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Ration Card Complete Information

Hello friends, welcome to, Ration card can be made in a few minutes sitting at home. Known here the easy way and complete information about Ration Card. You stay with us from beginning to end to get this information. Today we are also going to tell you about the process of making a ration cards, what are the benefits of Ration Card? How to make ration card online? How to apply ration card online? and how to make bihar ration card?

The state government issues the ration card. Due to the Central Government’s One Nation-One Ration Card scheme, it can be taken from a state other than the original state.

A ration card is such a document, with the help of which not only the poor get ration cheaply, but it is also used for taking many government schemes. Along with this, it also works as an identity card. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for people to get a ration card. Actually, the state government issues the ration card. Due to the Central Government’s One Nation-One Ration Card scheme, it can be taken from a state other than the original state.

What is Ration Card? and What is its use?

Friends, we talking about the ration card, let us tell you that the ration card is a very important document. Just as Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card is essential documents, similarly, Ration Card is also an essential document.

Which is implemented/applied under the schemes of the state government. The state government provides different ration cards to different families according to their situation.

You will know that a ration card is a government document which is used in many public places in our country. The ration card is needed by all common people. And ration card is also used as an identity card.

Uses of Ration Card

As you have been told about the ration card that it is an important document. Its use is also important. We need ration cards in many places. Where you may need a ration card, the complete list is given below.

  • For identity cards.
  • To buy food items like wheat, rice, sugar, gram, pulses, etc., and other essential items like LPG, kerosene in the ration shop.
  • For life insurance.
  • To get the driving license.
  • To open a bank account.
  • Schools in colleges.
  • The court in court.
  • In buying a mobile sim card.
  • To make Voting Card.
  • To make a passport.
  • For LPG connection.
  • In government and private offices.
  • For the address of residence.

The value of the ration card is a very important document in our country. Friends, in our country, almost everyone has a ration card.

Types of Ration Card

Ration cards are issued by the state governments under the public distribution system. There are three types of ration cards. Or say that the ration card is divided into three categories.

This category state government provides them different ration cards according to the situation of different families. Such as – Antyodaya card – for the poorest family.

BPL ration card is for below poverty line and APL ration card is for above poverty line.

  • Extremely Poor Families – Antyodaya
  • Below Poverty Line -BPL
  • Above Poverty Line –APL

Let friends tell you about all three types of cards. How and what color are these cards?

Extremely Poor Families – Antyodaya Card

Antyodaya Card is given to the poorest family. Families whose financial condition is not good at all. Also, unemployed and old people are given this card after seeing the condition of their family. The color of this ration card (Antyodaya Card) is yellow.

Below Poverty Line – BPL

BPL card is given to the people living below the poverty line. This card is given to those people whose income is less than Rs.10, 000. The color of the BPL card is blue, red and pink.

Above Poverty Line -APL

This card is given to families that exceed the poverty line. There is no maximum or minimum income set for this card. The color of this card is orange.

Eligibility for Making Ration Card

The first eligibility for getting a ration card is that you should be a citizen of India. Whether it is the head of the family or any other application can be made on behalf of the head. Friends, the thing to note is that no member of the family has any ration card or name in any ration card before this. The family for which the ration card is being made.

These people can apply

Anyone above the age of 18 years can apply for a ration card in the country. You must have the card of only one state. In this, the name of the head of a household and other members of the family are added. Let us tell you that earlier one had to make rounds of government offices for the ration card. But now in the internet age, you can apply online for Ration Card sitting at home.

Fee for Ration Card

Friends ration card fee information is very important. Because in the absence of information, people become victims of fraud. It is very important for you to know about the ration card fee. The fee charged for making a ration card ranges from Rs 5 to Rs 50. This fee may vary/differ from state to state.

Documents Required for Making Ration Card

A ration card is an important and permanent document issued by the state government. To get a ration card or to apply for a ration card, you must have at least one of the documents mentioned below. If you have these documents then you can easily get the ration card made.

Here is the Required Document – Documents for Ration Card Registration

  • Voting Card / Voter ID Card
  • 2 Passport size photographs (PP size) of the head of the family member
  • Address and residence certificate.
  • Electricity/Water Bill/Telephone Bill (Anyone)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Pan Card
  • Caste Certificate
  • Mobile Number
  • Any document, if any, issued by the Government of India.

How to Make Ration Card

Ration card is a very important document. Which is needed by almost everyone. In such a situation, it is also important for you to know that how the ration card is made. Or how do we get the ration card made? Friends, you can get Ration Card made in two ways. And both these processes are very easy.

  • Offline:- From Tehsil, District, Nagar Panchayat in the city and Gram Panchayat in the villages
  • Online:- By applying online.

Offline – Ration Card Making Process

How to get Ration Card made from Tehsil, District or Nagar Panchayat in the city and Gram Panchayat in the villages?

Friends, if you live in the city, then there is a government place in your city like Tehsil office, District office or Nagar Panchayat office and there is Gram Panchayat in the villages from where you can get the ration card made.

For this, you have to take the reuired documents which is mentioned above, and you can get the ration card made under the process. Friends, before making a ration card, you must read the eligibility for the ration card given in this post of ours. Also, read about the documents required for this.

Online – Ration Card Making Process        

If you want to take advantage of ration at a lower price or say that at the government rate, then you will have to get this card made. There is no need to go to any government office for this. Because now the process of making Ration Card is done online.

We tell you that the work of preparing this card is carried out in two categories. The government makes a BPL Ration Card for the people living below the poverty line, while for those living above the poverty line without a BPL ration card is provided.

How to get Ration Card made Online.

Friends, you can also get the ration card made online. Because all the state governments provide the facility of the government website to the citizens to make ration cards for their respective states.

For this, you have to visit the official website of your state. You have been given the official website of the bihar states of India in this post itself. You can apply online from there.

To get the online ration card, Go to that website and open the required link, then fill all the necessary information in the online application form and upload all the required documents. And submit it.

How to Apply Ration Card Online

To apply for this, you can apply online by visiting the official website (food portal) of your state. Like if you live in Bihar then you need to visit Food Portal website. From here you have to download the ration card form. To get a ration card, you need to provide an Aadhar card, voter card, driving license, or any ID.

After applying, you will have to deposit fees ranging from Rs 5 to 45. After the ration card form is submitted, it is sent for field verification by their department. The verification is completed within 30 days. Ration card is issued within 30 days if the investigation is found correct. Within 15 to 30 days of applying, the ration card will reach the address given by you while doing it online.

Time Limit for Making Ration Card

The Maximum Time for Getting/Receiving Ration Card

Talking about the time limit for making Ration Card, then this time limit can be different in different states. But still, the stipulated time frame is 15-30 days. Ration card is usually generated within this time limit.

What to do if the Ration Card does not arrive in 30 days

If the ration card does not reach your address even after 30 days of submitting the online form. Then you should visit the official website of your state and check the status of your ration card. And also check here whether you have given the correct address or not.

To check the status, you get a reference number after applying, only through that, you can check the status of your ration card.

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Friends, in today’s post, you will learn “How to Apply Ration Card Online” which is a very important document. Its full details have been given. Also, what is the ration card to you in today’s post? And what is its use? Important information like how to get a ration card has been given.

Along with this, you have also been given ration card links of bihar states of India. With the help of this link, you will reach the official website of your state. And also will be able to see related information and also get an online ration card made.

If you liked this information about how to apply ration card online, then do not forget to share it with other people as well. Because many people do not know the process of getting a ration card, they are worried. So you can also help such kinds of people.

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