Procurement Manager Roles and Responsibilities – Job Description

Negotiating with the vendors for material procurement while coordinating with the higher authorities of the company, ensuring statuary and company compliances. Ensuring smooth coordination with other departments.


Procurement Manager Roles and Responsibilities – Job Description

  • To ensure all materials that will be delivered at the site as per the project requirements and specifications.
  • To ensure that all materials are delivered on time as per the project schedule.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Procurement Manager will manage suppliers to meet objectives related to materials cost, materials delivery performance, schedule, and quality of the materials.
  • Review the Materials / Purchase Requisitions as per PMT and Client requirements.
  • Prepare and Review procurement plan and all related procurement procedures as per client requirements.
  • Manage the Pre-Qualification of suppliers with the company requirement and procedures. (Procurement Manager Roles and Responsibilities)
  • Preparation and material submittal of Procurement Two- week look ahead Schedule and weekly inspection/ Fabrication status.
  • Arrangement of vendors warehouse inspections (external inspections) with the procurement department.
  • Study technical aspects of required material through drawings and specifications to ensure the supply of the required materials.
  • PM (Procurement Manager) Define and maintain the documented category and supplier strategies using market and competitive data.
  • Liaise with suppliers on materials delivery schedules/timing so as to ensure on-time deliveries of the final product/materials.
  • The manager shall Develop, implement, and drive the procurement strategies in order to meet cost-saving targets.

Job Description

  • Review and manage the materials supplier base to ensure consistency with the sourcing strategy.
  • Perform regular performance review with Local and international suppliers to drive continuous improvements.
  • The manager will Ensure the commercial, legal and contractual compliances in all the procurement transactions.
  • Adopt appropriate materials supplier management methodologies and procurement strategies in purchasing to secure better prices.
  • Develops and initiates standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation for vendors and subcontractors.
  • To prepare purchase order by oracle based system ERP.
  • Work on technical submittals of materials according to specification and requirement of Consultant and clints.
  • Manage Purchase related responsibilities. (Procurement Manager Roles and Responsibilities)
  • Creating different reports as required by management.
  • Making the comparative statement with respect to rates and specifications for different materials.
  • Follow up of Quotations from different suppliers.
  • Maintaining all procurement documents.

Coordination with other Departments

  • Negotiating with the vendors for material procurement while coordinating with the higher authorities of the company, ensuring statuary and company compliances.
  • Ensuring smooth coordination with other departments.
  • Liaise with Procurement and Engineering Managers to ensure that all project required supplies (drawings, materials, equipment, labor, or technicians) are provided.
  • Monitor in coordination with the Quantity Surveyors, actual material delivery against material schedules.
  • Ensure that the suppliers and subcontractors are informed of the delivery deadline. (Procurement Manager Roles and Responsibilities)
  • Supply the Site Planner with updated information regarding material availability at the site to support the construction schedule reliability.
  • Inform the Site Control Manager (SCM) / Site Coordinator about plant material status and materials delivery forecast, in order to verify the feasibility of Construction schedules.
  • Manage the receiving, check, storage, and preservation of materials delivered at the site.

Purchased from the Approved Vendors

  • Prequalifies vendors and maintains the Approved Vendors’ List.
  • To Ensure that materials are purchased from the approved vendors.
  • Ensure that quality, safety, and environmental requirements are stipulated in Purchase Order / Contract with the vendors.
  • Ensure that quality inspection requirements are provided by vendors as per the requirement of the contract and as stipulated in PO, in collaboration with the Quality Team.
  • Monitoring of Supplier Quality Performance and Evaluation of Suppliers.
  • Attend Project Management Review Meeting.

Internal / External Communications

  • Internally with the Project Manager, Project Director, Senior Engineers, and Procurement Department. (Procurement Manager Roles and Responsibilities)
  • Externally with Subcontractor/Supplier Representatives PMT.


Special Requirements / Features 

  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • Work well under pressure.


  • Procurement Department Manager and Project Director.


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