How to Prevent Cyber Crime

How to Prevent Cyber Crime

How to Prevent Cyber Crime: Cyber crime includes a wide range of activities including hacking personal data from computers, extortion, identity theft, cyberstalking, virus spread, credit card fraud, phishing, illegal downloading. Apart from this, software theft is also a form of cybercrime. Hence, it is not necessary that online portals alone should be the only medium for cybercriminals to commit crimes. Cybercriminals keep adopting many such tactics so that they can benefit themselves by harming someone else. Along with this, some such reasons are also included due to which it becomes easier for cybercriminals to commit crimes. Therefore, before how to prevent cyber attacks, it is important to know those reasons.

Due to Cyber Attacks or Cybercrime

Always looking for easy ways, cybercriminals are looking for ways to earn huge amounts of money. Their main targets are multinational companies and affluent businessmen who have unlimited amounts of confidential data or ordinary people whose deposits are known to them. Anything that technology helps us gain access to our computer systems or other such devices can provide opportunities for cyber-attacks to cybercriminals. There are several major reasons for cybercrimes that make them a related issue of the digital world.

Easy Access System

It is often difficult or impossible to protect systems from data breaches that involve complex technologies. This can happen only if the system is easy to access for hackers {hackers who use their skills in criminal cases}. Skilled hackers can gain unauthorized access by breaking security such as access code, voice recognition, etc. They can easily fool the biometric system and can even pass through the firewall of a system.

Storing Data at a Small Space

A computer is known to store a large amount of data in a compact space. Hence it is one of the biggest causes behind cyber-attacks. Cybercrime came into existence after the discovery of computers. Storing data in a small space makes it easy for hackers to steal data in no time and use it to their advantage.


Anything that we ignore and that we find easy to ignore can become a serious concern. Cybercrime works the same way. Negligence in ensuring the security of your system can bring big trouble to anyone. A little carelessness can provide an opportunity for cybercriminals. Therefore, it is necessary to be alert to the events happening in your system.

Complex coding

Complex coding can frequently become the common cause of cybercrimes. Operating systems make the computer functional and these operating systems are built with millions of codes. Operating systems are programmed by developers, making the code vulnerable to errors. Although a small loop in the code may not make a big difference in the way the operating system functions, these gaps can be easily exploited by cyber-criminals. They can make any operating system malicious to the users through these loopholes.

Development of Cybercrime

Cybercrime became prevalent in the 90s, after the inception of computer technology. During that time, hackers were starting to do illegal hacking with the aim of increasing their knowledge and opening new avenues for further development. The technologies that were used for learning by the technology sector or schools to enter the digital world. With the same skills, fraudsters or hackers advanced themselves and continued to find new ways of cybercrime. According to the report prepared by the FBI and the Association of Computing Machinery, cybercrimes witnessed over the years were authorized not only by technology but also by skills learned from schools.

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Loss of Evidence

Hackers usually attack your system in sections, and before them, all evidence of a breach can be easily destroyed. This makes their crime even stronger, which goes undetected during the investigation of cybercrime. Loss of evidence can become a significant cause of cybercrime potentially crippling your system and making it more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

How to prevent cyber attacks

The first accurate way to avoid (How to Prevent Cyber Crime) a difficult situation is to be careful. The same applies in the case of cyberattacks. Some ways that can be taken to prevent cyber attacks and keep yourself safe from cyber crime in the digital world.

1- By keeping the software and operating system updated

Since the main targets of cybercriminals are computers or devices in which people’s data is protected. Therefore, to avoid cyber-attacks, it is most important to keep them safe. Keeping your software and operating system up to date ensures that your computer benefits from the latest security patches to protect you.

2- By using anti-virus software and keeping it updated

Anti-virus software allows you to scan for, detect and remove threats before they become a problem. Installing this protection helps protect your computer and your data from cybercrime. At the same time, you get relieved from the problem related to the system. If you use anti-virus software, it is important to ensure that your system is up to date with the best level of protection. Along with this, constantly scanning the system helps to keep the computer safe.

3- Avoid clicking on spam email or links to untrusted websites

To prevent cyber-attacks, it is necessary to avoid clicking on any links in spam emails or other messages, or unfamiliar websites. Become infected with other forms of such spam messages and emails should not be opened or replied to.

4- Do not give personal information to anyone unless it is secure

The most important thing to prevent cyber-attacks is to never give personal data via phone or email unless you are absolutely sure that the line or email is secure. Giving your information to a stranger can prove to be harmful.

5- By using a strong password

From computers to phones and software that holds all your important data; They require the use of a strong password. For this, a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols can be used in your password. Short and easy passwords are often hacked by fraudsters. Also, a reputable password manager can be used to generate strong passwords.

Do not do these things while creating a password:

  • Never include your name in the password like – Ashok@1234, Mahesh@12345
  • Never enter your mobile number in the password
  • never enter your date of birth
  • Avoid entering the name of any member of your family.

6 – Contacting companies directly about suspicious requests

Cybercriminals often contact through phone under the guise of a company for any fraud. In case of such suspicious calls, it is necessary to confirm from the official website of the company.

  • Apart from these, to avoid cyber attacks, some more points need to be considered-
  • Using a virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure tunnel between a system or device and a website.
  • If an Internet security product includes functionality to secure online transactions, be sure it is enabled before making financial transactions online.
  • Avoid using open Wi-Fi. These networks are not secure and hackers can easily inject malicious code to gain access to the data.
  • By not storing all the necessary data on the system, keep it separate at different places.

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