What is Project Resource Management?



Provision Resources

Project Resource Management – Contractor will supply adequate staffs, engineers, skilled workers, labors, construction equipment, onsite transportation, consumables and offices for the project to complete the requirements of the contracts within the project time constraints.

Project Resource Management
Project Resource Management

The overall organization for the project shall be in accordance with the organization charts included as an attachment to the Project Quality Plan. Contractor will ensure that all resources required for the successful execution of the project are provided within the stipulated time frame.

These resources include manpower, equipment, temporary site facilities for Contractor, to ensure proper performance for all quality personnel. Quality Organizational Structure and qualifications of each quality personnel will be defined and submitted separately for approval to fulfill Consultant requirements.


Contractor shall maintain the Minimum requirements of all quality personnel to achieve the required ratio of Quality Personnel for the project execution activities.

The Site QA/QC Manager will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the Project Quality System, and for ensuring that all employees conform to its requirements. He is also responsible to identify Quality problems, initiate solutions and eliminate recurrence in collaboration with the Project Manager.

The need for effective communication within the organization and the importance of meeting the Employer statutory and regulatory requirements are stressed throughout the quality documentation.

The construction team managers are responsible for ensuring that the activities which they control, functions effectively in accordance with the quality documents and the associated Procedures.

Human Resources


Project Resource Management – Contractor will assign Key Personnel and employees to the project in accordance with the requirements. All personnel that will be assigned in the project shall meet the minimum qualification and experience levels as required and specified in General Information of Contract Document.

The Site QA/QC Manager will be responsible to review the contract to determine the Employer requirement for competency level of the personnel assigned to the project and to ensure that assignment of personnel including subcontractors meet the requirements. CV’s of all quality personnel, including subcontractors’ quality personnel, shall be submitted to the Employer/PMT for review and approval at least 2 weeks prior to start of work. All procedures and personnel qualifications for special processes shall be submitted thirty (30) days prior to start of work.

Competence, Training and Awareness

Project Resource Management – Contractor will provide training for their Project team for the work quality basis in accordance to the Quality Training Procedure. This is to improve the culture and awareness of the team about the project scope of work and the activities.

The Project Manager shall ensure that project personnel undertaking work that may influence the quality of the work, have appropriate qualifications, training and experience. The Project Manager shall assess the training needs for the Project Team under their direct control and, if required, provide or arrange training to meet specific project requirements.

Personnel suitability shall be assessed on the basis of qualifications and/or experience as required by individual position descriptions and job specifications.

The Site QA/QC Manager shall also prepare a Training Plan on the basis of Annual Gap Analysis, result of Project Management Review Meeting, periodic assessment and other similar methods.

All new employees will be given an orientation training regarding Company Quality & Safety Policies, Quality Assurance System, everyone’s’ role in the appropriate system and their jobs. Process description and appropriate instructions relevant to them will be issued to them. Additionally, new employees will be assigned to an existing employee for “on the job training” to an extent deemed necessary by the department head.

All training records shall be maintained by the administration department, indicating the training’s provided for all employees. It is the responsibility of the department heads to evaluate the effectiveness of the training’s provided and future training needs to the employee. Records (including resumes, qualification reports, inductions, etc) substantiating qualifications of new employees or additional qualifications/experience of existing employees, shall be maintained.

Infrastructure & Equipment’s Integrity

Equipment and Plant

The resources required in terms of heavy equipment and other necessary equipment’s will be identified and provided at site. Mainly, the equipment’s that will be used are owned by Contractor. However, if necessary, lease of other equipment’s will be made to satisfy the project’s requirement.


Contractor Project Management Team will ensure that all required equipment’s and plants will be made available and transferred to the site as planned. Equipment’s will be transferred along with its competent operators with certificates as required by the PMT. Competent maintenance crew will also be deployed to the site to ensure reliability and perfect condition of the equipment’s. Maintenance of the equipment’s will be ensured through the Preventive Maintenance Program of the workshop.

Infrastructure Needs

Contractor shall provide a work environment suitable to achieve its business objective and satisfy project requirements. Workplace and associated facilities, equipment, hardware, software and support administrative services shall be provided as required for the project. Accessibility to computers, appropriate software and other tools shall be issued to authorized personnel.

Support Services

Services will be subcontracted as per the requirement of the project (i.e. Contracts, Project Specifications, Drawings, etc.) from reputed subcontractors. Subcontractors’ submittals will be prepared and get approved from the Employer/PMT before awarding of any works. An approved subcontractor list will be maintained and used as the basic source of information.

The process of assessment of subcontractor, and their inclusion or deletion in the approved subcontractors’ list will be carried out as per the “Procurement Procedure” in accordance with this Project Quality Plan. Materials and Services will be purchased only from the suppliers/subcontractors who are able to demonstrate capability to meet requirements of the projects.

Prior to the commencement of any subcontracting work at site, the Subcontractor shall submit a complete Quality Documents for the subcontractor’s scope of work.  The Quality Documents shall include, but not limited to: Quality Plan, Method Statements & ITP’s, Proposed Project Organizational Chart, Project Schedule Baseline, Manpower & Equipment Plan, etc. The Construction Manager, Senior Engineer and the Site Quality Team shall review the Subcontractor’s Quality Documents, specifically the Quality Plan, Method Statement and ITP’s, and assess whether it is in accordance with project specifications and requirements. In addition, these will be submitted to the Employer/PMT for review and approval.

Subcontractors will be monitored to ensure compliance with this Project Quality Plan, other related quality procedures and Employer/PMT’s requirements.

Work Environment

Proper infrastructure, safety tools and tackle, necessary rest / ablution facilities and other requirement to provide a safe conducive work environment will be provided. This will help to ensure provision of construction services in compliance to the company requirements. Necessary house procedures and relevant contract requirements will be posted at pertinent locations.


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