How to Make the Best Blog Comments That Benefits You

If you really want to write a better commentary, then you should keep my advice in mind. And believe the truth, if you follow my advice, you can definitely become a good commentator.


How to Make the Best Blog Comments That Benefits You

Everyone knows how to comment on a blog. But did you know that incorrect comments can hurt your blog? All of you who blog or read blogs regularly have probably gotten tired of comments at some point.

If you are a blogger, you must have wanted to see good comments on your blog that you don’t see often. And the comments we see are very small and do not contain anything important.

On the other hand, if you are reading a blog, then in many places you will have the opportunity to write comments. This can be a little annoying/maddening at times. But here we have to think that if a blogger takes his time and publishes a good post, then it is the duty of the readers to appreciate his hard work. Because by doing so, he will get even better in the near future write articles.

Now the question arises as to how best to write comments. Because just the writing of the comments doesn’t really matter, it’s just as important to write them correctly.

So today I thought, why not give you some information on how best to write blog comments so that you can understand this topic a little. Then what a delay, let’s get started and find out about the way of writing a comment.

Comments that annoy us

If I speak from the point of view of a blogger, then I reply to about 20 to 30 comments daily. And often I come across very annoying comments. For example, it would be something like below:

  • Good information
  • Very good information
  • Excellent information
  • Nice post, helpful post

And I see a lot of such comments. These comments cannot be negative, but they do not add value to the post. So even if there are thousands of such comments in a post, it doesn’t matter, they just take up space.

The commenting feature should be used to add some value to the post, not to diminish its importance. If someone writes comments using 3-4 words, then he is not only wasting his time but at the same time wasting this blogger’s time.

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You can write 100 comments, but if you do it wrong, you can never build a good relationship with this blogger. However, you can never create your own brand image.

How to make the best comments

If you really want to write a better commentary, then you should keep my advice in mind. And believe the truth, if you follow my advice, you can definitely become a good commentator.

  1. Uncover your originality

When you write comments, use your real name and face to increase the credibility of your comments. And this blogger would appreciate your comment.

To do this, you can register on Gravatar. In which you can enter your name and photo.

  1. Read the message carefully

Before commenting on any post, please read it carefully. By doing this, you can find out all the useful and new information about this post, as well as ask your doubts.

  1. No need to write comments on all posts.

Although you should read almost a lot of blog posts a day. The point is that there is no hard and fast rule that you need to write comments on all blog posts. Yes, if you really like any post.

And if you feel you can make a good comment on it, then do comment.

  1. Keep your point of view

When making any comment, you must state your opinion or point of view. Your comment should be such that your point of view is well understood. Also, you just have to take care of it.

  1. Disagreement

If after reading carefully, you feel that you disagree with any point, can automatically indicate your point of view in the comment and agree or disagree with any point of this blogger.

After all, in the end, no one can completely agree with everything that concerns a person. There are differences in everything. But show some decency to show this moment.

  1. Use your humor

If you use your humor or humorous style in your comments, then believe in the truth, it is very attractive and easily catches everyone’s eyes.

So be sure to use this thing. But without hurting anyone’s feelings.

  1. Ask a question

If while reading a blog post, you have any doubts about any point, then you can freely ask your question in the commentary. There is nothing wrong with that. Rather, there are opportunities to dispel other people’s doubts.

  1. Formatting comments

Every time you write a comment, pay more attention to the format of your comment. For example, if all comments in a post are large, you can use small comments there, and if all comments in a post are small, you can use large comments there.

So that your comment is always different from others.

  1. Providing useful links

If after reading the post you feel like you should provide some useful link in it, then you can definitely add it to it. But on the condition that this link should be useful and relevant to the publication.

  1. Having a well-structured commentary

The structure of your comment should also be good. If your comment is too long, you should divide it into small paragraphs. And if there are many small comments, they should be structured like a list.

Commenting on any post is just a comment and shouldn’t be done by talking. But if you feel like you can add something else in your own way in that post, then only you should comment on the post. Comment should be sincere, without any selfishness.

And yes, along with the comment, there is also the option to share almost all the posts. So if you like the post, then instead of just writing a pretty post or a nice post in it. You can also share that post so that you can indirectly influence your moods.


Sincerely hope that I have given you complete information on how to write the best comments on blogs, and I hope that you people have figured out the best way to comment on blogs.

I ask all of you readers, to share this technical and educational information with your neighbors, relatives, and friends so that we have awareness and it will be of great benefit to all. we need your support so that we can pass on more new technical and educational information to you.

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We have always strived to help my readers or readers from all sides. If you have anything in your mind, feel free to comment on us.

I will definitely try to dispel these doubts. As you liked this article, to write the best blog comments, tell us by writing a comment so that we too have the opportunity to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.


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