How to Earn Money by Online Teaching


How to earn money by online teaching

How to earn money by online teaching? The modern internet age is an era in which most things related to human life can be done through online mediums. The biggest jump in this was seen after the epidemic. Where the use of the Internet was limited to online shopping and a few selected areas. Today its transformation is seen in many forms, one of them being online teaching. And also making money by teaching online. This pandemic period had also forced us to change the way we learn. Since the rules like health and welfare were in force, every school and educational institution started giving online tuition.

Friends, in this article we will talk about how to earn money by online teaching. If you are proficient in a subject or you are interested in teaching then you can look at it as a business idea.

Materials Required for Online Teaching

How to earn money by online teaching? Before knowing this, let us know about the essential materials that are required before starting online teaching.

  • For online teaching and earning money, you must have a PC or laptop with good internet connectivity.
  • A good quality recording camera can be managed with a better mic or even a better smartphone.
  • A whiteboard and marker-eraser for writing and erasing.
  • If you use a digital board, a digital pen or stylus is needed to point at the screen.
  • Apart from this, having a graphic tablet is an added advantage that takes care of most of your needs.
  • An introduction to the assistive devices available on the Internet, most of which are available for free.

How to Earn Money by Online Teaching

If seen in the traditional way, it is based on the centuries-old method in which teaching requires a classroom, a teacher with a blackboard, and other things and there are only one means of receiving payment. But taught online through new technologies, there are many means of receiving payment. In this post, we will talk about the methods that help in earning money when taught online. Let us know it in some detail about how to earn money through online tutoring.

1. By uploading your teaching video on Youtube

The first and easiest way is Youtube, as it works for many fields apart from online learning. Through Youtube, you can get paid by monetizing your educational videos, advertising revenue, and other means. All you have to do is upload your video by following all the rules of Youtube properly.

2. By connecting to reputed websites

Many trusted educational platforms are always on the lookout for good teachers. If you already have some/good teaching experience or excellent knowledge of any subject, you can apply and sign up for these portals. Some of the reputed websites working in this field provide you with an opportunity to make a career in online teaching.

Reputed sites for online learning in India

  • There are excellent platforms like and to get online teaching jobs in primary classes.

3. Live Teaching

There are many ways in which you can earn money by doing live teaching. In this payment can be received on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Global learning platforms also pay in foreign currency like the dollar and euro. Such learning platforms make contracts according to their guidelines, in which some amount may also have to be deposited to receive payment on a monthly basis. In some cases, the platform will look at the number of hours you have logged into the portal and pay you accordingly.

4. Pre-recorded courses

If you have created an educational course and uploaded it to pre-recorded teaching sites like Udemy, such platforms share with you part of the amount of fees paid by the learners to enroll in your course.

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How to Teach Online

The best and easiest way to teach online and get paid (earn money from online teaching) is to join online platforms like Unacademy, Skillshare, Udemy, etc. You can teach and train students in a virtual environment. Choose those subjects which you have good knowledge of. You should have a good understanding of the subject and method of teaching which is easily understood by the learners.

You can also make use of the helpful features provided by the online platform in case you need any assistance. To teach yourself without being attached to any online learning provider, you can take the help of zoom meetings, google meets, and many other web tools that allow you to meet and teach in a group virtually.

Make Teaching Style an Effective

Those requirements in online teaching which are helpful in making their teaching effective

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  • Reputed online learning sites in India take your test before joining their services. In such a situation, have proper knowledge of the subject you are teaching.
  • Discuss in detail the remuneration you will get for tuition jobs. If possible, in the beginning, you can go for a small amount for learning purposes.
  • Read the terms and conditions specified by the portals that will employ you. Always rely on hard facts and documents, only then give your consent.
  • Whether you are working with a third-party platform or on your own, course material is something that you should not compromise on.
  • If you are just getting started with online learning, it may take some promotion to get the learners on board. The best way to do this is by promoting through social media. Try posting clips and other informational materials that lead them to your course.
  • The value of your courses is helpful in increasing the interest of the learners since creativity is dominated by the internet. So you can make it more interesting by adding it to your curriculum.
  • Most importantly, amidst the increasing trend of the Internet, fraudsters i.e. scammers also remain active. Scammers will ask for a registration fee before they start working for you and there is also a risk of data theft. In such a situation, use your intelligence and be careful with them.

What are the Advantages of Online Teaching?

  • You can choose your own time for teaching.
  • You can easily do this with any of your others.
  • Online teaching can be done easily at your home.
  • Expenditure on banners, posters, etc., for promotional purposes, gets rid of.
  • The online learning sector is still in its initial stage and there are tremendous growth opportunities in this area.
  • Along with earning, you also teach and learn. As the saying goes ‘by spreading knowledge you will gain more.
  • There is no need to physically go to any school or coaching center or rent office space to teach.
  • One can start with limited equipment (a PC or laptop, good internet connectivity, a recording camera, and some technical know-how).
  • If you are proficient in a particular field, in many cases you do not need any degree or diploma, you can easily do the work of teaching.

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