How to Make a Career in Industrial Safety Management

Do you want to make a career in Industrial Safety Management? or want to know how to make a career in Industrial safety? so you are in the right post.

Career in Industrial Safety Management

How to make a career in Industrial Safety Management

A career in Industrial Safety Management – Do you want to make a career in Industrial Safety Management? Do you want to know How to make a career in Industrial Safety Management? Then you are reading the right post. Here we will give you all information about Industrial Safety Management and how to become Industrial Safety Officer.

A career in Industrial Safety Management

In the present time, our country has developed a lot. A few decades ago India was known only as an agricultural country. But now industrial development has happened rapidly in our country. Industrial hazards (industrial risk) are also increasing due to this industrial development. Millions of workers work in industries and factories. In such a situation, the approach of industrial safety management is being adopted in these places.

Because of this, the Career Scope is quite attractive for industrial safety professionals in this sector. In this related course, along with educational knowledge, the focus is also on practical knowledge of risk and safety. So that these unwanted industrial accidents can be prevented and workers’ life and property can be protected.

Candidates wishing to make a career in this field have to take a course related to Industrial Safety Management. Nowadays, many colleges and universities offer certificate to degree courses in Industrial Safety Management. You can enter this field by enrolling in them.

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For Certificate or Diploma and Bachelor course, students should have 12th pass from any stream. The required qualification for the same Master or MBA course is graduation from any stream.

Career Scope in Industrial Safety Management

The way industries are developing in the country and abroad, with the same rapid growth, Career opportunities are also increasing in this sector. In today’s time, all industries require an Industrial Safety Manager. In such a situation, there is a lot of chance of a job in this field. Here you can find employment in the country as well as abroad.

After doing the Industrial Safety Management course you get job opportunities in various industries as Fire Protection Engineer, Hygiene Engineer, Environment Safety Manager, Construction Safety Engineer, Risk Management Consultant, System Safety Engineer, and Transportation Safety Supervisor.

Jobs Profile in Industrial Safety Management

After doing the degree or diploma course related to it, you can work on the following job profile according to your work experience and educational qualification.

  • Safety officer
  • System safety engineer
  • Safety instructor/trainer
  • Industrial safety engineer
  • Safety charge
  • Industrial Safety Officer / Manager
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Industrial Safety Auditor
  • Safety Warden
  • Safety Checker

Industrial Safety Management Course

To make a career in this sector, you can choose any certificate, diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree according to your educational qualification.

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  • MBA in Safety Management
  • BSC in Safety Management
  • PG Diploma in Petro Chemical Process Safety and Engineering
  • PG Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
  • Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management
  • PG Diploma in Electrical Safety and Safety Management
  • Advanced Diploma Industrial Safety Management
  • ADFISM-Advanced Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
  • IES-Diploma in Industrial Environment Safety
  • Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazard Management
  • Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering Management
  • Certificate in Industrial Safety Management
  • FTISM-Certificate in Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management
  • Certificate in Fire and Safety Management

What is Industrial Safety Management?

Industrial Safety or Safety Management is a branch of management studies. Under this, the safety of workers from the hazards, accidents, health risks, etc., used in any industry, from equipment, machinery, chemicals, etc. are taught. The Safety Officer takes the necessary steps for a safe work environment within his company or organization. These people also decide the safety regulations to be followed in their company.

Functions of Industrial Safety Manager

The key responsibility and duty of an industrial safety officer are to protect workers in their company from accidents during their work. These people give safety training to the workers and also tell them about the kind of safety equipment they should use at work. In order to avoid accidental hazards.

The best company for a job in Industrial Safety Management in India

  • Steel Authority of India
  • Indian Oil
  • Coal India
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Tata Steel
  • National Thermal Power Corporation Power Station
  • Indian army
  • Corporate House
  • Manufacturing Companies Hindustan Petroleum
  • Defense industry
  • Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited Solar Energy Corporation of India
  • Kamaraj Port Limited
  • Madras Fertilizers Limited Hindustan Petroleum Biofuels Limited, etc.

Best College for Industrial Safety Management Course in India

Although Industrial Colleges Management courses are offered in many colleges and universities these days, some institutes are prominent among them.

  • National Institute of Fire Engineering and Safety Management, Andhra/Delhi
  • Institute of Fire Engineering, Delhi
  • National Safety Council of India, Mumbai
  • Asian Fire Engineering College, Nagpur/Delhi
  • College of Finery and Safety Engineering, Delhi
  • IDMFS-Institute of Disaster Management and Fire Science, Chandigarh
  • NIFSE Gwalior-National Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering, Gwalior
  • NIIFS-Noble Institute of Industrial Fire Engineering and Safety Management, Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Research, Lucknow

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