Like Money Like Mind – By Advocate Mushtaque Ali

Like money like mind - By Advocate Mushtaque Ali. Good food has a good effect on the mind, then bad food has a bad effect on the mind. But can food really have this type of effect?

Like money like mind – By Advocate Mushtaque Ali

Like money like mind: Good food has a good effect on the mind, then bad food has a bad effect on the mind. But can food really have this type of effect? If one’s mind is formed according to the food. So the mindset of those who eat a particular type of food should also be the same. All non-vegetarians will be of a particular mindset and vegetarians will be of another special mindset.

The Substantial Difference in the Mindset

There should be a substantial difference in the mindset of those who eat Chinese, Mughlai, Thai, or Continental food, but this is not the case. If it were, we would have changed the mindset of the people by changing the nature of food and all the problems would have been solved.

It is said that a big difference is found in the mentality of non-vegetarian and vegetarian people. Non-vegetarians are rougher and rougher than vegetarians. They lack qualities like mercy and compassion. There is also more fanaticism in them. Carnivores are linked to cruelty, in fact, it is not. (Like money like mind) This may be partially true but not completely.

Human Mindset Develops from its Circumstances and Environment

The human mindset develops from its circumstances and environment, not from food. What is food or how is food, it affects man but not his mind. It is not only on the body, on the physical body, but how the food is received, it does not affect the mind.

Adv. Mushtaque Ali
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Here mainly comes livelihood. Buddha has said that our livelihood should be right. We earn our living bread with honesty, what we get after hard work is considered to be the best. The livelihood achieved by hard work is more satisfying. The body is also active through hard work and chances of diseases also work. (Like money like mind)

Right Livelihood Achieved Through Hard Work is Disease-free and Provides Good Health

The right livelihood achieved through hard work is disease-free and provides good health. Therefore, the grain taken from the earnings obtained in this way is also pleasing to both body and mind. If someone is hurt due to our livelihood, then it cannot be called a livelihood right.

Even if you have more addresses than your hard work, that receipt is not considered good. In our absence, the income received due to lack of manual labor is also considered inferior. Not only the income received from utkoya, begging, jismaprosi or swindle, etc., the income from interest in rupee transactions is also considered inferior. (Like money like mind) In Islam, interest has been declared as forbidden.

Livelihood is only Helpful in Building our Positive State of Mind

Lifestyle in which there is no right livelihood on any part of society. And only the food derived from this livelihood is useful for us and necessary for building our right mindset. The ease of our livelihood is only helpful in building our positive state of mind.

All the activities or sources of livelihood that we have today are not for getting food for the sake of abdominal fulfillment, but more for maintaining the prestige and false reputation.

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