Why Virus Comes in Mobile and How to Avoid it.

Whenever you want to download any Android Apps, Mobile Apps, then download only trusted apps. If you think that this app is not trustworthy, then do not allow permission to that app. How to remove virus from mobile, let's know in this article.


There can be many reasons for getting virus in Android mobile. But I am going to tell you some important reasons due to which virus comes in our mobile phone. And the mobile hangs. How to remove virus from mobile. Let’s know in this article.

Why virus comes in mobile and how to avoid it.

Why Virus Comes in Mobile – What Causes Viruses in Phones?

1. App Permissions

Many times, due to app permissions in our phone, viruses come and we do not even know.

You must have seen that whenever you open an app to download from Play store or any website, it asks for app permission from you. In which permissions are there, camera, contents, location, storage etc., ask permission for all these things so that you can use that app.

Whenever you allow all those things, then that app has full control of your mobile with that app.

Now in such a situation, that app can put any type of virus in your mobile storage. And virus easily comes in our mobile, which we do not even know. Do you know that he can also see all your content as well as know your location.

2. App Install

Play store – You can download the app from any website other than play store. In such a situation, there may be a virus in that app. Therefore, following my advice, whenever you want to download an app, download the app from play store itself. This is because if any app of play store has virus then play store closes that app.

3. Installing Hack Modified App

Never download hack app or games modified app. There is also a virus in it and your mobile is also at risk of being hacked.

4. Rooting Your Mobile

If you root your mobile then the security of your mobile will be lost. And in such a situation anyone can hack your mobile. Along with this, the chances of getting a virus also increase, that’s why you should not root your mobile.

5. Suspicious Link

Often we keep getting messages, e-mails and we are asked to click on this link. Or we go to some website to download something and click on a link there. So automatic we go to some such website, where automatically a mobile app is downloaded. And we don’t even know. For this we should not click on any suspicious link. It gets virus in our mobile and we do not even know. So remember, do not click on any suspicious link even by mistake.

Now you must have known that how viruses come in our phone, and why are there viruses on my phone. If virus has come in your mobile then now we will know how to remove that virus from your mobile.

How to prevent virus from coming in mobile.

1. Turn off App Permissions.

Whenever you want to download any Android Apps, Mobile Apps, then download only trusted apps. If you think that this app is not trustworthy, then do not allow permission to that app. If you think about an app that it is not trustworthy. And if you have allowed that app by mistake, then it can be easily turned off by going to the settings.

First of all go to Settings and click on Application. And click on the app of whichever app you want to turn off the permission. Then click on permission. As soon as you click on Permission, you can turn off any permission you want to turn off.

2. Use an Antivirus App

You can use Antivirus App to delete virus Antivirus does not allow virus to come in our mobile. And it is very important for the security of our phone, if you use paid antivirus then it is a good thing. And if you cannot buy paid antivirus and do not use it. So any Free Antivirus also gives you good results. You can also try using Free Antivirus once.

3. Free Antivirus Apps

You will find free Antivirus app in Play store. You can download any one of these good apps and use it, you can delete the virus of your mobile.

You can use some of the free Antivirus apps given below.

  • Semi security
  • 360 Security-Antivirus Boost
  • Kaspersky Antivirus and Security
  • Delete unknown app
  • Use cleaner app

You can delete the virus by downloading any one of these Antivirus apps.

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