Computer Classification by Size

Computer Classification by Size

It was classify the computers by their sizes. We would have the following classification. (Super Computer, Mainframe Computer, Super Mini Computer, Mini Computer, Micro Computer, Personal Computer)

Super Computer

A super computer contains a number of processing units, which operate in parallel to make it faster. They are infect very large computers and are thus used for bigger applications. in India, there is only one such computer (Super Computer), which is used by the Metrological Department in whether forecasting.

Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computers are used in research organizations, Large Industrial, Banks, Airlines, and Railway Reservation where large database is required.

Super Computer

Super Mini Computer

These are cross between mini computers and super computers. They are commonly used as dedicated computers for one processing function at a time.

Mini Computer

The are inferior to mainframe computers both in speed and storage. They can also support various terminals. In fact, they can support upto terminals. Mini Computer have operating system with multitasking and network capabilities cabling them to serve more than one user.

Micro Computer and Personal Computer

Micro Computers are Digital Computers whose processing unit consists of one or more Microprocessor, one or more input/output units and sufficient memory to execute instructions. They are usually desktop or portable devices with display storage. They are designed primarily for stand alone operating but can be used as workstation in terminal emulation mode.

Personal Computer is a type of Micro Computer primarily intended for stand alone use by an individual. PCs are designed primarily to give independent computing power of a single user and are inexpensively priced for purchase by individuals or small business.

What Computer Can Do and Cannot Do

Computers are merely tools, designed by people programmed by people and used by people. A computers most basic limitation is that it does no original or creating thinking. Any actions it takes, problems it solves, or decisions it makes are controlled by programs written by people.

Computers Can Not Think

It is believed that thinking could indeed take place outside the human brain and the digital computer would be the best non-human instrument for this purpose computers already process data and text for faster than humans without error or fatigue.


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