To maintain a system of Material Control procedure that shall ensure all processes are controlled, material approvals and orders are carried out in ample time to meet the construction program.

Material Scheduling

The Project Manager shall instruct the Planning Engineer to make a request to the Procurement Department to provide an initial draft of the Material Schedule for construction of the project.

This schedule shall incorporate activities from the project preparation, initial mobilization, up to the final completion of the project.

The Procurement Schedule shall be complete with provisional material quantities. The Project Manager shall review the materials and its quantities, amend where necessary and add the delivery dates of when the construction materials are required.

Whereas the amendment was made and requested by the Project Manager, the Procurement Department shall revise the Procurement Schedule and submit an updated copy at the site. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to inform the Procurement Department of any changes or amendments that occur as the project evolves.

On completion of the above, the Project Manager shall sign and submit the Procurement Schedule to the PMT for approval. After approval, it will be returned to the Procurement Department for processing and will be disseminated to the site for information.

All Site Procurement Related issues and vendor supervision will be executed by Site Procurement Manager and Controlled by PMT and Site QA/QC Manager. (Material Control procedure)

Incoming Material reports and status shall be maintained available by Procurement Manager and QA/QC Manager and PMT at any time.

Copies of Purchase Orders issued by the Procurement Department shall be sent to the site and shall be maintained by the Procurement Manager. Copies of all Purchase Orders shall also be forwarded to the project stores to be used for checking the incoming materials.

All material reports shall be kept updated by the Procurement Manager and a copy shall be sent to the Site QA/QC Manager.

Quality records shall be kept in accordance with the Control of Quality Records Procedure of the Quality Control Plan.

Approved Material Control

The Project Manager shall receive the Material Submittal Documents (or the Employer / PMT submission form) from the Procurement Department complete with all the necessary samples, literature, certificates of conformity, and test certificates.

The Project Manager shall forward the Material Submittal Documents to the Site Quality Manager/Technical Manager for review. The submittal shall be reviewed and approved by the Site Quality Manager/Technical Manager, who has to ensure that all materials are in accordance with the specification, meets the requirement of PMT/3rd Parties, and submission is complete with the required enclosures prior to submitting to PMT for review and approval.

If the above is satisfactory, the Project Manager shall initiate to prepare Material Submittal Form and submit to the PMT for approval.

If approved, copies of the approved submittal form shall be provided to the Quality Site Office. (Material Control procedure)

The QA/QC Manager shall monitor the approval process and make sure that the proposed material is applicable for the project as per Employer / PMT Requirements.

If the submittal is returned to the Project Manager with rejected comments, these shall be forwarded to the Site QA/QC Manager for documentation and a copy shall be sent to the Procurement Department for re-submission in accordance with the PMT requirements.

The Site QA/QC Manager shall maintain all the submittal and transmittal records. He shall ensure that each material and its submittal history, regardless of its status, shall be recorded on the Material Submittal Log.

Material Submittal Log shall be kept updated and prepared by the Site QA/QC Manager and communicated with the Construction Manager and Site Procurement Manager for information.

Up-to-date copies of the Approved Suppliers List and documentation of samples shall also be maintained in the Site Quality Office.

Approved samples shall be kept and maintained by the storekeeper at Project Stores. (Material Control procedure)

Quality records shall be kept in accordance with the Control of Quality Records Procedure of the Quality Control Plan.

Material Receipt and Control

Receipt of material, plant, or equipment into the project stores shall be identified and stored in a defined area.

The Storekeeper shall check that the incoming documents correspond to the material supplied and the original Purchase Order/Purchase Requisition prior to receipt.

No material shall be accepted in the Project stores without the correct documentation. (Material Control procedure)

After receipt of the material, the storekeeper shall advise a Quality Inspector, who will do the initial inspection of the material.

Each material delivery shall be inspected by the Storekeeper and the Quality Inspector to ensure that the material, plant, or equipment is fit for purpose and conforms to the specification.

After the initial inspection, if found satisfactory, the Quality Inspector shall forward Material Inspection Request to PMT, to arrange a final inspection of the material, plant, or equipment.

When the delivered material, plant, or equipment is accepted, significant documents shall be acquired by the storekeeper and shall be forwarded to the QA/QC Manager / Procurement Manager for safekeeping. Such documents are not as limited as follows:

      • Delivery Note
      • Material Testing Certificate / Factory Test Certificate
      • Bill of Lading
      • Country of Origin
      • Operation & Maintenance Manual
      • Installation Manual
      • Warranty Certificates
      • Other related testing records from the manufacturer’s vicinity as applicable

Site Procurement Manager shall furnish copies of the documents to the Senior Site Engineer for their information and use. (Original Copies shall be well maintained for final handing over of the project which shall be handed to Employer / PMT finally)

Storekeeper shall raise a sequentially numbered Site Stores Receiving Voucher. (Material Control procedure)

The Storekeeper shall ensure that the Site Stores Receiving Voucher is signed by:
      • Himself, confirming the correct quantities of the material, and correct incoming
      • Himself, confirming that all material has been entered into stock records.
      • The Storekeeper and/or Site discipline and Authorized Material Inspector who inspected the material for conformance
      • The Project Manager to approve the receipt of the material
Copies of the Receiving Voucher shall be distributed as follows:
      • White copy to Purchasing Department
      • Yellow copy to Central Stores
      • Pink copy to Accounts Department
      • Green copy to Site Stores files

Material deliveries shall be handled in accordance with the Handling and Storage Process.

Copies of incoming documentation shall be maintained in the Store’s files.

All non-conforming material deliveries shall be controlled in accordance with Non-Conforming Material under Handling of Non-Conformance Procedure.

Material shall only be issued from the Project Stores on the production of a sequentially numbered Issue / Return Voucher signed by the Storekeeper and/or Material Quality Inspector.

Material Status Reports and Schedule shall be generated by the storekeeper and the Site Procurement Manager, and to be available if requested by QA/QC Manager or PMT.

Quality records shall be kept in accordance with the Control of Quality Records Procedure of the Project Quality Plan.

Handling and Storage

All Company stores shall have stock location markings and material labels on racks so that all material accepted into the stores can be adequately located and identified.

Material on racks shall be arranged in a well-organized manner at all times. Care shall be taken to prevent over stacking or poor stacking that could result in damage to the material.

All materials shall be stored in environments recommended by the manufacturer.

The storage area shall be sufficient in size to accommodate the components, to allow room for handling.

Material placed in an outside environment shall not be laid directly on sand but should be laid on sleepers or pallets to avoid soil contamination.

All materials, tools, and equipment that may deteriorate in exposed conditions shall be suitably protected.

Site QC Engineer/ Inspector shall conduct a walk-through periodically to make sure that materials are well handed and stored as per standard and this procedure.

All stocks of materials with a limited shelf-life shall be re-arranged with each receipt to ensure stock rotation.

All materials with limited shelf life shall have the expiry date recorded at the time of receipt and the records updated on each issue of the material.

The Storekeeper shall ensure that all out of date, expired and non- conforming materials shall be separated/segregated and stored separately in the project store’s “QUARANTINE AREA”, and shall be clearly labeled as “out-of-date”, ”expired” or “non-conforming material” respectively.

All materials in “QUARANTINE AREA” shall be recorded in the storekeeper’s logbook separately to maintain proper traceability.

All materials shall be loaded, offloaded, and handled using recognized lifting equipment suitable for the purpose. Abusive handling shall be avoided.

All Project site stores shall be maintained in a neat and tidy condition. It is the Storekeeper’s responsibility to ensure that the condition of their stores reflects the quality standards.

Stock Records

All Company materials stored in the Company Stores or Project stores shall be recorded on the Stock Control, monitored, and maintained by the Storekeeper.

The Stock Control card shall record the following:
      • Item Code
      • Material Description
      • Minimum stock levels where required
      • Stores location
      • Date and quantity received
      • Date and quantity released
      • Current stock holding
      • Expiry date where applicable

Project site stores shall maintain the Stock Control Card records but need not necessarily maintain a computer backup system.

It is the responsibility of the Storekeeper to ensure that Stock Control Records are updated directly after the material has been accepted into the stores.

On completion of the updating of Stock Control Records, the Storekeeper shall sign the Site Stores Receiving Voucher.

On Project sites, whereas a material has been noticed to be of a minimum stock level as indicated on the Stock Control Records, it is the Storekeeper’s responsibility to inform the Project Manager to arrange requisition when the re-order point level is met.

 Customer Supplied Materials

When applicable, all Employer supplied materials (free issue material) shall be subjected to the same procedures as stated in this manual. Such procedures are Material Testing, Material Scheduling, Material Receipt, and Control, Non-Conforming Material, Handling and Storage, and Stock Records.

On receipt of non-conforming material and shortage in the delivered quantities, the Project Manager shall immediately inform the Employer / PMT in writing, to resolve the matter

If the Storekeeper is in any doubt regarding the acceptance of the Employer supplied material, he shall quarantine the material and seek the advice of the Project Manager.

QA/QC Manager / Engineer shall keep monitoring the stored material maintained safe as per PMT Requirements and Quality Standards.

Quality records shall be kept in accordance with the Control of Quality Records Procedure of the Quality Control Plan.

On the completion of the project, any surplus or unused Employer supplied materials shall be returned to the Employer custody as good as received.


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