How to create a YouTube channel for free

You will have to make just 4 to 5 clicks to create youtube channel. But I will tell you properly in this article, how to create a YouTube channel for free.


There are many people who want to work on YouTube. But they do not know yet how to create a YouTube channel properly. There are many such things and methods with this. Which the new people do not know right now. But I will tell you properly in this article. Before this, make a note.

How to create a YouTube channel for free
How to create a YouTube channel for free

After this, it will be easy for you to do all the work. This will help both in your work and in growing quickly. For this, first you have to understand the things and the logic behind it.

Now you will only sign up with your email. Now after this you will have to face a lot of difficulties and problems.

Now if you understand this article correctly. After this you will not have to face any problem. Now I will tell you from the beginning.

Before starting, you should know these things, after this you will not face any other problem.

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How to Create a YouTube Channel –

You will have to make just 4 to 5 clicks to create a YouTube channel. But after this you will search, how to increase views on YouTube, then how to increase subscribers.

If you understand all the things and logic with complete steps, then maybe you will avoid having trouble with your channel like other people.

For this you have to understand all the things correctly. Now after this you only have to share your video.

Now to create a YouTube channel, first of all you have to understand these things and know its importance. Only after this you can grow properly.

Create a YouTube channel –

  • Choose your interest niche.
  • Do research on your niche.
  • Keep a good channel name.
  • Choose channel related keyword.
  • Choose the category of the audience.
  • Understand the interest of the audience.
  • Plan the content.
  • Learn YouTube skills.
  • Build branding.
  • Understand YouTube policies.

Choose Your Interest Niche

Now it is very important that you first see your interest that what type of content you can make. It is not that you know good gaming.

Along with this, your interest is also in gaming content. But you should choose the field of tech for more earnings i.e. sponsor.

Now it is not that there is a lot of money in some niche and there is no money in some niche. It is not so, in today’s time good money is earned in all content and niches.

Now if you do not choose the niche of your channel as per your interest. Then you will have to face a lot of trouble in the future. For example, these are some points –

      • The right video will not be made.
      • You will not feel like making a video.
      • Your video will not have the right tone.
      • You will not be able to work on your channel properly.

Apart from this, you will have to face many such problems. Due to which you will stop working on your channel.

For this, whatever type of channel you want to make. Before that, make sure that you can do the right work on this topic.

There will be no problem or trouble in creating this type of content. Only after this, choose any niche.

These are some such points, which if you do not think about in a hurry. Then it will become the reason for YouTube not working for you in the future.

Now let me tell you about other points. If you want to increase your subscribers, then you can also read the post given below.

Research on Your Niche

Now my direct meaning of research on niche is that the niche you have chosen. How many people like to watch content on that niche.

This is the biggest factor. After this, you will also have to analyze your niche and who and how many competitors are like you.

If you complete both these points correctly. Then from here 20% of your problems will be solved. After this you will get such data.

Which will be useful in future. In which you will get help in SEO and optimizing your channel through that data.

Keep a Good Channel Name

Channel name is very easy, but there is a lot of logic behind it. Now I have seen many such people’s channel. In which the video is of some other niche, and the channel is of some other niche.

Like if you started a YouTube. In that you are uploading gaming content, then it comes in the gaming niche.

But the name of the channel remains, like Tech. Now in such a situation, neither will you be able to do SEO of your video, nor will the algorithm be able to understand your motive.

That’s why you have to name your channel with the keyword related to your niche, so that you can grow quickly because of it.

Choose Channel Related Keyword

Now there are many such channels, if you search Gaming, Free Fire and related keywords on YouTube. Then you will see both the channel and the video.

But the secret behind this is the related keyword, which was used. Through which you can rank any keyword of your category.

Now, in whichever category you create your channel, definitely do research on the keyword related to that category. There is a high possibility that your channel will also come in search quickly.

You can use the following tools to choose your channel related keywords –

These are some tools through which you can search keywords for your channel easily and absolutely free.

Choose the Category of Audience

Now the data you are seeing above is the data of my channel. Through this data, you can find out the category of audience.

As the viewers of my channel are from 18 years to 34 years. The reason for this is that I tell about blogging and making money on my channel.

Now there are two special benefits from this. First, you can create even better content by researching the age limit of your viewer accordingly.

Second, in future you will become such a creator, whose face value will be created. Now for this, you should know the category i.e. age of your viewer.

This data above has been taken from YouTube Studio. But you can research about it even before starting your channel.

Understand the Interest of the Audience

When you choose the category of your audience, after this you should find a good interest for your viewer, like now most of the people are between 18 to 30 age.

In the present time, they are mostly seen on online earning, AI, tech videos. Similarly, you should understand the interest of the audience. What kind of video does the audience you have chosen like to watch?

Now this is a big factor for you, because if you do not do this, then you make videos related to any topic, then some get good views, sometimes they do not come at all.

Plan the Content

Now if you want to grow your YouTube channel very quickly, then this is a pro tip for you. Choose good and more searched keywords for your channel.

Now if you adopt this, then you will not have any problem in making your video, and by doing this daily, you will also get a lot of benefits in the future. You must use this. Plan for your content.

Learn YouTube skills –

Now you will only think of creating your YouTube channel. If you want to grow, then it is not so, you need some special skill for this.

Now these are some skills that you will have to learn –

  • Video editing.
  • Making thumbnails.
  • Doing voice over.
  • Doing SEO.
  • Analyzing analytics.

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These are some skills that you learn. Then your YouTube journey will become very easy. You can use these apps for editing on mobile.

Build Branding

You should create a valuable logo and YouTube banner for your YouTube channel. This will create a branding for you.

Along with this, choose a theme color that you will use in your video and thumbnail as well. Now this creates an identity for you.

You can do one more thing, you can also create a theme to start your video. Just like Technical Guru says before starting his video. “Let’s start”

Understand YouTube’s Policies

Now it is very important for you to understand YouTube’s policies properly. For this, you can read different articles related to it, or you can also watch videos.

This will ensure that you will be able to run your channel properly. If you do not have knowledge about YouTube Policies, then you will not make any mistake on YouTube.

You will be able to follow the Community Guide Line of your channel properly. Because of this, you should also know about YouTube Policies.

Method to Create YouTube Channel –

Above we have understood all the things before starting a YouTube channel, now we just have to know how to create a YouTube Channel.

Now let’s start understanding this one by one, and know how to create a YouTube Channel with complete knowledge.

First Create a Gmail ID

To create a new YouTube channel, first of all you need a Gmail ID/account. Only through this you can create your channel on YouTube.

Log in to YouTube Channel – Now when you create your Gmail ID. After this you have to log in to YouTube through the same Gmail ID. Now when you are logged in, then do these steps.

Click on Menu

Now you are logged in to YouTube. After this you will see a menu on the right bottom. Now you have to click on “Your Channel” above it.

Write the Name of the Channel

Now you will get a pencil icon. Here you have to write the name of your channel. How and in what way you have to name your channel. I have told it above.

Choose the Handle of the Channel

Just like you wrote the name of the channel, in the same way you will get the option to choose your handle just below it. Now choose the handle of your channel name here. You can also call the handle as Username.

Put the Logo of the Channel

Now you will get the option to put the logo at the top. Click on it, now choose the logo for your channel from here. A right logo makes your channel even better.

Add Channel Art – You have to add the art of your YouTube channel. For this, you will find it above the Logo Section. Now you click on it. Now you can choose and add your Channel Art from your gallery.

Write Channel Description – At the last, you will get the option of Description. In this, write complete details about your channel and about yourself. Like Channel Motive, Channel Info. etc.

Conclusion – How to Create YouTube Channel

Friends, I hope you have understood everything about your question about create YouTube Channel told by me. If you have any more questions related to this topic, then you can ask us in the comment. There I will answer your question.

You will get to read more great articles related to YouTube on this blog. If your friends also want to know how to create a YouTube Channel.

You can also send this article to them, so that they can also be helped. Apart from this, if you want to know the answer to any other question, you can also ask.

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