Multiple Monitors Setup – Pros and Cons

Multiple monitors setup is not a requirement, but an advantage. It can increase your productivity and give you an edge over your competitors. Before you set out to install more than one monitor desk, make sure you really need it.

In this post you will learn about the Pros and Cons of setting up Multiple Monitors. (Multiple Monitors Setup) A single monitor is more than enough for an average PC user who focuses on hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to songs and playing games on social media sites. Such users can easily choose a monitor for their needs from Dell and other monitor making companies. (If you want to read this article in Hindi Click Here)

Multiple Monitors Setup

But when it comes to a professional computer user whose entire work depends on the computer and each new hardware or technology can increase their productivity, multiple monitors setup become necessary. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of setting up multiple monitors.

Why do you need multiple monitors for your work?

Just as efficient and fast processors can increase your productivity, multiple monitors can also help you get your work done quickly. Modern operating systems such as Windows 7, Ubuntu 12, and Mac OS X come with support for multiple monitors due to the increasing trend and the need for multiple monitors on a workstation. So let us now know about the Pros of Multiple Monitors in the post of Pros and Cons to setup Multiple Monitors.

Following are the Pros and Cons of setting up Multiple Monitors:-

  1. Pros of Multiple Monitors

  • Reply to Email and Skype Conversations without Minimizing Windows:

Having two monitors available is very useful if you have a lot to do online with customers, clients, team members, coworkers, employees or employers.

You can use one monitor to work with Gmail or Skype and the other to access the applications or programs you need.

This feature can help freelancers to work on one monitor while the other monitor can be used to check emails and instant messages from clients. Whenever the user receives a new email or message, they do not have to disturb the current work environment by minimizing Windows.

They can easily glance at the other monitor and then they will engage in the conversation with the client. This will help the freelancer get back to the work environment quickly without forgetting what tasks they were working on.

  • Quickly & Fast Browse Search Engines Without Losing Concentration:

Almost every user working on a computer needs to browse search engines for some reason or the other. Search engines have become a necessity.

They help us find answers to our questions and reach the most suitable website according to our search terms. From freelance software developers working at home to software developers working in a software house, they all need a search engine to get things done quickly.

Search engines are used several times a day. Using another monitor to access search engines can be very productive. Just quickly switch to the second monitor, find what you’re looking for and get back to work on the first monitor.

  • Increases in productivity for users working with multiple applications:

Users who have to deal with multiple applications at the same time can make good use of multiple monitors. With multiple applications running at a time, users can run each application on a separate monitor.

That way they can take the hassle out of maximizing and minimizing applications. An example of such a setup is that of a software developer.

A software developer works on an integrated development environment, so multiple monitors help them to open input files or log files on another monitor so that they can modify the inputs quickly for software testing purpose.

  • Easily Track Highly Dynamic Websites (Twitter Search) and Dynamic Files (Log Files):

For a news blogger, highly dynamic websites such as Twitter Search and some news websites provide an opportunity to break news in the blogosphere.

Using multiple monitors setup allows bloggers to view the latest news directly on their monitors. Some highly dynamic files in the server, such as log files, the server must be continuously monitored to check for modifications to websites and server files.

Multiple monitors help system administrators to examine multiple log files at a time.

  1. Cons of Multiple Monitors

  • Requires a lot of desk space:

While there are many advantages to having multiple monitors setup, there are also disadvantages, and these disadvantages cannot be ignored. One of the disadvantages of having multiple monitor setups is that we need a lot of space for them. Not every desk is built for multiple monitors. It can be a tight fit for setting up a monitor and other office items on a typical office desk. This multiple monitor setup is quite space hungry and requires a larger size than a normal sized desk.

  • Compatibility issues can be:

Despite the built-in support for multiple monitors in the latest operating systems, compatibility issues can arise if the monitors are not identical.

You must have similar monitor models to get a smooth experience. If you have a monitor with a wide-screen display and another monitor with a regular display, you may have to sacrifice a significant portion of the wide-screen display to make the display compatible.

  • Distraction from work:

In the pros section, two points explained the advantages of opening Gmail or Skype in one monitor and opening dynamic websites in the other monitor.

While they make us efficient at responding to messages and finding out recent news, both of these can also be a great source of distraction. While we’re working on the first monitor, it’s easy to get distracted by the upcoming updates on the second monitor. This can dramatically reduce our productivity.

  • Expensive to setup:

Installing multiple monitors has its advantages but it is quite expensive to set up as compared to a normal single monitor.

Pros And Cons to avoid the problem of setting up any compatible multiple monitors you have, go with the same model you bought earlier. In addition, setting up multiple monitors requires a large desk. A large desk will cost you more money than a smaller desk. So in many ways, multiple monitor setup is quite expensive.

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In the article we discussed the pros and cons of multiple monitors. It may be noted that a simple single monitor setup is sufficient for a regular worker and also for most computer professionals.

Multiple monitors setup is not a requirement, but an advantage. It can increase your productivity and give you an edge over your competitors. Before you set out to install more than one monitor desk, make sure you really need it. So this was the post of Pros and Cons of setting up Multiple Monitors, we hope you got important information from this post.

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