Why do we Forget? – Human Memory Power


Everybody asks themselves why do we forget when we want to remember something. There are generally four reasons for forgetting something.

  • Motive
  • Revival
  • Interference
  • Suppression

Why do we Forget

Motive – Human Memory Power

Motive plays an important role in memory retention. The motive for remembering certain things is interesting. This is the most important factor if we want to remember something. If a matter comes to our notice which is of interest to us, only then will we remember it without any difficulty. Otherwise, we tend to forget it.

Revival – Human Memory Power

The constant revival of past events helps in increasing our memory. So one needs to go back to those events regularly to keep the memory fresh. The human memory keeps grasping fresh ideas and experiences. Revival helps in keeping past memories fresh. If a person does not go back over the events again and again, then the impression on his memory fades out, leaving everything blank.

Interference – Human Memory Power

Sometimes when we go about doing our daily tasks, something or the other distracts us. For example, when we enter a room to do something important and suddenly someone calls us, we get completely engrossed in the new person. When we finish our conversation with that person, we cannot remember our initial task. This is interference, and our memory cannot recall our earlier thoughts.

Suppression – Human Memory Power

Our memory has a sort of lever which helps us forget things that we want to. Sometimes, when people go through many problems in life, their memory gets scarred. Such people voluntarily suppress all thoughts of the events, and gradually blank it out of their memory.


Foundation of Memory

The inner nature of the mind and body is a result of the purity of food. The memory becomes firm when the mind and body are pure.

The scientists found that the mind needs vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, etc. but these should be taken under the doctor’s direction.

The Body needs energy which we get from food. Cells are built up in the body, and so depend upon the food that we eat.

There are numerous physical exercises and postures which help mental development. These help to remove the impurities that block the body and mind.

When our body is healthy and our senses and mind are aware and attentive, then the cells of the body are also very active. So whatever we want to remember can be memorized easily.

It is necessary to do physical exercises and yoga. Breathing exercises need to be done daily, as breathing has an effect on the mind. When we do the breathing exercises continuously, it provides maximum oxygen to our body. This removes carbon dioxide and other impurities from the body. Due to these breathing exercises, our minds can concentrate more. The concentration is the foundation of memory.


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