Construction Site Observation Procedure

This procedure describes the responsibilities and activities for QA/QC surveillance during construction. This procedure is applicable for the entire duration of the construction of this project.


Construction Site Observation Procedure: To describe the execution of the Surveillance Program associated with the approved Project Quality Plan.


This procedure describes the responsibilities and activities for QA/QC surveillance during construction. This procedure is applicable for the entire duration of the construction of this project. (Construction Site Observation Procedure)

Persons to be Involved

 Project Manager
  • Overall responsible for the execution of the project in accordance with contract requirements Quality and Safety Management System within allocated time and budget (cost).
  • Responsible for the day to day project administration, reporting, and successful execution of the project.
QA/QC Manager
  • Responsible to ensure that Surveillance Procedure is established and implemented.
  • Authorized to identify and record quality problems; initiate, recommend, or provide the solution to problems based on identified root causes, and initiate action to prevent non-conformities.
  • Responsible to ensure that Site Inspection is conducted as per the approved ITP for the delivered material, with respect to all relevant specifications, documents, and requirements at the site. Issue Non-Conformance/Site Observation Reports where standard deviations are identified.
Quality Control Engineers
  • Managing (QC) Quality Control functions for the project including the planning of (QCI) Quality Control inspections and preparation of reports.
  • Controlling corrective actions, monitor inspections progress, review reports and documentation; and verify, upon completion of the work, that all requirements have been met and that the required Quality records have been collected and maintained.
  • Conduct daily inspections and prepare two weeks to look ahead for quality activities.
  • Perform surveillance inspection or testing to verify conformance to specified requirements.
  • To prepare the Site Observation Report and enforce its closeout. (Construction Site Observation Procedure)

Process Flow / General

  • The QA/QC Manager is responsible for managing and implementing the Quality surveillance inspection program at the construction site. He will review and conduct an analysis of all Site Observation Reports, Non-Compliance Report, etc. to address the issues.
  • Scope, duration, and intensity of surveillance inspection and/or verification activities shall be determined by the QA/QC Manager through an evaluation of the scope of the activities being performed and the quality history of contractor/subcontractor or as deemed necessary by the Project Manager.
  • Surveillance shall be performed to the extent necessary to provide adequate confidence that appropriate measures are taken to control and achieve quality.
  • QC Inspection personnel will utilize the applicable surveillance, ITP, or inspection procedure and use them for determining inspection surveillance activities. When inspection surveillance is performed on some activities not addressed by an Inspection & Test Plans or Inspection Procedures, the work process instruction (usually IFC drawing and specification) will be used to guide the surveillance inspector.
  • Site Observation Report through site surveillance, site inspections, site walkthrough, etc. may be issued by QA/QC Manager and QC Engineers/Inspectors.

The QC inspection personnel are responsible for:

  • Perform periodic surveillance and/or verification of activities.
  • Advise the QA/QC Manager of quality issues.

The QC Engineer/Inspector shall indicate the results of the surveillance verification activity in the following manner:

  • Record those areas or items monitored or reviewed on the Site Observation Report. If no deficiencies are found during this surveillance, so state (satisfactory), sign, and date the report and forward it to the QA/QC Manager for review and distribution.
  • When a deficiency is found and will need a follow-up inspection to verify conformity, identify it on the Site Observation Report in the “Description of SOR” section. QA/QC Manager shall be notified and call the attention of the responsible person where the deficiency was observed. (Construction Site Observation Procedure)
  • The QC Inspector will discuss the issue with the recipient, in the presence of the QA/QC Manager, and agree on what corrections or actions are to be taken to close the issue.

Correction/Actions to be taken

Correction/Actions to be taken shall be provided in the space provided, including the expected date to be finished. The QC inspector shall ensure that corrections/actions to be taken are completed. The SOR Form shall be signed by the QC Inspector to indicate his approval and acknowledgment of the actions taken. Then, it will be submitted to the QA/QC Manager for validation and final closure. Records of the SOR Report shall be maintained by the QA/QC Manager which will be used for data analysis and further distribution as required.

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QA/QC Manager shall ensure that surveillance deficiency information is recorded in the log. The log will serve as a record of the Site Observation Reports which would also indicate the status if it is “Open” or ‘’Closed”. (Construction Site Observation Procedure)

If the “Correction/Action to be taken” for the deficiency is not resolved within seven (7) calendar days, the QA/QC Manager may initiate/escalate the issue to Internal Non-Conformance Report (NCR).

A written request, addressed to the QA/QC Manager, may be issued by the recipient of the Site Observation Report. An extension to seven (7) calendar days period may be granted by the QA/QC Manager. The QA/QC Manager will document any extension and the Project Manager will be advised in such an event.


All surveillance checklists, logs, reports (including Site Observation Reports), shall be treated as a quality document and shall be kept in the project quality control files. Quality records shall be kept in accordance with CQRP (Control of Quality Records Procedure) of PQP Project Quality Plan.

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