Techniques of Learning- How to learn

I want to define here the techniques of Learning in the four parts.

Oral Technique – How to learn

First, we will take up the ‘Oral technique’. When we learn something orally, we call it the oral technique. We read a lesson again and again till we remember that particular lesson or a part of it. But after some time, we notice that we start forgetting, or we become confused. Sometimes if we forget one word, we forget the entire answer. On the other hand, it is often seen that we are unable to write an answer, but when one word of the answer strikes us, the entire answer is there before us.

Revision Technique – How to learn

Many times I have seen students learning by reading the lesson once, twice, thrice, and then repeating the procedure. Repeating the lesson, again and again, is called ‘revision’. It may be done by reading or writing. Some children write and learn important answers. They learn better by writing. We call this method ‘revision technique’.

Association Technique – How to learn

The association system exists in our minds since childhood. In our childhood, our parents pointed towards birds and other animals and taught us counting. When we were young, we recognized monkeys, but we did not know how to count. So our parents associated a number with the monkey, and thus we could memorize counting.


Sometimes, during our childhood, we may have forgotten something our parents may have asked us to buy. So our parents taught us to make a knot in our handkerchief, and repeat mentally, “I will buy the stuff today.” Later, when we saw the knot in the handkerchief, we were reminded of the stuff we had to buy. This is also one kind of association for improving memory.

You must be familiar with Chanakya and the knot which he tied in his hair while taking a vow to destroy the ‘Nand Kul’. So whenever Chanakya looked at his hair, it reminded him of destroying King Nand and his family. This is also a kind of association for improving one’s memory.

Photographic Memory – How to learn

Photographic memory means the use of eidetic imagination and a high level of visualization. Eidetic imagination is the technique and ability to visualize something illogical, ridiculous, and out of proportion. Eidetic imagination is nothing but a method of thinking imaginatively. There is no logical association, but only a ridiculous and illogical association. (Techniques of Learning).


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