The types of Personal Computer

There are five types of Personal Computer (PCs) based on their use and configuration.


A desktop (Personal Computer) using on office metaphor, desktop is a computer display area that represent the kinds of objects one might find on a real desktop, documents, phonebook, telephone, reference, sources, writing tools, project folders.

Desktop Computer

A desktop can be contained in a window that is part of the total display area or can be “Full Screen”.

Conceivably, you can have multiple desktops and switch among them in its Windows product, Microsoft providers what they call an active desktop.


Laptop are roughly the size of a large Notebook. Their power source a battery is completely self contained yet can be recharged from an electrical outlet, Laptop sometimes called notebook computers, can contain more than 500GB of hard disk memory, 8GB of RAM, Disk Drives, Keyboard, Mouse and a color monitor, power adapters can be used to plug into any electrical outlet throughout the world.

Laptop Computer

It can be connected with an additional battery or serial port, a network or fax equipment. Laptops are not as inexpensive as their size might suggest many carry a price tag equipment to full size personal computer for business.

Palmtop Computer

Palmtop Computers, sometimes called Pico Computer offer reduced size with reduced capabilities although some palmtop are general purpose, many are special purpose information managers or PIMs special purpose. Palmtops that keep phone directories and calendars and provide calculator capabilities are known as personal digital assistants. You can use a PDA to schedule appointments, retrieve frequently used phone number and let down notes.

Personal Digital Assistant

Personal digital assistant are the smallest of portable computer. it is even smaller than the laptop computers and uses a pen or electronic stylus, rather than a keyboard for input, PDAs, also sometimes called Palmtops are much less powerful than notebook or desktop models. They are usually used for special application such are creating spread, sheets, displaying important telephone numbers and address.

The last generation of PDAs called personal intelligent communicators.


A workstation is a computer intended for individual use but faster and more capable than a personal computer. Its intended for business or professional use. Workstations and applications designed for them are used by small engineering companies, architects, graphic, designers, and any organization department or individual that requires a faster microprocessor, a large amount of random access memory (RAM) and special features such as high speed graphics adapters.


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