Link Method of Memory – How to remember


The basis of training memory (Link Method of Memory) is an association. In order to remember any new thing, it must be associated with something you already know or remember.

In order to remember any new piece of information, it must be associated in some laughable or illogical way to something you already know or remember.

It is easier to recall or visualize a picture of a baseball bat flying through the air and hitting a lamp than it is to see the bat merely lying near the lamp. It is important to remember that you must actually try to see the laughable pictures in your mind for a split second.

Link Method of Memory - How to remember

There are four simple rules for ridiculous/ laughable association:

  • Out of proportion
  • Action
  • Exaggeration
  • Substitution
Practical use of link method
How to remember a speech

The best way to learn a speech is to lay it out thought-by-thought and associate it with the link method of memory.

First, write the entire speech. Read it and get the gist of it. Then list the keywords. Read the keywords which you think will bring the entire speech to your mind. (Link Method of Memory)

Pick a word that is easy to imagine. The list of keywords will help you to recall the entire speech. This is associated with the link method.

How to remember a speech or articles word-by-word

If you remember the main points, the rest will fall in place. To remember lyrics and scripts it is usually necessary to memorize them word-by-word. The link method and keywords will be of great help.

Memorize the main thoughts in a sequence. Use the link method and the keywords and keep your thoughts clear in your mind, and the words will take care of themselves. (Link Method of Memory)

How to remember the dialogue of a drama/play

Associate the last word of your co-actor’s line with the first word of your line.

How to remember what you read

While reading, make a conscious association of each thought. This can if used often enough speed up your reading considerably. There is no need to remember everything. Simply the points that you feel, are compulsory to remember. Try this and you may be surprised at the improvement of your reading speed.

How to remember jokes

The system of keywords comes in handy when used in combination with the link method, simply selecting the keyword from the punch line. This punch line will bring back the entire joke to your mind. (Link Method of Memory)

How to remember word-by-word.

There are times when we have to learn certain things, like a poem, word-by-word. Topics like this can also use the same keywords and sequence association method.

Students learn these things by mugging up. Mugging-up is not the correct way of learning. It has got many demerits.

Demerits of Mugging-up
  • Mugging-up is learning without understanding. Sometimes students learn blindly. They do not understand what they are learning. Therefore if they forget one word, then everything is forgotten.
  • Mugging-up is learning done mechanically. You are learning, but mostly you do not know what you are learning. The whole process is quite mechanical. The result is that the mind fails to register anything.

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