How to Start Online Classes? | How to Start Online Coaching Classes?

You will learn here how you can start online classes, how to start online coaching classes. And the home sitting can move forward to the coaching business.


How to start online classes? | How to Start Online Coaching Class?

How many businesses stopped due to Lockdown and still do not know when the pandemic End will happen. And if talking is education business, coaching, school, and universities, then looks the highest impact on them. In such a case, if you want coaching classes related to IIT, Neet, SSC, Bank, School, Gate, or any subject and your class has just closed then you can know from here to start online classes? That is how you can do your class online?

In childhood, when you have written essays on Internet, it is a boon. This curse will be able to understand it correctly today, how College, Companies have added themselves to each other in this opposite time through all the internet. But if talking teachers to take small-big classes, then there is a big problem for them. And in such a situation, the children who read coaching hardly to be agreed to take Class from home.

In such a situation, if you are a teacher, and all your work has stopped. So you can start your work again through the Internet. And I will tell you how you can start online classes. And the home sitting can move forward to the coaching business.

How to Start Online Coaching Class?

There are many individual teachers of IITs, NEET, SSC CGL, High School, 10+2, Banking, PSU, and other exams whose earnings have stopped due to the lockdown. And after that, he used to call the children someplace and take a class. In such a situation, he cannot start your class until the Coronavirus ends.

But everybody knows that the house cannot run without money. In such a situation, if you want to maintain your class and want money in this lock-down environment, then you will have to take the help of an online platform. And I will tell you here which are the platforms where you can start online classes and earn money.

Today there are many such teachers who are working on traditional coaching as well as an online platform. And doubling your income. I know many such teachers who have the knowledge, better skills to teach. But due to not getting the right medium, he still remains with the traditional.

But if you have to reach more people, it is best to start online classes. And for this, you should have some basic things.

Requirements for Online Classes

  • Normal video will also be made from a smartphone camera but the quality video is needed for coaching. That’s why you have to buy a DSLR camera.
  • Whiteboard which you already have, if you have the budget then you can use smartboard.
  • To make the video quality good, a little lighting will require, which you will find on Amazon.
  • You can use Boya Mic for K Lapel Mic so that the sound is better in the video.
  • A Laptop will require, can be any Windows or Mac, where the video can be edited and the video can be uploaded.
  • Your Internet should be of slightly better speed so that you can easily upload videos on different platforms.

If you have all this, then you can start online classes in different ways.

Method 1. How to Start Online Classes on YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s largest online Video-Sharing Portal where there are millions of video uploads every day. There are many category videos like Entertainment, Technology, and Education.

You must have also seen that many people upload videos and guide how to earn money from YouTube. Or they also offer courses like SSC courses, banking courses, IIT courses, you must have seen them too.

You do not even need to create a channel to start online classes on YouTube. Because whoever will log in to YouTube with Gmail becomes a YouTube channel by default with that name and you can upload direct video.

But if you still have to make YouTube channels from Brand Name, click here and get information about the Complete Guide.

How to Make Brand YouTube Channel?

Step 1. Open

Step 2. Login with Gmail

Step 3. Go to the above right side corner on the notification icon that will be a plus sign click on it.

Step 4. Select whatever video you have made.

Step 5. Video will be uploaded automatically so wait for some time.

Step 6. The video has been uploaded, put a title on it and tell a little about the video in the description.

Step 7. Put a tag on the YouTube video and then finish the upload by doing next…next.

Method 2. How to Start Online Classes on Unacademy?

You all know that YouTube is free. Anyone can access the video you upload on it. In such a situation, if you want to start IIT, NEET, SSC, Banking, or PSU classes like coaching. Where only those people can access those who buy your course.

In such a situation, Unacademy is a better option for you. Here on this platform you can start online classes, and upload videos whatever you want. The requirements to start classes here are exactly the same as on YouTube.

You have to make video recordings in the same way. And attention has to be paid, the video should be such that the viewer feels that you are teaching and not reading the news. Here Unacademy has shared the guideline. If someone wants to become a tutor on Unacademy, then you have to make videos according to them and work in the way they have been told.

Unacademy also has a mobile app for teachers who want to start online classes. Which is available for both Android and iOS. And you can download Unacademy App from the app store or play store.

Friends, if you want to start online classes, then both these methods are the best. And if you want, you can start on both together. And the biggest benefit of starting online classes is that you can make a video in one place and share it on many platforms as well. Hope you have found this information correct if you have any question or suggestion, then definitely tell in the comment below.

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YouTube Channel FAQs

Q1. How many videos can I upload to YouTube in a day?

A1. There is no limit to the number of videos you can upload in a day.

Q2. What is Channel Category?

A2. YouTube category tells what kind of content is there on the channel. Like if you want to start online classes, then the category of your channel will be Education. Similarly, there are many other categories.

  • Music
  • Education
  • People & Blog
  • News & Politics
  • Kids
  • Film & Animation
  • Comedy
  • How to & Style

Q3. How does YouTube make money?

Ans3. YouTube shares revenue in the ratio of 45/55 to the money that YouTube receives from advertising. That is, if there is $1 income, then 45 cents YouTuber gets it and 55 cents to YouTube.

Q4. How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views?

Ans4. There is no definite answer to this question. It depends on the category and on the advertising of that time. I have told in another post that how much money is received on 1000 views or 100000 views and how much money is received in which category.

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