Project Control Procedure in Construction 2023

The overall Project Planning shall be controlled by the project program produced by the Planning Engineer according to project control procedure.

To ensure that contracts undertaken by the Contractor are in accordance with the Employer’s specification, processed under controlled conditions, and exercise a prominence of Quality Assurance throughout the process, according to a project control procedure.

References: ISO 9001:2008 Standard,  Project Quality Plan, Corporate Quality Manual, Corporate Quality Assurance Manual.

1. Persons Involved
  • QDM- Quality Department Manager
  • PM- Project Manager
  • CM- Construction Manager
  • SME- Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • SEE- Senior Electrical Engineer
  • PLE- Planning Engineer
  • SQM- Site QA/QC Manager
  • SQE- Site QC Engineer
  • SQI- Site QC Inspectors
  • SE- Site Engineers
  • DCC- Document Controller
2. Process Flow / Process Control
  • The overall Project Planning shall be controlled by the project program produced by the Planning Engineer.
  • Prior to commencing construction operations in any areas, the Site Construction Team shall raise Method Statements and Inspection & Test Plan to be initiated by the Project Manager / Construction The MS and ITP’s shall be generated by the Site Engineers in collaboration with the Quality Team and shall be reviewed by Site QA/QC Manager.


  • All Method Statements and Inspection & Test Plans shall be reviewed by the Construction Manager and Senior Engineers prior to the initial approval of the Project Finalized MS & ITP’s shall be provided to Site QA/QC Manager for final review and approval. Copies of the final approved documents shall be copy furnished to Contractor Corporate Quality.
  • The areas of construction that require a Method Statement or special training for site operatives shall be recorded in the site Management Review Meetings.

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3. Inspection and Test Plan shall detail the following:
  • Discipline of Activity
  • Reference Number
  • The activity
  • Responsible Personnel for the Activity
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Verifying Document
  • Category of inspection point
  • Frequency
4. Method Statements shall detail the following:
  • Table of contents
  • Scope & Objectives
  • References
  • Health and Safety Hazards
  • Responsibilities
  • Safety & Security
  • Interferences
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Field Quality Control
  • Materials
  • Construction Equipment/Tools
  • Work Execution
  • Delivery, Handling, Storage and Protection
  • Supporting Documents
  • Distribution

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5. Where required by contract, all materials shall be submitted and approved by the PMT

The Process shall be controlled by the following inspections, according to the project control procedure.

  • Material Data Inspection Record
  • Material Testing Records
  • Site Works Inspections
  • Completion Inspections
  • Handover Inspections & Snag list
  • Plant & Equipment Commissioning & Snag list
  • System Testing

Site Quality Office and DCC shall maintain copies of all Approved Method Statements and ITP’s. A log of approved MS and ITP’s shall also be maintained and regularly updated after every change, addition, or revision according to the project control procedure.

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All approved inspection verification documents shall be maintained in the Site Quality Office and DCC including equipment/instrument calibration certificates.

Quality records shall be kept in accordance with the Control of Quality Records Procedure of the Quality Control Plan.

6. Control of Authorızed Sıgnatorıes
  • The Site QA/QC Manager shall ask the Project Manager to prepare a list of experienced personnel to identify Authorized Signatories for specific areas of Site Inspections and Control of Documents.
  • The Site QA/QC Manager shall review and endorse the list to the Project Manager once approved by the QA/QC Manager.
  • Upon approval of the Project Manager and QA/QC Manager, the DCC with Site QC Engineer shall keep and maintain a record of each Approved Authorized Signatories according to the project control procedure.
7. All Approved Authorized Signatories shall specifically detail the following:
  • Name of the Authorized Personnel
  • Position of Personnel
  • Computer Number
  • Sample Signature
  • Type of activity was authorized to sign
  • Location of activity was authorized to sign (if applicable)
8. Authorized Signatories List shall include but will not be limited to the following:
Project Director Laboratory Technician
Site QA/QC Manager Project Manager
Project Director Construction Manager
Senior Electrical Engineer Senior Mechanical Engineer
Site Surveyor Site Engineers
Foreman Storekeeper
Safety Manager / Engineer Site QC Engineers
Procurement Manager Site QC Inspectors

Any additions or deletions shall be recorded.

The signature and corresponding initials shall be used at all times to indicate that:

  • Material Receipt is inspected and is in accordance with the laid down procedure.
  • Site Inspections are approved.
  • Material Test results are reviewed and approved.
  • Other documents requiring a signatory from authorized personnel are approved.

Quality records shall be kept in accordance with the Control of Quality Records Procedure of the Project Quality Plan.

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