Top 10 HR Interview Questions and Answers – How to write a CV template

Top 10 HR Interview Questions and Answers – How to write a CV template

HR Interview Questions and Answers: To interrupt any interview process, an HR round must be completed. Although it is not difficult, it is a bit complicated and does check your presence of mind. When this stage arrives, the first question that comes to mind for all job applicants is what kinds of questions can be asked in the HR interview and how to answer them. Let’s take a look at some of the common questions asked during HR rounds – HR Interview Questions and Answers.

1. Tell me about yourself

This is the most common question in any HR round and, at the same time, the most difficult. When answering these questions, you should follow some guidelines.

Define them and describe which situation is the most suitable for you. Try to match your experience and qualifications with the position the recruiter is in. Emphasize skills that are relevant to the job offer.

2. What are your achievements/strengths?

Describe your accomplishments in such a way that they seem work-related and don’t rehearse. Describe your problem-solving skills, leadership, and presentation, ability to work hard, etc.

3. Do you have blind spots?

This question is designed to screen candidates, so you should be very clear when answering such questions. Tell your weaknesses your strengths and don’t let employers eliminate you. (Top 10 HR Interview Questions and Answers)

4. Why should I keep it?

In these types of questions, you have the opportunity to read the interviewer’s mind and answer accordingly. One should try to understand the mind and the most important needs of the interviewer and shape the answer accordingly, giving him an advantage over others.

5. Why did you leave your current job?

This is again a poignant question, but HR recruiters want a direct answer to this question. Describe your liking for the job currently assigned to you. But don’t overdo it because you are about to leave that situation.

6. Where do you want to see yourself after 6 years?

Rather than answering these types of questions, be non-specific in giving them specific answers and make sure that the interviewers want to make a long-term commitment to the organizations and that this is the exact position they are looking for.

7. Are you a team player?

Do you answer this question with examples and try to make employers understand your examples? Be positive when answering questions. (HR Interview Questions and Answers)

8. How will you be an asset to our organization?

This is the question where you can win an HR recruiter’s heart. The answers to these types of questions should be simple. Describe your strengths and how they can benefit your organization.

9. What salary do you expect?

Do your research before the interview to find out the average salary for someone in that type of role. To get the best shot at the salary you want to receive, aim higher than average and then negotiate.

10. Do you have any questions for me?

He always prepared these kinds of questions. Never say never because it will create a negative effect on you in the interviewer. Ask questions like this, like when can I join.

Asking these types of questions assures the recruiter that you are confident enough to speak in front of people and that your chances of being selected increase on many levels.

How to write a CV template – 5 Most Important mandates

CV – Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae is the door to success. It is one of the documents that play an important role in the job search.

The job market place is very competitive, modest and employers are often overwhelmed by the number of applications received. So what is it that, we can create which would attract the interviewer or employer without inspecting the daily emails? It’s the curriculum vitae.

Here are some tips to help you improve your CV and earn extra points, as well as stay fit for work. (Top 10 HR Interview Questions and Answers)


  • Confuse your reader – this is the last thing you want to do when you need an immediate job. Keep your CV long enough to maintain continuity for the employer. Some people may have changed jobs, it is important to keep the same dates as the previous CV to avoid giving unclear information.
  • Design: The design should always be elegant and to some extent discretionary. If you decorate your CV more than necessary, you can make a mistake. The layout of your CV should only be suitable for the opening.

Have a different CV

Yes, you heard exactly right. If you are applying for 10 different jobs, make sure you have multiple resumes. The reason behind this is that each CV should indicate what relevant work you have done for a particular position. If you have just created a CV and plan to apply for multiple jobs with that CV, you cannot be shortlisted because you have not made your CV relevant to the job description. Therefore, when looking for a job, it is very important that your CV is relevant to the job description.

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CV Writing Style

  • When working on your CV, pay full attention to the language you are using.
  • It would be good to avoid action verbs. Instead, you can use action bullet points.
  • Do not use pronouns, verbal adjectives, and adjectives to take the bullet.
  • Do not include information about hobbies and interests.
  • Yes, unless you are relatively new to the market, unless you are a beginner, no one writes about hobbies and interests.
  • This not only indicates that you are very simple but also shows little understanding of what is expected of you as a professional.

Work History

  • Unless necessary, it is important to maintain a very transparent employment history.
  • Leaving no gaps in your work history is the biggest mistake you can make while doing a job. (Top 10 HR Interview Questions and Answers)

If there is a career gap, it is fine to include it in the job summary, but if the jobs that were started are not consistent with the relevance of the job, it is not necessary to remove them from the work history. Not only does it look ugly except in the spaces, but it also questions the integrity.

These are the Top 10 HR Interview Questions and Answers, and five simple commands to write a CV template. Working for the best CV job is important. To find an online Job CLICK HERE


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