What is MS Word – MS Word Features and Uses

MS Word is the god of its field. You can easily do your work in your MS Word. For example, you can do things like Open, Create, Edit, Delete, Formatting, Share and Print documents.


If you have a laptop or computer. Then you will know what MS Word is. But you new users who do not know What is MS Word – MS Word Features and Uses.

MS Word is mostly used to write any article in computer. This is such a software, in which you can do your work easily.

What is MS Word - MS Word Features and Uses
What is MS Word – MS Word Features and Uses

Everyone understands whether you are a new user or an old one. Today you will get to know through this article. What is MS Word and its features and uses.

Now to understand it you just have to read it carefully and till the end. After this you will get proper knowledge about what is MS Word.

What is MS Word?

First of all, let me tell you the meaning of MS. MS means Microsoft. Many people also know MS Word as Word.

MS Word was brought among the people by Microsoft on 25 October 1983. MS Word was developed by two people, Charles Simonyi and and Richard Brody.

When it was introduced in the year 1983. It was then released as a multi-tool word for the Xenix system. Later it was updated.

Now ported to Windows in 1989. Along with this, its interface was also improved. MS Word is the first software in which printout of text was printed on its own paper.

You can easily do your work in your MS Word. For example, you can do things like Open, Create, Edit, Delete, Formatting, Share and Print documents.

MS Word is the god of its field. Till now there is no such company. Who can leave MS Word behind with its product.

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How many types of MS Word are there –

Let us now talk about how many types of MS Word are there. First of all, let me tell you that the versions of MS Word are called its types.

In the following points you will find the versions of MS Word from its beginning till now. Like – Version Word 2000, Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2019, Word 2021 etc.

Versions of Microsoft Word released

      • MS Word 1.0 —————- October 1989
      • MS Word 1.1 —————–March 1990
      • MS Word 2.0 —————–1991
      • MS Word 6.0 —————–1993
      • MS Word 95 ——————October 1995
      • MS Word 97 ——————November 1997
      • MS Word 98 ——————March 1998
      • MS Word 2000 —————March 1999
      • MS Word 2002 —————December 2001
      • MS Word 2003 —————August 2003
      • MS Word 2007 —————November 2006
      • MS Word 2010 —————June 2010
      • MS Word 2013 —————January 2013
      • MS Word 2016 ————-September 2015
      • MS Word 2019 ————-September 2018
      • MS Word 2021 ————-October 2021

There are a total of 16 versions of Microsoft Word. But these are all for Windows. Now let me tell you about its use.

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What are the uses of MS Word?

Now above I have told you about all the versions of MS Word and their years. Now let us know what are the uses of MS Word. Now let us understand and know one by one.

You can easily complete many of your difficult tasks in just a short time using MS Word. Following are some of the special tasks that you can do using MS Word.

Use in creating text file –

According to the work, we have to correct, create or edit any document or files on computer or laptop. In such a situation we can use MS Word. This is easy and correct also.

Use in making resume –

Nowadays, for any job or interview, you have to make your resume. In such a situation, you can create the right type of resume in less time by using MS Word.

There are many pre-existing templates for making resumes. Through which you can create your resume in just a few minutes.

Use in writing articles –

If you are a blogger. Then there are some companies in which you have to write reviews or articles of the company. Still you can use MS Word in it.

There are many such bloggers and writers. People who recommend using MS Word to do their work and write a good article.

Use in writing eBook –

In the last few years the eBook market has grown to US$528.9 million. This figure is for 2024, and this is only the figure for India.

In such a situation, you have some skill, knowledge, and some topic. Then you can create your eBook and earn money through it. So now you can use MS Word to create your eBook.

You get many more good features in MS Word. Such as – Text, Graph, Images, Links and other such work can be done easily and eBook can be written.

Use in making form –

With the help of MS Word, you can create a registration form yourself for works like your Institute, Coaching, School and other Organizations.

The way you can create eBook with the help of your MS Word. In the same way, you can create and design the form as per your choice.

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What are the features of MS Word –

In the above paragraph, I have completely explained what is MS Word and its usage. Now I will tell you what are the features of MS Word.

You should know the use of MS Word along with its features. Then you can understand MS Word better.

Document can be created –

As I told you about it. MS Word was created primarily for designing and creating files and text.

You can create your documents easily. That’s because it offers a lot of features. With which you can create your document.

Can protect the document –

If you are using the latest version of MS Word. Then you will get to see these features. With the help of which you can protect your files and documents.

You can put password in your document through MS Word. So that your documents are completely safe.

You can print out the document –

In MS Word, you can create, design and edit your document as well as print it out on paper. You get the correct format for printout here.

Through this you can print out your documents and files correctly and efficiently. In this you will get this work done without any problem.

Document can be professionally designed –

There are many extra features in MS Word. Along with this, MS Word is a very advance word processing software. With which you can do professional design as per your choice.

With the help of all these methods and these features, you can give a good design to your documents and files.

Fonts can be changed.

  • Pictures can be placed as per your choice.
  • You can make your document better through Clips Arts.
  • By using tables you can tell people the summary of your document.

You can save the document as editable –

If you work in office or any such work. In which you will have to do research on any topic or collect data.

In such a situation, you can save and share your document editable through MS Word. You can do further work without any effort again.

Features of Auto Correct are –

Are you a blogger or a content writer? Then you will properly know the benefits of Auto Correct and its uses.

Auto Correct is one such feature. Because of which you are saving your time. When you write a Word wrong. Then it marks you as Red Line and then also gives you suggestions to correct it.

Hyper link can be placed –

If you do not know about Hyper Link. Then let me first tell you about Hyper Link. With the help of your Hyper Link, you can place any type of link in your document.

Now by clicking this link it will open in the browser. This is called Hyper Link. These features are hardly available in any software.

You can merge mail –

You are a student. He is a working man. There are such sellers who have to deal with mails to their customers.

Then this feature is for you. You can merge your mails in it properly. This feature is not seen anywhere else but you can do it easily in this.

Is user friendly –

The biggest reason for the success of any software is its user-friendliness. You can use MS Word easily.

The whole reason why MS Word is loved by so many people is because of its user-friendliness. The simpler the software, the more people use it.

Having equation and symbol –

In MS Word you get the option to apply both Equation and Symbol. In such a situation, if you are a teacher, or you have to use symbols in your files.

Then you should use MS Word. Here you can put Equations and Symbols in your documents as per your requirement.

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Conclusion – What is MS Word?

Now our article ends here. Now you must have known about what is MS Word and questions related to it like MS Word features and usage.

I hope that now you will know again what is MS Word. There will be no need to search and know. Now you must have understood all these things correctly.

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