What is Quality Management System (QMS)

The purpose of this plan is to document the project quality system, to instruct and guide employees whose actions affect the design and construction, and to inform the Employer what controls are implemented to assure the best quality.


What is Quality Management System (QMS)

General Requirements

Quality Management System: The processes that are involved in the project are identified and process descriptions are prepared. The Quality System is clearly defined with the inter-relation of the processes. The procedures like management review, internal quality audit, document and record control, calibration and control, corrective and preventive action, improvement, etc. are applicable to the project. The criteria and methods that are applicable to the inspection processes and their related activities are made clear in the technical instructions.


Quality Management System

As shown in the Process Flow Diagram, all main activities of the system are defined as Quality System Processes and are grouped into the following four categories; Management Responsibility, Resource Management, Product/Service Realization, and Measurement, Analysis & Improvement. The mentioned processes are organized and flow in accordance with the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) methodology.

In relation to the above flow chart, the sequence and interrelation between the four groups and individual quality procedures/processes are illustrated below in System Management – Process Model.

Quality Management

Outsourced Processes

The contractor has several processes that can be outsourced other than the design process. These processes include but are not limited to, welding, material analysis, nondestructive testing, laboratories, etc.

When processes that affect product conformity are outsourced, special controls are implemented to ensure that these processes meet specified requirements. Such controls may include, as appropriate:

  1. Pre-qualification of suppliers.
  2. Assessment of supplier realization processes and quality system.
  3. Monitoring of supplier quality performance.
  4. Requirements for inspection, testing, or other records demonstrating product conformity.
  5. Control and verification of the supplied product.
  6. Purchasing Control System defined in “Procurement & Purchasing” of this Project Quality Plan.
  7. Some related quality procedures such as Subcontractor Control Procedure, Quality Inspection Procedure, Material Control Procedure, etc.

Documentation Requirements


The project quality system documentation of the contractor consists of four levels as described below:

Level 1: Project Quality Plan

The Project Quality Plan is the primary document of the project quality system. Each requirement of ISO 10005:2005 has been individually addressed in this plan, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard. This plan defines and documents the quality policy and quality objectives of the project. In addition, it describes the Quality System which has been established and shall be implemented in order to ensure that the quality of services provided to the customers and their requirements in the field of construction are being met.

Level 2: Quality Procedures

Requirements relevant to the different processes in the plan have been identified and Quality Procedures have been prepared as required. These form the second level of the quality system. The Quality Procedures describe the process sequence of how the system is implemented, operating controls for the processes, and system for interdepartmental flows and control.

Level 3: Work & Technical Instructions, Project & Material Specifications

These form the third level of the documented quality plan. All work activities, inspection, and testing processes are carried out as per documented instructions/methodologies. Project specifications and material specifications are available and controlled internally. References to the relevant third level documents are made in the documented instructions/methodologies and related documents.

Level 4: Forms, Files, Records, Registers, etc.

These form the fourth level of the quality system documentation. They are generated and maintained as per system requirements. They provide evidence that the quality system has been followed effectively. The particular record to be generated and the standard formats to be used are detailed under the relevant process descriptions and technical instructions.

What is the purpose of a quality management system?

With a commitment to focus on high-quality products and workmanship for the design, execution, construction, integration, testing, pre-commissioning, and commissioning of the project. The contractor developed a documented Quality Management System (QMS) in line with the requirement of the ISO 9001 Standard and contractual agreements, to satisfy the requirements of the Employer. The system is implemented in all areas that have a relation to the quality of the construction services provided by the Contractor. This system is improved on a continual basis and this is monitored during the management review meetings.

The purpose of this plan is to document the project quality system, to instruct and guide employees whose actions affect the design and construction, and to inform the Employer what controls are implemented to assure the best quality.

Document Control

Documentation applicable to this contract shall be controlled based on “Document Control Procedure”. Documents shall be maintained (as defined below) to ensure that:

  • All documents and changes are in writing, reviewed and approved, and promptly implemented.
  • The dates of issue and receipt of documents and amendments are recorded.
  • Obsolete documents are promptly removed from issue or use.
  • Documents of external origin are identified and controlled.

Documents to be controlled include but not limited to:

  1. Project Quality Plan (PQP)
  2. Quality Procedures
  3. Method Statements
  4. Inspection & Test Plans
  5. Contracts
  6. Drawings (whether internally or externally produced)
  7. Project Specifications
  8. Documents of External Origin (e.g. Installation & Operation Manual from the subcontractors/suppliers, Subcontractors’ Quality Documents, Standards, etc.)

Prior to distributing documents to any parties, all documents including drawings, specifications, procedures, and so forth, shall be verified as approved for use by relevant authorized persons, e.g. signed and stamped drawings and specifications used for construction will be marked, “Approved: Issued for Construction.” In order to control the documents, a distribution record shall be observed and maintained.

All Quality Documents that will be distributed to the site shall be controlled by the Document Controller in coordination and supervision of the Site QA/QC Manager. The Site QA/QC Manager shall ensure:

  • The control over preparation, approval, distribution, and handling of the documents and their revisions.
  • Coding System is being followed to all documents prepared by the Contractor.
  • The document contains a unique identification number, document title, date of revision, revision status, and signatures of persons who have prepared, reviewed, and approved the document.
  • The new/revised document has been reviewed by the authorized reviewer prior to its distribution.
  • All documents not authorized for use voided and superseded documents are not being used at the site and stamped obsolete.
  • Documents and records are well maintained in a secured area.

Controlled Copies of the Project Quality Plan (PQP) are distributed to the following personnel as per the matrix below:



Copy No.

1 Employer





Project Director / Manager


4 Site QA/QC Manager


5 Construction Manager


6 Engineering Manager



Procurement Manager


8 Construction Superintendents



Planning Engineer



Document Controller



Store Supervisor/in-Charge



Laboratory in Charge



Changes to the content of the Project Quality Plan

The Project Quality Plan will be revised if necessary. Where a revision or improvement to the PQP is required, the revision shall be processed according to the Control of Documents Procedure. The revision history shall be documented in the Revision Description Sheet and shall be submitted to the PMT for Approval.

Control of Records

Identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage, maintenance, and disposition of Contract specific records shall be carried out in accordance with the “Control of Quality Records Procedure”. Control of all records shall be the responsibility of the Document Controller in coordination with and supervision of the Site QA/QC Manager. The Site QA/QC Manager and the Document Controller shall maintain the latest & approved records and shall ensure efficient retrieval and adequate security into them.

Project Records shall be stored in a suitable environment to prevent damage or deterioration and to prevent loss. Records shall be maintained and filed in a Central Filing System. Contractor records that provide evidence of conformity to requirement and of the effective operation of the Quality Management System shall remain legible, readily identifiable and retrievable, stored, and protected.

Records Include

  • Material Testing results
  • Distribution Records
  • Calibration Records
  • Drawings Records
  • Authorized Signatories
  • Snag List Records
  • Internal Audit reports
  • Non Conformance Reports
  • Corrective & Preventive Action Reports
  • NCR Status Log (Internal and External shall be prepared and maintained separately)
  • CPR Log/Register (Internal)
  • Site Surveillance Reports (SSR) External
  • Weekly and Monthly Quality Report submitted to PMT
  • Master list of Quality System Documents
  • Sub Contractor’s List
  • Vendor/Supplier’s List
  • Request for Inspections (RFI) and Request for Inspections (RFI) Submittal Log
  • Technical Clarification
  • Material Submittal Log
  • Project Management Review Records
  • Other Verified Inspection Records
  • External Origin Records
    • Customer complaints
    • Supplier’s Plant and Equipment Commissioning Records (if any)

Project Records shall be maintained in archive storage after the final hand- over for three years or as required by the contract.


All drawings shall be controlled as per the Drawing Control Process under “Document Control Procedure”. Drawings shall be controlled by the Document Controller under the supervision of the Project Manager and to be ensured by the Site QA/QC Manager. All Drawing schedules, Drawing Submittal logs, Distribution List, and other drawing records shall be kept updated, maintained, and readily available at the site.

The contractor shall prepare all detailed Shop Drawing for all required works or ordered by the PMT with all engineering calculations. All Shop Drawings shall be submitted and approved by the PMT/Employer prior to its execution at the site. These drawings that will be used for construction shall be signed and stamped “Approved: Issued for Construction.”

All As-Built Drawings shall be submitted to the Employer through the PMT, after acquiring Employer/PMT’s approval. All drawings for Civil, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing As-Built Drawings shall be submitted in hard and soft copies. Hard Copies shall be One (1) copy in A0 Size and One (1) copy in A1 Size, and one (1) set of Soft Copies in CD.

  • As-Built Drawings shall be stamped as “As-Built Drawings”
  • All Approved Shop Drawings, stamped with “Issued for Construction” and other related approved and/or revised technical design shall be the basis of preparing the As-Built
  • As-Built Drawing shall contain all the equipment and fixtures installed in actual condition, considering the approved recorded documents.

 Purchase Orders

The contractor will prepare and provide a list of all supplies and their Suppliers, to the PMT, for all materials and equipment covered by the contract and actually installed at the site. The list will be as per the Purchase Order to reflect the actual source of the material and equipment.

External Origin Records

The contractor will provide all appropriate Records/Documents of External Origin to the PMT. Records/Documents of External Origin are Vendor’s reproducible drawings and/or specification sheets of the purchased equipment, Test Reports, Performance Curves, O&M Manuals, Installation Manuals, Spare Parts List, and other documents/records that may be useful to operate and maintain the installed equipment at the project.

 Quality Records

The contractor will prepare and provide all appropriate Quality Records to PMT such as complete Approved Inspection Records, Testing & Commissioning Records, etc. All these Quality Records shall be maintained in a secured area at all times during the execution of the work.

All these inspection formats that will be utilized at the site shall be prepared and approved by the PMT before its use.

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