What is CorelDRAW – Its Uses and Benefits

If you do not know what is Corel DRAW. So, I will tell you complete information about Coreldraw here. You get to know Coreldraw and Its Uses and Benefits.


You must have seen the poster of election or any campaign. That poster is mostly made from CorelDRAW. If you do not know what is CorelDRAW. So, I will tell you complete information about Corel DRAW here.

What is Corel DRAW – Its Uses and Benefits
What is Corel DRAW – Its Uses and Benefits

Corel DRAW is a type of designer software. In this software, you get complete freedom to create graphics according to your own.

You can show your thinking to people with the help of Corel DRAW. Let’s know what is Corel DRAW – its uses and benefits.

To understand Corel DRAW completely. You just have to read this article which is related to Corel Draw till the end. After this you will not need to go anywhere else.

What is CorelDRAW –

Corel Draw Graphics Suite: Corel DRAW is a type of Vector and Layout Designer software. Corel Corporation brought it among the people on 16 January 1989.

You can also understand CorelDRAW in this way. In Corel DRAW, you can work properly for Graphic Editing and Design.

There are many good tools available under Corel DRAW. In which people have a lot of features to create attractive designs and in 2D.

It is also called Graphics Editing Software. You can easily change and add the size and shape of the graphic in it.

When Corel DRAW was launched. At that time there was no other such software in this field. In which people could design their vector and layout.

Arsen Antonio and Vicky de Guzman together started it in 1987. The abbreviation of Cowpland Research Laboratory is Corel.

The owner of Corel DRAW is Michael Cowpland. Who started a company named Corel Corporation in 1985. Then Corel DRAW was developed under it.

Now Corel DRAW always keeps bringing some updates. In which it keeps adding tools and features according to the problems of the user.

In Corel DRAW you can not only design Vectors. Apart from this, you can also do things like Logo, Poster, Batch, Bill Design in Corel DRAW.

To use Corel DRAW for yourself, you have to go to the official website of Corel DRAW. You can download two types of versions from there.

If you want to trial it first, then you can use the Trail Version. If you want to use it for lifetime, you will have to buy the Premium Version.

Types of CorelDRAW –

If you do not know the types of Corel DRAW, then I will tell you how many types of Corel DRAW are there. Till now 29 versions of Corel DRAW have been released.

Corel DRAW Types (Versions) and Published Year

  • CorelDRAW 1 ——— January 1989
  • CorelDRAW 1.01 ——March 1989
  • CorelDRAW 1.02 ——April 1989
  • CorelDRAW 1.10 ——July 1989
  • CorelDRAW 1.11 ——February 1990
  • CorelDRAW 2 ———-September 1991
  • CorelDRAW 3 ———-May 1992
  • CorelDRAW 4 ———-May 1993
  • CorelDRAW 5 ———-May 1994
  • CorelDRAW 6 ———-August 1995
  • CorelDRAW 7 ———-October 1996
  • CorelDRAW 8 ———-October 1997
  • CorelDRAW 9 ———-August 1999
  • CorelDRAW 10 ——–November 2000
  • CorelDRAW 11 ——–August 2002
  • CorelDRAW 12 ——–February 2004
  • CorelDRAW X3 (13) –January 2006
  • CorelDRAW X4 (14) –January 2008
  • CorelDRAW X5 (15) –February 2010
  • CorelDRAW X6 (16) –March 2012
  • CorelDRAW X7 (17) –March 2014
  • CorelDRAW X8 (18) –March 2016
  • CorelDRAW 2017 (19) –April 2017
  • CorelDRAW 2018 (20) –April 2018
  • CorelDRAW 2019 (21) –March 2019
  • CorelDRAW 2020 (22) –March 2020
  • CorelDRAW 2021 (23) –March 2021
  • CorelDRAW 2022 (24.0-24.2) –March 2022
  • CorelDRAW 2023 (24.3) –March 2023

CorelDRAW Features –

If you use Corel DRAW. Then you will yourself know, what are the features of Corel DRAW. But I will tell you some of its special features.

  • In Corel DRAW, you can easily create your logo and vector.
  • You will get all those features in Corel DRAW, which make your work easy.
  • Corel DRAW has different tools for all the works.
  • You can easily do your drawing in this software.

Uses of CorelDraw –

Let us now know for what work you can use Corel Draw. These are some of the following points.

Graphic Design – You can do graphic design in Corel DRAW. In which you can easily design your logo, poster, vector PNG etc.

Icon Design – You can create icons of your apps and software through Corel DRAW. Also, if needed, you can use it in different software as well.

Web Design – You can create your Web Banner, UI, Logo using Corel DRAW.

Ad Design – In Corel DRAW, you can create any type of Ads and its Posters.

Tools and functions of Corel Draw –

As you know, I told you above. You can do good work by using Corel Draw in a very good way according to your needs.

These are some of the main tools of Corel Draw and their functions. These are as follows –

  • Pick Tool – You can select and adjust the elements of any vector with the Pick Tool.
  • Attract Tool – You can use this tool to remove your object.
  • Crop Tool – You can use your graphics as per the requirement with the Crop Tool.
  • Eraser Tool – You can remove any part of your object with this Eraser Tool.
  • Zoom Tool – You can change the size of your graphics as per your requirement.
  • Free Transform Tool – This tool is used to Rotate, Skew, Mirror things.
  • Artistic Media Tool – In this tool, you can create your design through Brush.
  • Freehand Tool – You can provide more details in your graphics and design.
  • Rectangle Tool – You can draw Rectangle easily and in one click with this tool.
  • Polygon Tool – You can create a Polygon with just one click in this tool.
  • Ellipse Tool – You can create an Ellipse with just one click in this tool.
  • Text Tool – You can use the Text Tool to write your text inside your graphics.
  • Eye Dropper Tool – You can use this Eye Dropper Tool to select a color from another photo in your graphics.

Benefits of CorelDraw –

Above I told you what Corel DRAW is, and its related tools and features. Now I will tell you what is Corel DRAW, why should it be used. Let us know its benefits.

  • In Corel Draw, you can easily move your elements and design from one place to another.
  • You can easily design your graphics in Corel Draw.
  • You can use Corel Draw by completing just two to four steps.
  • If you learn carefully. Then you can learn in just a few weeks.
  • At present, 80% of graphics designers use Corel Draw. There are no bugs in it.
  • All the tools are available to draw your creativity.
  • You can make the design of your project absolutely clean and real.
  • You can save the graphics in any format according to your need.

Disadvantages of CorelDraw –

You must know. Nothing in this world is perfect. Whatever has a quality, it also has some disadvantages. Let us know now. What are the disadvantages of Corel Draw.

  • You will not get to use Corel Draw for free.
  • You can use the Trail Version to try CorelDraw. After this you will have to buy a Membership.
  • You need a better computer to design your big project. Because it takes more RAM to make a big project.
  • You cannot make all the designs in your CorelDraw quickly. There are many such designs, which can take time to make. Mostly when you create a Vector Image in Corel Draw, it takes a lot of time.

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Which is better between CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator?

Above I have given you almost all the questions related to Corel DRAW. Like – what is Corel DRAW, its types etc. Now people are thinking. Which software is better. Both Corel DRAW and Adobe Illustrator.

Corel DRAW can be used by a new user to create a design. But now you have to become an expert to use Adobe Illustrator.

What is the difference between CorelDraw and Photoshop?

Now people want to know what is Corel Draw, along with this. What is the difference between CorelDraw and Photoshop. In such a situation, I will talk to you in two parts and tell the difference between the two.

Corel Draw

  • Corel DRAW is used for Vector Graphics.
  • New users can easily use Corel Draw.
  • Corel DRAW has different tools for all the work.
  • Corel DRAW is mostly used to make logos and designs.
  • In Corel DRAW, you save more in PNG and JPEG.


  • In Photoshop, Bitmap Graphics is designed.
  • While you need to be an expert to use Photoshop.
  • But you have to make it by applying tricks in Photoshop.
  • Color grading in Photoshop is for photography, image editing.
  • You save in PSD and Image Format in Photoshop.

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Conclusion – What is CorelDraw

Friends, above I have told you all the things about Corel Draw. Now after this you will not have to go anywhere else. Here I have also told what is Corel Draw and its uses and advantages.

If you have any more questions related to Corel Draw. Then you can ask us in the comment. You can also share it with those friends. Those who should know about it.

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