How to Change Google Assistant Language?

With the help of Google Assistant technology, you can easily do many tasks. Such as to find out about the current weather, map, make calls, send text massage, do some search on Google, know the news, set an alarm, see horoscopes, and much more etc.


Today in this EduClicker’s article, we will talk and you will learn about what is the Google Assistant and How to Change Google Assistant Language? Have you ever used it? Do you know about Google Assistant? If not, don’t worry, after reading this article, you will get complete information about Google Assistant.

what is the Google Assistant and How to Change Google Assistant Language?

You folks would know how much technology has progressed every day. Now in this era of technology, we can do many such things sitting at home only, for which we had never thought before, such as knowing the weather sitting at home, what is happening in the world, and much more etc.

Earlier all this had to be done with the help of our fingers in mobile, but now you can do all this things with only one of your voice command.

This voice-based artificial intelligence technology was earlier available only in English/Hollywood movies but now we can use this artificial intelligence in our homes.

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are some examples of this technology, but do you know how? You can do all this such things with the help of Google Assistant.

What is the Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a voice assistant created by Google Company that works by listening to your voice. It is mostly available on mobile/smartphone and smart home devices.

With the help of Google Assistant technology, you can easily do many tasks. Such as to find out about the current weather, map, make calls, send text massage, do some search on Google, know the news, set an alarm, see horoscopes, and much more etc.

Now you must be thinking that this is an Application (App). But I want you to be a sure that the Google Assistant is not an app. This is a feature made by Google Company which is available on every Android phone.

It was launched in 2016 by Google C.E.O “Mr.Sundar Pichai“. Even before this, many such voice apps were made by Google, such as Google Voice and Google Now, but they could not become very famous in our country, because it was very difficult to use them.

That is why Google Assistant was made keeping in mind the Indian language and the English language is spoken here so that people here can also use it very easily and they do not face any problem or issues in using it.

The Google Assistant takes voice commands as well as text commands, so you guys can use it both ways. Which method you want to use voice commands or text commands, it is depends on your choice.

What can Google Assistant do?

Google Assistant listens to your voice command as well as text commands and does the work you have been told. As soon as you say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google“, Google Assistant gets activated in a way and implements the work you have specified.

The Google Assistant simplifies many of the tasks you mentioned such as –

  • Open different apps on the phone when you speak.
  • Can tell you the news from around the world as you speak.
  • Gives you information about the weather.
  • Controls the phone’s music system.
  • Can also read the Notification for you.
  • It can send text messages when you speak.
  • Can show you online videos etc.
  • You can find information about many things online, such as if you need directions, weather, weather or news, etc.
  • You can maintain your calendar with this.
  • It can control your device and smart home.

Also, there are other so many things Google Assistant can do for you, all with just one “Voice Command”.

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I mean to say that, whatever you do by typing in your mobile/smartphone, you can get all the work done by speaking to Google Assistant.

Which devices have Google Assistant?

Nowadays in the era of technology, there are many such devices available in which the facility of Google Assistant has been provided. Google Assistant technology was first launched in Google’s Pixel phone. But now it is available on all devices and smartphones.

This already happens in Android phones. In the coming time, it will be on all devices, then you guys will be able to use it on every single device and I am sure that will be very enjoyable.

How to change Google Assistant language?

  • First of all open Google Assistant by saying Ok Google or directly from Google Assistant App.
  • Hello again or ask any questions. After that Google will show us some information.
  • Then click on Account Profile in the top right corner.
  • After clicking, we will see some options, click on settings.
  • Under Picture Profile, click on this option Assistant.
  • After that click on this option Languages.
  • After clicking, we will get to see a list of languages used in India or different countries, and set your preferred language among them.

You can change the language of your Google Assistant, or add language to speak to the Assistant in two languages. Changing the language of your Google Assistant will affect all Google Nest and Google Home devices connected to your Google Account.

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Where can you use Google Assistant?

You can use Google Assistant to do the so many things. See the following:

  1. Use of Google Assistant in Mobile Phones

Google Assistant is most commonly and usually used in mobile phones. May be you thinking that it only works on Android phones. But here you are wrong, this is very happy to say that, it works on the iPhone too. I am sure you become happy to hear that.

  1. Using the Google Assistant in Google Maps

Google Assistant can also tell and guide you the directions and you will get this facility in Android devices as well as iOS devices.

With the help of your voice commands, you can share your ETA with your family or even your friends.

  1. Using the Google Assistant on Google Home Devices

If we will talk about Google Home Devices, so here I would like to say that, you can consider Google Home as a straight competitor to the Amazon Echo. This is a Chromecast Speaker that works like a voice control assistant.

  1. Using Google Assistant on Android TV

Nowadays there are many Android TVs in which Google Assistant can be custom-built. There are also many new types of set-top boxes which you can use Google Assistant.

Such as the Nvidia Shield TV (Nvidia Shield TV is an Android TV based on Digital Media Player) and now progressively there are many Android TVs and set-top boxes that have this feature.

If your TV has Google Assistant facility, then you can use it to turn on/off the TV through your voice command, as well as in things like channel change, TV volume, etc.

There are many TV companies in which this Google Assistant facility has been provided such as Philips, Sony, TCL, Skyworth, Toshiba, Xiaomi, etc.

  1. Using Google Assistant in Headphones and Earphones or buds

Nowadays, many such wireless headphones or earphones have come into the market in which the facility of Google Assistant is provided. For this, only you have to press a button on your headphones, after that you can get your work done through Google Assistant.

Nowadays many such companies are making such headphones in which Google Assistant supports such as Boat, Sony, etc.

  1. Using Google Assistant in Smart Home Devices and Appliances

As we mentioned that nowadays there are many such devices in which this feature of Google Assistant has been given, using which our life has become or can be made easier to a great extent.

The Google Assistant facility has been given in many such devices in our daily base use, by using which we can not only save our time as well as use them very easily.

The Google Assistant facility is also given in many smart devices which are in our house. Such as Smart Speaker, Smart Light Bulb, Smart Locks, Smart TVs, Fridge, etc.

As you have seen how much it works in everything from a light to a fridge, many companies are making such devices such as Whirlpool, LG, Philips Hue, Samsung, etc.

Google Assistant works on all these devices, such as if you want to turn the lights on or off, or if you want to increase or decrease the temperature of your fridge.

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How to use Google Assistant?

You shall need to use a voice command or text command, you can use both as per your choice, such as “Hey, Google” or “Ok, Google,” to start or use the Google Assistant.

As soon as you guys use a voice command or text command like “Ok Google” or “Hey, Google” in Google Assistant, it will start and then you can start using it.

After enabling Google Assistant, you can use it in your language or by using the English language. But you don’t have to use this command of voice for everything. It has to be used only once to make start Google Assistant.

After that whatever task/things you have to do, you will use that command. You can ask from Google Assistant to do many task/things at once. If you guys also want to do a phone call to your friends or someone from your mobile phone, then you can also do this through it.

Google Assistant can text messages for you as well as make phone calls to anyone. For example, if you want to call Aayan, you will use the following command.

  • Call to Aayan

Whenever you want to open Google Assistant, all you have to do is long-press the Home key button on your mobile.

So if you are tired of pressing your phone’s keypad or keyboard, then you guys can easily take the help of Google Assistant facilities and do your task/work very easily.


Through this article, you will understand well how you can change the language in Google Assistant. We hope you liked the information about what Google Assistant is and how to change its language.

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