Best Free Screen Recorder for PC without Watermark

You will learn here about best free screen recorder for PC without watermark. When you use it, you will come to know about its other features. During screen recording, you can also record your voice in it as well as the internal sound of computer or laptop.

Best Free Screen Recorder for PC without Watermark

Friends, if you are searching for a Best free screen recorder for pc without watermark, then in today’s post of EduClicker Blog, I will tell you about Best Free Screen Recording Software No Watermark. If you want to make a video or you want to record it by playing a game, then today’s post is for you.

Best Free Screen Recorder for PC without Watermark

Screen Recording Software

First of all, you should know that what is the screen recorder software called? The software or computer tool that records the screen of a computer or laptop and converts it into video is called a screen recorder. There are many screen recorders in the world of internet but most of them are paid. That means money has to be paid to use them.

As you all know that the world of internet is very big. And if search is done properly, then in this world we will get everything. We need provided there should be a way to find it. I have found a free screen recorder today which can be used to record the screen of computer or laptop.

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By the way, if you search on the internet, you will find many free screen recorders, but you will also find some shortcomings in them. But in today educlicker’s post, the screen recorder I am going to tell you about is very amazing. And you will get all the things that you will need in this software.

iFun Screen Recorder (IObit Screen Recorder) – Free Screen Recorder

The screen recorder I have brought for you today is iFun Screen Recorder. We call them IObit Screen Recorder as well. This is a very lotus screen recorder. It has many features that you can use during screen recording. It has many such features which are available only in paid screen recorders.

iFun Screen Recorder is used by many YouTubers to record videos for their YouTube channels. Many teachers use this software to make their teaching tutorials. Many gamers also use this software to record their game play. So I should also tell you something about its feature.

Flexible Screen Capture

Select any area of ​​your computer or laptop screen to start recording from the entire display to a small dialog box. iFun Screen Recorder supports multiple displays. Capture each details and aspect and cut off every interference.

Facecam Recording

A perfect screen recorder is not only a faultless screen record copy but more than it. iFun Screen Recorder (IObit Screen Recorder) provides you with a Facecam function allowing you to record your face in a video too. Using Facecam in many situations, like online tutorials/classes, game recording, PowerPoint presentations etc.

No Lagging While HD Recording

With repeated optimizations, iFun Screen Recorder achieves an average CPU usage of 8%, making extremely smooth recording possible. Like the wind that blows around you: hardly felt, but always by your side.

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Take Screenshots

Both dynamic and static are equal and parallel while recording. Since that, we break through technical barriers between Audio & video recording and screen capture taking cumulatively. In order to provide users with a better using experience, we never stop trying.

Multiple Output/Convert Formats

In an effort to meet the demands of different groups, more than 12 output formats are supported for storage and conversion to other formats as you like. Compatible and well matched with any mainstream digital device from your upgraded iPhone to your mom’s old MP4 player.

Record the Screen with Audio

Experience the most excellent screen recorder with audio. All the characters in the internal background, the speakers and the small microphone of the headset are fully recorded. From image to audio we are experts and professional.

How to download IObit Screen Recorder

If you want to download and use this screen recorder then click on the link given below. When you click on the link, a new page will open in front of you, in which you will see the download button, click on it (as shown in the screen shoot below) Free Download Link

How to download IObit Screen Recorder

Picture Taken from itopvpn WebsiteAs soon as you click on the download button, this screen recorder will start downloading in your computer or laptop. If even after clicking the download button, the download is not done, then there you will see a message written if your download did not start automatically restart it here, click on it, the download will start.


So these are some special features of iFun Screen Recorder. When you use it, you will come to know about its other features. During screen recording, you can also record your voice in it as well as the internal sound of computer or laptop. Can also record Effects can also be added to the mouse cursor. Screen Recorder Download Link

So you got this information about EduClicker Blog Best Free Screen Recorder for PC without Watermark. How did you like IObit Screen Recorder? Please tell by commenting. If you have any question about this Best Free Screen Recorder for PC without Watermark then you can ask by commenting.

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