How to Become a Sports Commentator? – Career in Sports Commentator

There are two types of commentators, TV commentators and radio commentators, if you have a good knowledge of sports and have a good grasp of English and other languages ​​and also have the ability to present an event in an interesting way, then you are a commentator.


How to become a sports commentator? – How to Make a Career in Sports Commentator?

You must have heard the commentary that happens during the game. If you have a good understanding of the game, and you can speak without stopping for a long time, then sports commentator is a good post for you. In this to introduce you to the game in a more interesting way it happens. So that the audiences watching the game can get the important information of the game along with entertainment.

It is called commentary to tell the eyes of all the events happening on the playground. A commentator not only narrates the game but also tells what he sees with his eyes.

Commentary not only enthralls the audience or listeners but also instills a passion for sports in people. Commentary the commentator creates a wonderful match between the audience and the players. In which the commentator narrates what they see with their eyes. From this, the listener feels that he is watching a live match. let us know further what is the career in sports commentary chances are.

Multiple Areas of Commentary

There are many areas of commentary. mostly when commentary is mentioned the name of cricket comes to our mind. But commentary has an important role in cricket as well as in other sports. Commentary is done in the football league, hockey league, IPL game, table tennis, and golf, etc.

How to Become a Sports Commentator?

There are two types of commentators. TV commentators and radio commentators. if you have a good knowledge of sports and have a good grasp of English and other languages also have the ability to present an event in an interesting way, then you are a commentator. To improve your career, you have to describe that game in such a way that people are more and more thrilled. Apart from cricket, you can get good money by doing commentary in other sports.

While commenting in international cricket, we mostly see former cricketers. But if a common man also wants to become a commentator, then yes friends are always open to him too. Taking an MBA degree in sports journalism, anchoring, and radio jockey course Career in commentary can be made.

Although the avenues of commentary are always open to everyone. But why only former cricketers are able to reach the heights is a big question. Friends, when you see the list of commentators in international cricket matches, then all the former cricketers will look right in it. It is Harsha Bhogle who has managed to make a mark in the world as a commentator despite not playing cricket.

TV Commentator

Many sports channels regularly organize a contest to become a TV commentator. Which is very important for starting a career. Apart from this one can make a career in sports general journalism to become a better professional. There is so many Institute or collages of Communication in India, which offers a short degree in Broadcasting Announcer etc.

Radio Commentator

To become a radio commentator, you have to clear the All India Radio Commentary exam. For this, you have to apply to All India Radio where a panel of players from the respective sport judges your performance by commenting during the home match. After successful in this, you are appointed for training. In the beginning, you are given the opportunity of commentary in the domestic series. After successful in which you become eligible to do commentary in international matches.

What is the Eligibility to Become a Sports Commentator?

First question, what is the eligibility to become a commentator? So friends, the biggest qualification needed to become commentators is Sports Knowledge. Now if we are talking about cricket commentary, then it is very important for the person doing commentary in cricket to be aware of each and every rule of cricket. Apart from the rules, it is also important to understand all the methods of batting and bowling very well.

The second important thing is the grasp of the language. Yes, the commentator has to be done in any language. it is very important for the commentator to be proficient in that language. And the speed of speaking should be such that it is neither too fast nor too slow.

Qualities of a Sports Commentator

A constant fluency in the language, as well as fluctuating play in speech, are the qualities of a good commentator. Presenting the correct and clear pronunciation of the eyes, and creating interest are the qualities of a good commentator. Knowledge of sports, memorization of records, the ability to relate events to each other, such as all the qualities of a successful commentator. Along with this, understanding and handling the work pressure well are also important qualities of a commentator.

Why only Former Cricketers Become Commentators?

Why is it that only former cricketers are seen as commentators? Well, there is no rule that anyone can be hired as a commentator, but most broadcasters only hire former cricketers because they have all the nuances of cricket?

It is known that as well as he is aware of all the records of cricket. As a cricketer, they have gone through all kinds of situations during the matches, so when such a situation arises in the match while doing commentary, they explain it very easily.

Reasons to Hire Former Cricketers as Commentators?

Friends, there is a big reason to hire former cricketers as commentators that they have a lot more fan following than before. So whenever they come to commentary, people like to listen to them because of their name. Friends, now you tell that people would like to hear the new voice or that voice which had already made everyone crazy about their game. Then, friends, this is the reason why we see only former cricketers as commentators.

What is the Salary of Sports Commentators?

Friends, if we talk about the salary of commentators, then you know that the annual earnings of commentators are in crores of crores. Yes, if we tell you by taking an average, then the fee of a match of top commentators is 2500$. While for a series, 50 to 55 thousand dollars are available, while their annual earnings are around 1 million dollars.

Who Hires Sports Commentators?

Who hires commentators for international cricket matches? this question is in your mind, so let me tell you, friends, one is the commentator who is selected by the board. Apart from this, broadcasters also hire commentators. Official broadcasters have full rights to select commentators in ICC tournaments.

So friends, hope that all your questions will be answered in this post. And you must have enjoyed reading this post a lot. Friends, that’s all we meet in today’s post “How to become a sports commentator” thank you for till then with another new post.

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