Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings

The Redline Markup procedure is applicable to all disciplines related to the Contractor, all Suppliers, vendors, and sub-contractors for all systems, services, and outsourced activities for the project.

The purpose of the Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings procedure is to provide a method and scope for mark up, control, and safekeeping of Design Engineering directed or Field directed changes on IFC/Shop Drawing.

Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings

This procedure establishes and defines of markup of Redline Drawing in a timely manner. Marked Redline drawing will be the major supporting document for the preparation of the As-Built drawing.

Objective (Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings)

The ultimate objective is to ensure an accurate markup of deviation or alternation as per the site requirements and to provide full details of concealed utilities during the As-Built drawing preparation time.

Scope of Application

The Redline Markup procedure is applicable to all disciplines related to the Contractor, all Suppliers, vendors, and sub-contractors for all systems, services, and outsourced activities for the project.

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All the IFC/Shop Drawings have to be revised to reflect actual field conditions after the completion of construction. Additions or changes to a drawing resulting from facility modification must also be verified with Redline drawing prior to creating As-Built Drawing.

 Project Redline Package Log / Register

The project manager in collaboration with the Construction Manager & Discipline Superintendents shall develop the Field Redline Package Log/Register. The changes that have occurred during construction shall mark on the IFC / Working Drawing. These changes will be incorporated into the Project Redline Package Register/Log manually and/or electronically.

Redline Package Log / Register shall include but not limited to:
      • Discipline
      • System
      • Package
      • Building Number
      • Drawing number
      • Inspection Request No & Date
      • Related TQ’s, Change Requests,

The document Controller, in the supervision of the Discipline Engineers, shall update this log when new redline drawings are produced. (Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings)

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Registers/Logs shall be regularly submitted and reviewed by the Project Manager and QA/QC Manager.

Before substantial completion of the project, redline drawings shall be handed over to the As-Built Preparation Team for the preparation of the as-built drawings in accordance with the Redline Package Log/Register.

Color Coding for Redline Drawings

Marking of drawings in electronic format by the concerned person shall follow the below-listed color coding. This color-coding is used to mark up Electronic copy using Auto CAD / other drafting software tools.

      • Yellow Colour – to be used for correct information and no changes are required.
      • Green Colour – to be used to delete or remove items.
      • Red Colour – to be used for adding any information or data.
      • Blue Colour – to be used for adding text comments or instruction.

Mark up the drawing in Auto CAD format as per the above-mentioned color code as per redline data acquired. The line weight of the Marking shall be higher than the existing drawing. After Success full completion of markup convert the drawing to PDF format. A hard copy and a soft copy shall be produced and maintained with supporting documents. (Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings).

Responsibility for Markup & Record

The field Redlines include all plan modifications whether by field adjustments, supplemental agreements, or Technical queries / Clarifications and findings that differ from the conditions shown on the Approved IFC / Working drawing.

Field Redlines include all utility works (Civil, Infrastructure works, MEP, Electrical, Communications, etc.) moved, added, or abandoned as part of the construction project.

The field Redline includes only actual information relevant to the modifications.

Field revisions to permanent construction will be documented. These revisions include but are not limited to geometric, all related systems and utilities, underground utilities, etc.

All minor revisions/changes shall be shown on the Redline Drawings. Details and references shall be mentioned properly. (Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings).

Redline mark-up drawings shall be legible; Drawings and text are done neatly without leaving any extraneous data on the drawings.

Supplemental pages containing plan and modification sketches shall be acknowledged and signed by the authorized signatory (Designer, Site Engineer or Supplier/Vendor/Subcontractor).

The individual or entity, who obtained modification/recommendation data, whether the individual or entity is the installer, contractor, subcontractor, or similar entity, shall record the markup.

  • Record changes and adjustments as they happen – do not wait until the end of the
  • Accurately record the location of the concealed structure, services, and similar work not clearly in view, the location of which is required for maintenance, alteration, or future
  • Record as construction progresses all work constructed differently for any reason other than shown on the drawings for the permanent works. The changes will be based on:
        • Field Change Request
        • Technical Clarification /Query
        • Site instructions
        • Inspection Request Comments
        • Internal & External NCR Issued
        • Record and check the markup prior to enclosing concealed fixings.
Verify that managerial controls and responsibilities have been visibly established for the following:
  • Making all discipline documents for design changes on an interim basis, reviewing approves authenticating the marked-up document and safeguarding the document and related papers until all marked-up changes have been incorporated on the revised documents.
  • Rev. of documents incorporating all marked-up changes, issue, and distribute these documents in a timely manner.

The Field Redline Drawings maintained by the Contractor during construction shall be submitted to PMT for review and acceptance before substantial completion.

Field Redlines have been reviewed and checked properly by the authorized personnel prior to submittal to the As-Built Drafting Team.

Only reviewed and approved Redline Drawing shall be handed over to the Drafting Team for preparation of As-Built Drawing.

Redline Markup information

Design Engineering directed Changes.
  • Prior to starting each activity of the Project Procurement Team, Quality Team, and Construction Team shall review all the Project Specifications and coordinate with different systems with approved IFC /Shop Drawing drawings.
  • The drawings shall include all disciplines but are not limited to Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical drawings submitted by the design team, Subcontractor team, and Suppliers / Vendors.
  • If any deviation or discrepancy is identified on the drawing, the Contractor project team shall recommend raising Technical Clarification/Technical Query to the Project Manager for the related subjects.
  • The Project Manager shall raise Technical Query/Clarification to PMT regarding the mentioned subjects.
  • PMT shall reply with their clarification for incorporation and correction.
  • Records shall be documented as per Document Control Procedure. And copies shall be distributed to PMT, Project Manager, QA/QC Manager, and Discipline Superintendents.
  • Discipline Superintendents shall coordinate with Site Engineers for the implementation of the changes. (Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings)
  • Site Engineers shall mark these changes on the drawing and implement the changes at the site accordingly.
  • During the site work inspections, these redline drawings shall be attached and signed by the Site Engineer, QC inspector, and PMT Engineer.
  • Redline Drawing shall be recorded on Project Redline Package Log/Register and changes shall be incorporated to the next revision of the drawing or As-Built drawings.
  • DCC shall maintain the Redline Drawings and an Electronic copy shall be produced.
  • Copies of drawings shall be distributed to PMT, QA/QC Manager, Discipline Superintendents, Construction Manager, and other responsible parties.
  • It is the responsibility of the Project Manager and QA/QC Manager to monitor this activity in a timely manner.

Field directed Changes (Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings)

  • During the execution of work, if the site engineer identifies any deviation at the site against the approved Shop Drawings/IFC Drawings or any suggestions recommended by the third-party testing / Supplier / Subcontractor / Commissioning Team. The site Engineer shall inform Discipline Superintendent and Construction Manager accordingly.
  • The construction Manager shall collaborate with the Discipline Superintendent to discuss the issue to the Project Manager, who will raise Technical Clarifications/Queries to PMT if necessary.
  • The proposed corrections or recommendations shall be marked on the latest revised drawings as Redline Drawing. Field Change Request with all possible risk and impact study shall be attached with the Technical Clarifications/Query.
  • PMT shall review this Technical Query and approve if it meets its requirements and Standards. The approved document shall be returned to the Contractor for implementation.
  • If PMT found any deviation or discrepancy with the standards/ requirements, it shall be returned to the Project Manager with comments.
  • The Project Manager shall collaborate with the Construction Manager and Discipline Superintendent for revision and resubmission.
  • The approved changes shall be implemented at the site. After successful completion, Approved Redline Drawing shall be attached with an inspection Request.
  • PMT Engineer / Inspector, QA/QC Inspector, and Site Engineer shall sign on Redline Drawing attached with the Inspection request.
  • Contractor DCC shall maintain this Redline Drawing for the preparation of the next revision or As-Built drawings.
  • Copies of drawings shall be distributed to PMT, Project Manager, QA/QC Manager, and other responsible parties, as necessary.
  • It is the responsibility of the Project Manager and QA/QC Manager to monitor this activity in a timely manner.

Handling of Field Redline Drawings

All Field Redline changes are recorded onto a hard copy.

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Field Redline information shall be complete and includes location (stationing, elevations, levels, and coordinates offsets, etc.), dimensions, and item names.

Redline drawings shall be signed by PMT Site Representative, QC Engineer/Inspector, and Site Engineer.

Copy of Redline Drawing along with Inspection Request shall be distributed to PMT, Project Manager, and QA/QC Manager for information and records.

The document Controller shall arrange these drawings discipline wise and an electronic copy shall be produced and maintained. (Redline Markup Procedure – Engineering Design/Drawings)

It is the responsibility of the Project Manager and QA/QC Manager to ensure that Project Redline Drawing Log/Register is updated and copies are properly documented.

The project manager in collaboration with the QA/QC Manager shall coordinate with DCC and Discipline Superintendent for providing Complete Redline data to the draftsmen team to make all Redline Drawing Changes to As-Built drawing accordingly.


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