Project Technical Queries Procedure – Construction Query

The Project Manager shall ensure that the Technical Clarification Form is used to raise technical queries, to review subsequent responses, and to document the final outcome.

Project Technical Queries Procedure

Project Technical Queries Procedure – Construction Query: The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that Technical Queries are raised and addressed properly. Moreover, to provide resolutions to the technical queries raised to consultants, clients, vendors, subcontractors, and/or other concerned parties.

Scope: To define the methodology of raising, monitoring, follow-up, and closure of technical queries. (Project Technical Queries Procedure – Construction Query)

Persons Involved

Originator: The person who raises, signs, and dates the technical clarification.

Reviewer: The person nominated to check the query section of a technical query prior to the issue for answering.

PMT:  The authorized personnel to answer the technical query.

TQ Controller: The person who documents the TQ and its response, can be the Document Controller.

Technical Query (TQ) is a technical question which covers one or more of the following but not limited to:

  • Discrepancies in technical documentation.
  • Queries of preliminary engineering assumptions and cases.
  • Detail engineering clarifications and confirmations.
  • Interpretation of specifications and standards.
  • Queries not related to engineering. Example: quality assurance, safety, etc.
  • Vendor/subcontractor queries.

The Project Manager shall ensure that the Technical Clarification Form is used to raise technical queries, to review subsequent responses, and to document the final outcome. This form may be tailored or modified by the Project Manager to suit project requirements in conformance to the Document Control Procedure.

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Technical Queries shall be sent by the Document Controller to the intended recipient. The document Controller shall maintain a register of all Technical Queries in the supervision of the Project Manager. The Project Manager or his appointee shall follow up and ensure the close out the TQ’s.

Technical Queries Raised via Engineering Department

The information on the Technical Clarification Form may be written electronically or by hand in bold writing, ensuring that it would be clear and readable. Any supporting information deemed necessary to assist in responding to the TQ shall be attached to, and referenced on, the Technical Clarification Form. The Originator shall forward the TQ to the Reviewer prior to being sent to PMT.

The Reviewer:
  • The reviewer shall be the Engineering Manager or as per the Authorized Signatory List acknowledged by the Top management.
  • Reviews the TQ.
  • Checks with other Engineering staff if necessary.
  • Signs and dates the query.
  • Forwards it to the TQ Controller/Document Controller for the issue to PMT.
The TQ. Controller / Document Controller:
  • Allocates a TQ number based on the register.
  • Allocates the revision status on the TQ.
  • Fills out and maintains the TQ Tracking Report.
  • Files a copy of the TQ.
  • Prepares the TQ for transmittal to the intended recipient.
  • Sends the TQ to the intended recipient keeps a copy of the TQ and registers the TQ details on the database for the project.

Technical Queries Raised at a Site

Where TQ’s are raised at a site, the preparation and transmittal are the same except that.

  • The Project Manager or his delegate acts as a reviewer.
  • The TQ Controller/Document Controller on the site allocates the TQ numbers from blocks of sequential numbers allocated to distinguish individual sites as determined for the project.
  • The Project Manager determines whether the TQ is transmitted to the Engineering Department or direct to PMT (if not the Engineering Department).

Revision of Technical Queries

The TQ Controller / Document Controller allocates the revision status on each TQ as follows. (Project Technical Queries Procedure – Construction Query)

  • The initial revision of the TQ will be allocated with Revision 0.
  • Should there be any amendments to the initial revision and should there be a need to revise the TQ, the TQ shall be prepared with the same reference number but with the revision status raised to the next level (i.e. 1, 2, 3, ).

Technical Queries Raised by Other Parties

Where a subcontractor or vendor does not have a standard TQ Form, the Project Manager may, at his discretion, issue the Technical Clarification Form to the other party for use. Where a TQ is raised by a subcontractor or vendor, it will be forwarded to the Project Manager for final review. Once the TQ is approved, it will be signed by the PM and forwarded to the TQ Controller/Document Controller for issuance to PMT.

The TQ Controller/Document Controller

  • Register the queries with the TQ Reference Number.
  • Record the name of the subcontractor and/or vendor as the “TQ Originator”.
  • Forwards it to the PMT for processing in accordance with this procedure.

Answers to Technical Queries

Upon receipt of the answered and signed “Technical Clarification Form” from PMT, it will be forwarded to the TQ Controller/Document Controller who will document the status of the TQ. The TQ Controller/Document Controller shall document the response, the status, and the date receipt of the answer.

The TQ Controller/Document Controller at the originating site ensures that the following, as determined by the Project Manager, have a copy of each TQ following receipt of answers and following any subsequent changes to the TQ.

  • All offices holding documents relating to the TQ.
  • All project offices and sites affected by the TQ.

Completion of Technical Queries

Upon receipt of the answered and signed “Technical Clarification Form” from the TQ Controller/Document Controller, the Originator determines whether the query has been answered satisfactorily. Subsequently.

  • If the TQ is not closed and revision has to be raised.
  • If the TQ is closed, a copy of the TQ shall be sent to the Project Manager and the Originator for necessary action.

Technical Query- If the query is not answered to the satisfaction of the Originator, then a meeting may be arranged with the PMT to discuss and resolve the TQ. Once the resolution is agreed, the TQ is resubmitted in a modified form for a documented closure of TQ’s.

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The TQ Controller/Document Controller forwards a copy of the resolved TQ to the Project Manager who:

  • Determines, with assistance from engineering staff, whether a variation is required.
  • If a variation is required, ensures that TQ Reference Number is recorded on the Variation Register as a related document.
  • Signs and dates the “Variation Control” section.
  • Advises the project staff on who/what will be affected.
  • Initiates a Field Change / Change Request process.

TQ Monitoring

The control and timely resolution of TQ’s is the responsibility of the Project Manager. The Project Manager reports TQ statistics during internal progress meetings and during client progress meetings. At the discretion of the Project Manager, the TQ Tracking Report may form part of the minutes of such meetings.


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