everything on the screen with game-like visual effects.

This popular transmission technique is called Chroma keying. This can be done with any color, but green and blue are by far the most popular because they look nothing like human skin.

Since everything in front of the camera turns green in post-production, a streamer or any other subject should generally not wear green.

Why your Stream Needs a Green Screen

If you’re looking for something to spice up your broadcast or add a whole new level of creativity, the world of green screen possibilities is endless. This is great for really connecting with your audience and making it a more immersive experience where they can focus on you and your game. Read this articles till the end to know how to Use Green Screen for Streaming.

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Second, think about how well you can create or implement a background with your green screen set up. Adding virtual backgrounds or funny segments to your green screen can provide a level of production quality that is often lacking in many game broadcasts.

For example, if you like to play horror games in real-time, you might want to add some scary elements to your green screen or remove your background altogether so that your audience can see more of the game. Can you definitely want to have a green screen for your news?

Why are Streamers Using Green Screen?


Streamers can present and maintain a particular broadcast environment along their broadcast path, no matter where they broadcast. This reflects professionalism and branding, as your audience will have no difficulty recognizing their traditional surroundings.

Save Cost

As a streamer, you give your audience the best possible visual exposure of content that you think will help entertain. With a green screen, streamers can display distinctive features, objects, locations, and more to further impress their viewers.

Stay Focused

For streamers caught in a busy background, a green screen will help block out potential distractions from viewers, making the streamer the object of attention.

For Aesthetics

Adding digital background effects to broadcasts often beautifies it. With Green Screen, streamers can make their broadcasts more presentable.

Reduce Stress

As a one-time player, I rarely leave my gaming table, and you can count on my room is often scattered. The green screen saves streamers the stress of organizing their environment and gets things started more quickly.

These are the Elements of Each Green Screen


Your green screen must be of high quality to avoid shadows and continue to work overtime. You don’t want one that gets damaged so easily that it needs to be replaced.


New streamers often don’t have a lot of money or income and need to budget their expenses in a variety of ways. We do cover green screens which are relatively inexpensive.

Portability / Size

Each transmitter will have different needs regarding the size of the green screen. We cover both portable and horizontal full-size Chroma key options.

When selecting our favorite green screen to cover, we opted for three large screens with 3 portable layouts and smaller screens for those who have more space and want to use the green screen in a more versatile way.

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What is the Best Material for a Green Screen?

The best green material is cloth because it absorbs light. Whether it’s our tension fabric, blackout fabric, reversible fabric, or the fabric used in our portable green screen or pop-up green screen kits. We have dozens of types of fabrics and we combine them with the most compatible support/hardware systems based on their physical characteristics.

Any vinyl, canvas, cardboard, green paper, or even Chroma key paint can cause unwanted reflections, glare, and light bouncing. Even vinyl and paint with a “matte” finish can have such a strong gloss that the camera’s color key will see it as a foreground object and will not filter it out.

If you are serious about your transmissions, beware of cheap products as they can be a long-term problem and they don’t always work as well. These substandard products inspired us to launch the ChromaWall brand.

What are the benefits of the green screen for streamers?

It’s always fun to see some of the exciting and clever ways streamers have incorporated green screens into their content. But there are also practical and efficient uses for green screens.

  • Green screen technology lights up you (Use Green Screen for Streaming), the content creator. Because if you don’t use any other green screen with them, it can distract them from their background. Therefore, a green screen can effectively remove the background from the footage.
  • This is also a great broadcast kit if you want to set a theme for your broadcast. It not only adds personalization but also professionalism.
  • When you broadcast for a long time, it is sometimes difficult to work too hard to clean your room. Okay, we are not promoting bad habits, but a baggy shirt here and there is unavoidable, especially during the fall. Moreover, it’s not a very good scene when it airs.

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Chroma Key Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a moment to discuss (Use Green Screen for Streaming) how to get the most out of color-coding. This information can be applied to each and every of the platforms we above mentioned.

When it comes to choosing their screen color, people often go green. Also, unlike red and blue, these colors are much less likely to show up on Chroma Key’s skin or hair.

You can buy a green screen online for $ 20- $ 100 or more depending on what you want to get, but cardboard or green paper will work too if you have a wall to stick it on.

The important thing is that your green screen does not have tears or wrinkles. Keep it as smooth and neat-clean as possible. If your screen doesn’t take up the entire shot space, you can use multiple sheets, but make sure it overlaps slightly to avoid reflecting off the background.

Lastly, lighting is very important when using chromatic keys. If you have shadows on the screen, removing the encoder from the color key software will make it harder to recognize the color.

Put as much light on your green screen as you can, removing as many shadows as you can. Having two lights on either side of the camera is a great start.

If you decide to use electric power lights, close the curtains and blinds. You don’t want two different intensities and colors of light in the same shot. Some of the best green screen results are when the sun has set and there is no outside interference.

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Use Green Screen for Streaming, Green Screen for Broadcasting makes your broadcast more presentable and professional, plus many other essential features to keep your audience engaged as mentioned above.

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