Project Execution-Design and Development Procedures

Prior to the generation of any design document (drawing, calculations, etc.), all regulatory, statutory, and Employer requirements shall be considered and agreed upon between the Contractor, Outsourced Designer, and the PMT to meet the desired output of the project.


Design and Development – Project Execution

The project execution-Design and Development Procedures will be implemented as required by the Project.

The Engineering Manager and Project Manager in collaboration with the Outsourced Design Team will address the requirements as well as any of the following project-specific requirements from the commencement of design activities.

Contract Documents, the Contractor shall prepare all detailed shop drawing for all required works or ordered by the PMT with all engineering calculations for the implementation of works. The drawings must be submitted to the Employer/PMT for his approval before work starts.

The contractor will submit, within a period of (30) thirty days from the date of signing the contract, a schedule identifying all detailed drawings, shop drawings, and the planned date of its submission. The Drawing Schedule is to be submitted to the Employer through the PMT before work starts.

Design & Development Planning – Project Execution

Prior to the generation of any design document (drawing, calculations, etc.), all regulatory, statutory, and Employer requirements shall be considered and agreed upon between the Contractor, Outsourced Designer, and the PMT to meet the desired output of the project.

Achieved Design

All achieved design documents shall be finalized and distributed to the Contractor, Outsourced Designer, and the PMT. Any amendment, that may elevate the quality of the design and/or may lessen any form of expenses (but will not affect the quality), shall be discussed in the design meeting and a revision shall then be generated. In the event that an issue is not closed during this process, it shall be brought up in the design meeting, whereas the Employer shall be invited for further clarification and final decision.

All Shop Drawing Design changes shall be reviewed by PMT and all comments shall be incorporated. Technical issues in Shop Drawing shall require approval from PMT.

A list of primary and secondary signatories, each from the Contractor, Outsourced Designer, and the PMT, shall be clearly identified and approved to identify the authorized personnel in all the design documents; however, this does not limit the number of signatories in each party. (Project Execution-Design and Development Procedures)

The transition of design documents all throughout planning, generation, approval, distribution, and execution shall be strictly monitored and maintained. Copies of all design and other related documents shall be secured by the Site Quality Team.

Design Meeting

A design meeting shall be held at least once a month, or as the need arises, to tackle all concerns that will be raised prior to and during the construction phase of the project. This meeting shall be attended by all concerned representatives from the Contractor, Outsourced Designer, and the PMT. On instances of unresolved agendas, the Employer may be invited to this meeting to clarify and help finalize the issue. Design meetings shall be properly documented and records shall be distributed accordingly. Copies may be submitted to the Employer.

A final review and initial approval on completed design documents shall be conducted by the Contractor and the PMT. Once approved, it shall be submitted to the Employer for final approval.

Design & Development Inputs – Project Execution

The design requirements are defined by PMT and RC project specifications, drawings, and relevant codes and industry standards. The Employer provides the necessary specifications and standards to be applied and implemented. The outsourced designer, on behalf of the Contractor, shall be responsible to develop and transmit written design criteria to the design staff. The Engineering Manager, in coordination with the Project Manager, is responsible to develop and ensure the design schedule is developed, maintained, evaluated for deviations, and adjusted as necessary in order to meet the milestone in the contract.

All design calculations shall be developed to written criteria. Calculations that require confirmation before finalization shall be identified. (Project Execution-Design and Development Procedures)

All applicable Employer codes, International Codes & Standards, regulations required for this project shall be maintained and specified by the outsourced designer in their Project Quality Plan.

The Engineering Manager in collaboration with the Project Manager is responsible to evaluate all design inputs for adequacy and assure any ambiguous or conflicting requirements are resolved.

Design & Development Outputs – Project Execution

The design output will be agreed with the Employer/PMT design team and will include the transfer of documents at the various stages and levels of design, in particular with respect to:

  • Review, verification, and validation against the contractual requirements
  • Transfer of design documentation to and from relevant parties

Design output in the form of Calculations, Drawings, and Specifications shall be submitted, reviewed, and verified by the Contractor prior to submission to the Employer/PMT. The signature of the authorized reviewer shall be documented to reflect any reviews and approvals.

Design & Development Review – Project Execution

In coordination with the Employer/PMT, the Contractor shall perform periodic formal design reviews. Design documents are distributed for internal review and coordination of disciplines. A CADD system is developed and controls have been established to safeguard the integrity of the drawings. Outsourced Designer’s Quality Plan describes the development of drawings and specifications in detail. The review process shall address the capability of the design to fulfill requirements and recognize problem areas and proposed correctional actions.

The Employer/PMT comments and any Contractor comments shall be addressed in written form and records of resolution kept until the completion of the project. Records of Design reviews shall be maintained by the outsourced designer. (Project Execution-Design and Development Procedures)

Violations/deviations / non-compliance to applicable Employer, International Codes and Standards, regulations observed during design reviews or any other problems shall be identified as Non-Conformance by issuing a report to the outsourced designer, its disposition and necessary preventive actions shall be carried out as per their approved Project Quality Plan within the agreed timeframe.

Design & Development Verification – Project Execution

The contractor Design Manager / Technical Manager is responsible to assure that the output meets the design inputs as per PMT requirement. Records of verification activities shall be maintained by the outsourced designer and the project document controller.

Coordination with the Outsourced Designer

In coordination with the outsourced designer, the Contractor shall plan and carry out periodic meeting for design and development verification to ascertain that the outputs meet the inputs by carrying out the reviews, performing alternate calculations, review of design output documents, comparing design specification with similar proven design specification, sealing of design drawings, etc. and the records produced shall be maintained by both the parties.

Design & Development Validation – Project Execution

Design validation verifies that the user’s needs are met. These shall be performed in accordance with planned arrangements mentioned in Design and Development Planning, to ensure that the resulting product shall meet the specified requirements. This will be achieved by ensuring completed works are checked, tested, commissioned and the Employer user department/authorities have accepted the work.

For the nature of the construction industry, the design validation documents will be the inspection reports, snag lists, testing & commissioning reports, and the provisional and final acceptance certificate. Records of the result of validation and any necessary actions shall be maintained in accordance with the Control of Records Procedure.

Control of Design & Development Changes – Project Execution

Changes, deviations, and substitutions will follow the requirements of the contract and are addressed in detail in the “Change Management Plan”. (Project Execution-Design and Development Procedures)

Should there be any deviation or substitution required during execution of the project, deviation and/or substitution shall be identified, documented, reviewed relative to original specification and/or contract. It shall be formally submitted to the Employer/PMT for approval.

Any requested substitutions shall include a description of the benefit that it will provide to the Employer. If appropriate, product datasheets for the original product and the proposed product shall be submitted to the Employer/PMT for evaluation. Moreover, technical justification shall be submitted as necessary.

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