How to Find the Best Keywords for Blog Articles

In this post, I am telling you all about keyword research. By doing keyword research, you get many types of blog topics. If you enter a keyword into the research tool, hundreds of keywords appear in front of you. You can write a different post on them.

How to Find the Best Keywords for Blog Articles

If you want to know how to find the best keywords for blog articles/keyword research then you have come to the right place. Here we will learn how to do keyword research because keyword research is an important topic for SEO blogging.

What is Keyword Research? – How to Do Keyword Research?

When we search for a topic in our browser, Google shows many articles related to that topic in front of us. But do you know how Google offers you all of these articles because you were doing a search with just one line in your browser?

This is a keyword game. The words you were looking for by typing in the browser. The string of these words or keywords is present in the URL, title, tag, description of all these articles as well as in the article itself. Only then Google puts their articles in front of it keep them. Because he knew you were looking for him.

Whatever word or words we search for when typing in our browser. These same words are called keywords. For example, if you need an article describing a cooking method. Then you would type in your browser “how to cook”. How to cook this food. This is the line called the keyword.

For example, in this post, I am telling you all about keyword research. So I kept the main keyword of this post. Now I have added this line from URL, title, tag, and description to the entire post.

But where did I get this keyword, the question is, what do you understand about the keyword, but how do we find these keywords. This is the question of today.

How to Do Keyword Research

When we write a post, we make the title of that post include our primary keyword. And if a user reads that title, they can understand what you said throughout your post.

Since we also have to take care of Google as well as our users. We will give the main keyword in the title. So that when searching on this topic, Google will immediately recognize this keyword in your title and leave this post ahead.

And by reading this title, the user should also understand what topic you have covered in the post. And we call the title of this method user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Even we took information about keywords, but these keywords also come in two types. One Long Tail Keyword and the second Short Tail Keyword. So now let’s take some information about these two.

What are Long and Short Tail Keywords?

The keyword is the same. But adding a few more words in front of it or behind it turns into long-tail keywords. Like your keyword is keyword research, so we’ve added a few more words to it and made it longer. For example, “blog ke liye keyword research kaise kare”.

A new blogger should only work with long-tail keywords. Because big blogs rank in search engines for short-tail keywords, so it will be difficult for you to rank for those keywords.

Popular Keyword Research Tool

We understood the aforementioned keywords well. Now we will talk about the keyword research tool below, in which two tools are provided by Google and it is completely free. Besides that, we will also talk about some paid tools.

Google Is the Best Choice for Keyword Research

For example, if you are going to write a post that tells you how to do keyword research, then you choose Google as the keyword research vehicle for that post. You enter keyword research into Google, then you start typing that keyword. Like, Google, by the way, Google will show you more keywords similar to this in the sentence below.

When we enter a keyword in Google, Google shows us many other keywords similar to it in the form of a sentence. This means people are looking for those keywords, and then you can add that suggested keyword to your list, which you can publish.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

It’s Google’s own tool built by Google to serve ads on Google, but you can also do keyword research with it for your post.

In this tool, you can see the monthly searches for your keyword. i.e. how many times people search for that keyword of yours per month. In addition, in this tool, you can also check the competition for your keyword. That is, how many people are working with this keyword, whether the competition for this keyword is high.

Since in the beginning, we should only work with a keyword with minimal competition. That is, not many articles have already been written on this topic. Then you can quickly achieve success working with this keyword.

How to Do Keyword Research with Google’s Keyword Planning Tool

To do keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planning Tool, first, click on this link.

Then you can also do a search by typing the Google Keyword Planner tool in your browser. Now on this page, you need to click to go to the Keyword Planner.

As soon as you click the Go to Keyword Planner button, you will be taken to a different page.

Now you need to click on “open new keyboards” and then enter a keyword in the search box and click on the search results below.

Clicking on the gateway results will show many other keywords associated with that keyword and show all their information. i.e. how much search volume you have for that keyword, how high the competition is, etc.

Now you need to select keywords from this list that have the least competition and maximum search volume. Write articles on them and mention these keywords from title, tag, description to the article.

Google Related Keywords Search

When you search or Find the Best Keywords for Blog Articles on Google and go down. You get a list of many other long-tail keywords associated with the same keywords.

Answerthepublic is a platform made by Google and Bing. You can use it to get the best long-tail keywords.

You will find many questions on this platform. You can use these questions as keywords. From here you can see which question is asked most often. If you write an article about it, then it is more likely to be launched.

Whatever keywords you search for on this platform, from here you will get a host of other top long-tail keywords related to it.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest is a very good and popular keyword research tool. Although it is paid. you can also use its services for free.

If your blog is generating a lot of income, you can also buy Ubersgest. Because it has many features that you can use for your blog.


SEMrush is also a very popular keyword research tool. it is also a paid tool. But you can use some of its services for free and work on your site accordingly.

To use SEMrush, you first need to create an account here. Then you will be logged in with your email address and then you can use some of its features for free.


Ahrefs is also a popular keyword research tool similar to SEMrush. With this tool, you can see your site’s activities one by one. As well as check backlinks and your competitor’s site performance.

What are the Benefits of Keyword Research?

If you do thorough keyword research and write an article about it, your keyword will rank in the search engine and your blog will gradually become popular.

Because without thorough keyword research, no matter how well you write an article. But Google cannot understand this article properly. It can appear in the search engine, but it will be difficult to rank first.

Correct keyword research gives you the opportunity to get targeted traffic to your site. And that traffic is organic that comes through Google searches. Which increases your site’s credibility in the eyes of Google.

By doing keyword research, you get many types of blog topics. if you enter a keyword into the research tool, hundreds of keywords appear in front of you. You can write a different post on them.

Important Tips for Keyword Research

If your blog is new and the authority is lower. You have to Find the Best Keywords for Blog Articles. You should only use long-tail keywords because short-tail keywords are already ranking in the search engine. So it will be very difficult for you to rank your post.

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Long-tail keywords take a while to rank, but when they start ranking, all the small and large keywords in your article are ranking.

Always choose keywords with low competition for which search volume is maximized. Do not launch after CPC when your blog starts doing well. Then you can choose a keyword with a high CPC because you also need to earn more.

Some Important Tips by EduClicker

Spend more time learning. Make YouTube and Google a learning environment and keep learning. The more you learn, the more information you collect, and the Sooner you will be successful.

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Study yourself and teach others as well. Because your knowledge also increases giving knowledge whatever knowledge you have. You should share it with others and try to learn from others. Whether the person in front is less or more, it does not matter.

Blogging is not a two or four-day job. Here we have to work hard for a few months, then we will succeed. But if you succeed here one day, you will make a lot of money as well as a name.

Our Last Word

So, here you learned how to do keyword research. And also talked about some keyword research tools. I hope this post is very important to you.

If you still have any questions related to this post “How to Find the Best Keywords for Blog Articles” and “Keyword Research tools”, or if you have any suggestions on this, be sure to check out the comment box below.


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